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Wonderful Wood Countertops for Kitchen and Bath
"had wood countertops in a kitchen or bathroom, around 90 percent of the comments I read... bathroom or kitchen and kids don't mix? Well, it ain't necessarily so. I decided to do... with wood countertops really think about their care and maintenance. I went to several... wood in a kitchen or bath. In reading through all of these people's comments on their... into your kitchen or bath, but fears about care and maintenance are keeping you from..."
Think Zinc for Kitchen Countertops
"of zinc for kitchen countertops, combining the durability of metal with the natural... zinc countertops imbue a kitchen with warmth and dignity. A mainstay of Parisian... to any kitchen style and setup. Read on to find out whether it's for you. More: How... Tricia Rose for the link. I went to check out shipping and for a .027 thickness in 28"x... dream countertop! I have check out the rotometals.com site for years drooling over..."
Surprise Contender: Copper for Kitchen Countertops
"buffed for its growing appearance on the countertop scene... market for a kitchen makeover, you've probably spent hours debating countertop choices... as its countertop cousins, this timeless favorite is growing in popularity, and it's... copper countertops in our last home and lived with them for about 10 years. We left... (oil sold for butcher bock maintenance). An interesting detail about copper for countertops..."
7 Low-Maintenance Countertops for Your Dream Kitchen
"These countertop materials look great with little effort... consider for my kitchen — including a couple I hadn’t heard of before. Here are seven... nance kitchen countertops to consider during your next remodel.... together, his kitchen pretty much sealed the deal. As it had stainless steel appliances,... granite countertop and a layout that made workflow easy, I couldn’t understand why... me that kitchen was just begging to be cooked in. So when the time came to prepare..."
5 Favorite Granites for Gorgeous Kitchen Countertops
"ing a countertop material for your kitchen remodel or new build is a big decision... once the countertop hurdle is over, then there is cabinet selection. I like granite... often for its durability and its earthy colors that add great texture to a kitchen... these countertop selections and how they seamlessly blend with either painted or... Bordeaux for my kitchen. I love it. Used Bianco Romano in our kitchen and bar. Paired..."
How to Care for Your Countertops
"keep your kitchen counters clean and looking their best... don'ts for caring for your counters while they're the hub of holiday cooking.... schedule for new butcher block: Once a day for a week, once a week for a month, then... in my kitchen. What is maintance for this type of counter top? And does it matter... marble countertops in the kitchen? Had no idea they would stain and show everything... formica for 20 years and loved it. I'm not crazy about my granite for a couple of..."
Kitchen Details: The Right Edge for Your Countertop
"profile for your countertops is one of these choices. Here's a quick study in a few... make a kitchen unique. Every small choice intersects to create the finished product... Thanks for the great article and for featuring one of our kitchen projects in Belvedere... The kitchen design went on to win an award. See photo of edge and kitchen. Thanks... the same kitchen with the same countertop material and color? In the article you mention..."
Countertop + Backsplash: Making the Perfect Match
"in on a kitchen combo you'll love with these strategies and great countertop-backsplash... first — kitchen counter or backsplash? How do you coordinate colors? Is it OK to mix... unlimited countertop and backsplash choices can feel overwhelming. I've had homeowners... successful countertop and backsplash combinations to help you plan your own mix of kitchen... was used for our countertops & island for backsplash. We used back painted glass in..."
Kitchen Countertop Materials: 5 More Great Alternatives to Granite
"different look for your kitchen counters with lesser-known materials for a wide range of budgets... quartz make for fine kitchen countertop choices. But they’re not right for everyone. Before... ripe for new lives as countertops! The ceramic tile top is great for people that... one shop for slate? Great alternatives for the Kitchen. one of the great qualities of... stores for countertops too. Helene, I used ceramic tile on my countertop but I wanted..."
Designing Your Kitchen: Deep Thoughts for Your Sink
"depth for your sink to avoid an achy back, a sore neck and messy countertops... some tips for selecting the correct sink depth for you and how you use your kitchen.... my own kitchen, I do love having a nice, wide sink. It offers plenty of space for... perfect for our two-cook household. But what about bowl depth? Sure, an extra-deep... is good for hiding dirty dishes, but it can also do a number on your back, especially..."
Your Guide to 15 Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials
"popular kitchen countertop materials handily in one place to help you find the choice... out a kitchen counter is no easy task. Since this surface area ends up influencing... many kitchen palettes, it's important to choose something that looks good to you... under the kitchen activity of your household and has a price tag that suits your budget... looking for ideas for the kitchens and baths for a beach house. I'm considering concrete..."
Alternatives to Granite Countertops, Part II
"looking for a new kind of countertop? Try sodalite, zinc, limestone, onyx and more... great for years. However, its increasing popularity has a lot of people looking for... for something else. Here are 12 more examples of that something else. Most counter... market for counter surfaces. There is no such thing as a perfect counter material... looking for. Joanavalyn your kitchen sounds gorgeous!!!! Scorwin your countertop is..."
Ecofriendly Materials: Kitchen Countertops
"in the kitchen opens the door to unusual countertop materials that are beautiful,... guidelines for sustainability. For countertops, there are three meaningful certifications... save for signing up for a postdoctorate program, what's a guy or gal to do? Sorting... are safe for both people and the planet, and are also designed for a long life cycle... products for low chemical emissions, which improves indoor air quality. *Cradle to Cradle..."
Kitchen Counters: Tile, the Choice for Affordable Durability
"to this countertop material, which can last for decades with the right maintenance... tackle a kitchen makeover, tile countertops might be the right surface for you.... Tile countertops can be rich in old-world charm or masquerade as luxe stone slabs... counters for kitchen surfaces. Had them, couldn't wait to get rid of them, for all the... necessary for bread making, etc. I have a tile countertop in my kitchen and I HATE..."
Butcher Block Makes the Cut for Holiday Kitchen Prep
"Countertops and cutting boards will likely take a beating over the holidays. These... block countertops in the kitchen, you should use them plenty and let them show their... and a kitchen through butcher block countertops. "Homes from the '50s have these... were used for cutting and prepping meat and poultry — they weren't made for show kitchens... kitchens but for daily wear and tear," he says. Whether you have separate cutting boards..."
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