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What to Do After a Hurricane or Flood
"personal contents are damaged beyond repair and what may be able to be professionally... moisture content which poses a mold-risk if new drywall is installed over it. Household... damaged contents. As difficult as it can be, you'll have to get rid of anything that's..."
Materials: The Advantages of a Metal Roof
"com/v2/content/metal-roofing/ Noise of rain on a metal roof no longer a factor? How... recycled content, durability and affordability, not to mention its stunning medium grey... recycled content, and then, after its life, is itself recyclable." Craft chose a corrugated..."
How to Childproof Your Home: A Grandmother’s Wisdom
"hearts content. Don't sweat the small stuff. Becky, so true!!! I have to admit though... that the contents of reachable drawers and under cabinets are kid friendly. Something... heart’s content without risking serious injury, especially if you include a soft landing..."
Kitchen Counters: High-Tech Solid Surfaces Make Maintenance Easy
"re-cycled content? I would think that is the way to go. I have solid white Wilsonart... recycled content and are extremely durable. I got a couple of samples and tried everything... recycled content, like Durat or Corian's Terra series, will reduce the negative env..."
Get the Lighting Right: 8 Mistakes to Avoid
"ideabook content was created leveraging my book, Home Decor, written with Sunset Pu... exact same content. I guess this is the best compliment to the original author. Well done..."
The Power of Art In Design
"printedart.com/content/belly http://www.printedart.com/content/medicine-lake-jasper-national-park..."
When Your Tastes Clash: How to Design and Decorate as a Couple
"comfort, contentment., and opinions. It was hard when me and my husband moved in together... of the contents of the house to Good Will and start over, but life as a couple doesn't..."
Morning Nook Tips for Sleepyheads to Get-Up-and-Goers
Start your morning on the right note by crafting a space that lifts your spirits and fills you with vitality for the day ahead. Whether you want to be energized to get moving, or you crave a gentler awakening, the first step is to set up a special corner...
Create Enviable Interiors With Green Design Schemes
"printedart.com/content/reflets-dans-leau You've got a great collection of examples above,... printedart.com/content/evidence-was-presented-sun-was-still-shinning http://www.printedart..."
13 Ways to Be Happier in Your Home This Year
"happy...be content ...and make do the best with what I have...and not swoon over the beautiful... joy, and contentment!!!! Thanks for this post Laura. Simple but inspiring. :) LOVE..."
4 Hot Color Trends to Consider for 2013
"happy, content and mature person. You are obviously comfortable in your own skin... happy and contented you are, it is the total package that others see and want for themselves..."
Room of the Day: Curiosities Bring Quick Intrigue to a Living Room
"relaxed and content, or they wouldn't text him a big "WOW". AWESOME....but someone must... With content available on smart phones and tablets and ultra light notebooks, it..."
Kitchen of the Week: What a Difference Paint Can Make
"disguise the contents but still look light and airy which I think also makes the colour... editorial content is something that happens well after a project is completed (sometimes..."
10 Things to Do Before the Renovation Begins
"correct contents BEFORE the truck leaves. It's much easier and cheaper to reject the... every box, contents and verify with the bill of lading before the truck tries to leave..."
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