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Houzz Products: One Mod Sofa, Two Cool Designer Looks
"two cool apartments designed around his Monroe apartment-size sofa and other finds from... fabric on a sofa can inspire a totally different design statement, says Kyle Schuneman... Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces. As proof, he’s pulled together looks for two... Love the sofas and the entertainment centers!! I really like the rust sofa with the... Great sofa, but I highly recommend finding a vintage original and having it rebuilt..."
New Classics: Edra's Flap Sofa
"Flap Sofa by Edra throws modern lines a big curve. This sofa gives new meaning to... The Flap Sofa plays like it's on America's Next Top Model and strikes many sultry poses... What a cool sofa! Although the look is what i'm craving for my room the price point... comparing the sofa to the car and realized I use my sofas much more, and they last longer... the Flap Sofa model used in the photo makes the sofa look like the most uncomfortable..."
Round Couches and Semi-Circle Sofas
"It's a cool design. However, a semi-circular sofa can be a good option as well. It... round sofa. Additionally, the semi-circular sofa is highly functional. It can curve... round sofa or love seat. It's great for cuddling. It adds a terrific statement piece... round sofas and their semi-circular counterparts?... round sofa for our store and cannot find them! Please, where did you find the two... semi-circle sofa. The straight lines of the sofa's back contrasts beautifully with the..."
The Sectional Sofa Gets a Modern Makeover
"sleeper sofa for a plush sectional we could reconfigure into a really cool fort. While... sectional sofa has been around for awhile. By the '80s, my brother and I were begging... sectional sofa: The corner facing the television. This configuration helps keep the view... large sofa from overtaking the room. The legs and upholstery add just the right..."
Houzz Products: Furnish a Cool Modern Patio
"these sofas, chairs, planters, pillows and more from the Houzz Products section.... outdoor sofa to create a cozy nest. The pale gray hue and modern print would work well... outdoor sofa, or use it on its own as a comfy reclining spot. Hang wet and sandy beach... style on cool nights. An adjustable table provides a convenient place for a drink. This... Finally, a cool modern wind chime that won’t break the bank! The streamlined design and..."
Second-Life Sofas Show First-Rate Style
"antique sofas can live happily in modern interiors... Victorian sofas (or settees, as those in the era would have called them) in modern interiors... great sofas featured. :) I really wanted a Victorian sofa, but those Victorians sat... touch the sofa, so few of their sofas are comfortable for contemporary use. For example... on the sofas in Pics #2 and #4 and my experience taught me that even sofas that don't... That sofa is my everyday sofa. : ) I have done this, not cheap to have it re u..."
Guest Picks: Stylish Sofa Beds
"sleeper sofa or a day bed, to make it very easy to transform your living room into... sleeper sofas were not the most stylish of couches, but luckily there are now loads... well-designed sofa beds at all price points on the market. After looking for what felt like... sleeper sofa for my apartment, and I couldn't be happier with the choice. Throughout... attractive sofa beds. Think they are difficult to find and these sofa Ideas have given..."
New Classics: The Twilight Sleeper Sofa
"modern sofa to queen or twin beds in two easy moves... Sleeper Sofa. When you're scaling down, you don't dedicate an entire room to the... pull a sofa away from a wall. So awkward. The Twilight Sleeper Sofa has casters on... Sleeper Sofa" (which becomes a double bed) and the other is the Ricci Modern Sofa Bed... Frighten sofa and it is awesome. It is a sofa chaise combination with storage on the... invent a sofa/bed that can sit against a wall and opens entirely to the front. I hate..."
12 Sofa Colors That Won't Box You In
"ing a sofa is a big investment — daunting if you don’t have a designer with an i... ating/sofa-1220-1222/ great idea book - we're awaiting delivery of a custom sofa... warm and cool tones. The former owner of my buisness did cool grey walls and warm ivory... here's a sofa that adheres to several of your points - we'd call this fabric color 'biscuit'... and the sofa itself is surely nature-inspired! http://www.lalunecollection.com/ru..."
A Study in the Classics: The Chesterfield Sofa
"Chesterfield sofas. It's amazing the words people use to describe tufted sofas, especially... wanted a sofa that would allow a gentleman to sit upright on a sofa and remain comfortable... Chesterfield sofas have graced the homes of many since the 18th century. Named in honor... a new sofa, the Chesterfield though traditional, has a place in any home's decor... for a cool story. As a tall, long-waisted gal, I love a chesterfield sofa. Great..."
What Goes With a Striped Sofa?
"striped sofa can be a welcome change from basic solid colors. But when your sofa is... striped sofa, these decorating solutions can help.... my new sofa I'm also having a smaller matching stripe sofa (no pic) but same as striped... Striped sofa and..... One of the reasons I recently made this happy and colorful painting... striped sofa....as long as the colors worked nicely together.. OK, we'll play! Natural... rustic sofa with striped cushion and pillows looks lovely surrounded by furniture..."
The Versatility of Modern Sofas
"modern sofa. Traditionally, you see it paired with chrome tables, sleek chairs and... modern sofa integrated within various decor styles. You may have doubts, but let's... soooo cool...I want! I really liked the Togos you showed. I have always had a design... have a sofa that can have a back-rest that is movable to point to direction A (to... another sofa) or direction B (TV). Please see the pictures attached. Have you heard..."
Get Comfortable: An Ode to the Sofa
"a soft sofa with a good book or movie. That’s not to say, though, that sofa’s serve... that all sofas are created equal. Some are built for comfort, some for style, and some... I love sofas. Here are a few of my favorites:... ode to sofas. One might say "sofa so good"? [ouch!..] Oh, that really is bad...... of the cool blue and bright pink. These green sofas are my new favorite color. I love... this sofa look so inviting? It's soft without being sloppy - and I love the combination..."
9 Fashionably Cool Living Room Color Palettes
"decked in cool-spectrum shades straight from the runway... on the cool side of the spectrum, like vibrant greens, bold blues, lush violets and... gorgeous cool-hued living and family rooms, along with sample color palettes inspired... all the cool color palates out there lately. I'd be happy with any of these, but I... idea of cool colors but I find that blues and greens have their own warmth and comfort... color is cool doesn't mean that it is 'cold'. totally luv grey.....so NOT a beige gal..."
12 Ways to Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning
"ways to cool down at home. Blasting the air conditioner isn't always an option, and... to keep cool, consider several alteratives that can make a big difference.... the room cool. any suggestions on a ceiling fan that would be cool looking enough to... blows cool air through a duct. The house can be kept cool even in hot summer days... evaporative cooling because it's much cheaper than refrigerative, get some portable fans..."
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