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Color Guide: How to Work With Brown
"duck egg colour one go? Magnolia? Duck egg? What colors are those? Creamy white magnolia... those colors. If so, those with the dark brown are great starter colors for a whole... those colors would be your base for accessories. Do you like colorful, or basically... creamy/white colour and duck egg is blue, I prefer more neutral colours.. However not going... love cozy colours., Dark Brown is a perfect backdrop for colors. Mine are not eyepopping..."
Kitchen Color: 15 Ravishing Red Backsplashes
"of ruby-colored tiles or back-painted glass... of the color wheel to focus on rousing reds. Red can be a tricky color to work with... other loud colors or elements, the effect can be overwhelming and at times garish. The... then the colour scheme in the kitchen. I love colour in the home. Many of the above... use bold colours. If you feel that bold colours aren't your 'thing' then use texture... between this color and the same tile in Spiced Ginger, a neutral color. The material itself..."
Dare to Choose a More Colorful Neutral
"actual color. Value is a description of how light or dark a color is. Chroma is how... primary color like blue or a secondary color like green is another way to add the feel... feel of a color without adding the weight of a color.... beige color schemes. While it's true that browns and beiges can be a good place to... Individual colors are described as having hue, value, chroma, shade, tone and tint. Put... bright a color is. Shade describes the addition of black, tone describes the addition..."
Saturated Color: Peacock Blues
"Way This Color is a Hit... favorite color for the long haul. Why has it withstood my notoriously finicky and swaying... pick a color. I have creme and tan walls and want a pop of color. Love the color blue... accent color in my neutral colored home. Pillows and art in the living area, a HUGE... great color! I just ordered 2 planters last night in this color from Chiasso...... finding the color names don't always indicate the color. Sherwin Williams has Blue Peacock..."
Nature’s Color Wisdom: Lessons on Green From the Great Outdoors
"nurturing color. The color of forests, spring gardens, fresh produce, herbs, mountains... found colors in the world — and because of this, we find it naturally soothing. When... paint colors out there have little relation to the natural world. Start looking at... interior color palette coming together more easily. Let’s get started.... appetizing color, perfect for a kitchen. I love green! It's my favorite color and prominent..."
Bathed in Color: When to Use Gray in the Bath
"backdrop color, I love bright colors and find gray the perfect foil for many colors... neutral color, I can put almost any color towel in there and it works. Now I can't... that grey color to your bath. For other products, and colors of our natural lava stone... Gray colors Grey colors Couleur gris Want to use grey but don't want it to come... bathroom wall color. Not enthused, I painted the walls and was quite surprised when I finished..."
Houzz Tour: Splashy, Colorful Fun for a Family of 5
"mixes of color and a creative hand make for a highly personal midcentury home in Michigan... love of color and salvaged materials. "Sometimes when you walk into someone's home... sign hot colors is in harmony with brown color (what I call the miraculous color). These... sharing. colorful home I absolutely love every room! The colors and design are just... beautiful and colorful home...and I love all your curtains. What a change to see such a brave..."
A Great Color Combination: Green Meets Gray
"are some color combinations that are simply not seen very often, and for some reason... the gray color scheme is in the form of plants! Introducing green into a gray interior... modern color palette that can result in a serene and unexpectedly beautiful look.... It is a color mix I'd just love to try in a room myself!... paint color suggestion, I actually find greens a very hard color to pick and would... factor with color. Of course, it doesn't hurt I love color due to 49 years living in New..."
So Your Style Is: Colorful
"make the colorful look work like a charm... satisfy a color craving except color. The sheer volume of possibilities is tantalizing... it is: Colorful style celebrates the beauty of the spectrum. It's not tied to a single... personally, to colors that their effect on our mood and mind-set can be magical. You'll love... know why colors fall in and out of fashion — aren't they all gorgeous?... style is colorful, but in most rooms colors are subtle and richer colors are muted,..."
Beige But Not Boring
"addiction, color. I use it any way I can whether it's a wallpapered ceiling, two or three... without color makes me wanna stab myself in the knuckles with a dull, metal spork.... every color" kinda sat with me for a few days after our little social media scuffle... See?- color. Color, color. color. I too was a beige-aholic, (see my bedroom photos)... with any colour,add dots of colour/coloured patterns and your life will"look"different..."
8 Color Palettes You Can't Get Wrong
"decide on a color scheme? Choose one of these foolproof palettes for a room that feels... around the color wheel or settling for neutrals, I'm narrowing my options down to simple... article on color scheme I ever read. I love that Pink & Green color scheme.. specially... accent colour - I love it! BTW I live in New Zealand, hence spelling of colour ;)... these colours and would definitely consider keeping the same colours! All beautiful..."
My Houzz: Artful Character Colors a Textile Designer's Home
"create a colorful rental in Mississippi... pattern, color and character. Now a glittery chandelier covers an unwanted light... splashes of color. Even a tiny opossum jaw is appreciated for its design and made part... use of color, such a warm fun friendly home ! Love the color of your kitchen ! Your... use of color! Where did she get that Chinese tie-dyed tablecloth in pic # 8 (dining... the way color is used -I especially love the faux green wallpaper in the dining room..."
Nature’s Color Wisdom: Lessons on Blue From the Great Outdoors
"other color, making it easy to love and use — it’s the color of our planet, the oceans... other colors (think about how you can put literally anything with a pair of blue... chair Color Great article Laura. So many lovely colours/hues of blue...... I used... favorite color. The advice on sunrise vs sunset color is a great way to go about picking... glass colors! No really, I am! JAC Frances...I love the color of your cabinets..."
Cool Tip: Mimic Stain With a DIY Color Wash
"over any color that is not in itself a brown or amber color. John Whipple, it sounds... a grey color stain will it make the table change color (orange) again do you think... with food coloring from my pantry. I've had it hung up for years now and the color hasn't... getting the colour right has proved to be very tricky. We tried a few water based stain... depth of colour and if we apply more coats the other areas get to dark. Should I try..."
Decorate With Intention: Lift a Room's Mood With Color
"statement, color choice can strongly affect our state of mind. Here's how to get the feeling... Color consultants, designers and researchers have spent years studying the effect... effect of color on mood, behavior and even productivity at work. It is a fascinating field... about color in our own homes because we can tap into the power of our personal e... using color to enrich our lives at home. Let's get started...."
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