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Explore Your Garden Personality: The Collector
"are the collectors, sometimes eccentric or uberserious but always fun, passionately... find collectors at the farmer’s market early on a Saturday morning, at botanical... blatant collector or perhaps, like most gardeners, your personality or archetype is... Most collectors, whether they will admit it or not, could use a bit of help to tame... have art collectors, container collectors, hosta collectors and plantaholics, none of..."
Bromeliads: The Ultimate Collector's Plants
"budding collector. Where to Grow BromeliadsIn containers. The majority of readers will... months. Collectors swear by their favorite potting mixes, but most bromeliads aren't..."
My Houzz: Walls and Shelves Are This Collector's Colorful Canvas
Every room in Deanne Delbridge’s one-bedroom apartment features a different primary color that reflects the room’s distinct personality. “The living room illustrates my anthropological side,” she says....
Collect With Confidence: An Art-Buying Guide for Beginners
"Baby "collector"... Buy local, not inflated New York pricing. The world is full of... for the collector. Fine Art America, Etsy, even local galleries and art events. Thank... why some collectors prefer to go through a gallery for artwork, although that's no guarantee... a rich collector, but I've managed to acquire some pieces I really love. I agree... encouraging collector confidence. People need to know it's okay to buy what you love, not..."
My Houzz: Cool, Curated California Getaway
"o art collectors splash their exuberant style over a midcentury modern home in C... of art collectors curated a residence to which they can easily invite guests for a..."
How to Build a Really, Really Small House
"dollhouse collector smitten with all things small... miniature collector, and have had my own online shop for about 9 years. I am in total... Barbie collectors :) There is a WONDERFUL museum in Tucson called the Mini Time Machine..."
Houzz Tour: Kay Loves Vintage
"Modern collectors, so naturally their small home is filled with treasures from the... Modern Collector..."
Lay of the Landscape: Theme Gardens
"you're a collector, a romantic or a kid at heart, here's how to create a garden that... circle. The collector's garden. Sometimes a single plant captures your fancy; sometimes..."
Displaying your Collection...
"items collectors collect may be antique, or simply collectible. Antiques are collectible... be new. Collectors and dealers may use the word vintage to describe older collectibles... private collectors collect natural objects such as birds' eggs, butterflies, rocks... discarded Some collectors collect only in childhood while others continue to do so throughout..."
Collective Wisdom: Display Ideas for Collections of All Kinds
"compulsive collector, good for you. Collections express your personality, represent something... comic collector on Houzz who has some amazing rotating shelf or hidden room filled... wannabe collector. I have the same mentality of your father, if it has no use, it finds... become a collector! [I have a thing for vintage telephones] My husband couldn't give... been a collector over the years. This is partially due to the fact that we have lived..."
Great Native Plant: Grow Wild Quinine for Its Unique Clusters of Blooms
"plant collector, seeking out something a bit different that no one else has, you... plant collector, your discerning eye focuses even more narrowly. I guess what I’m... with your collector’s eye for unique native plants; I promise you local fame and fortune..."
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