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Radiator Covers Like You've Never Seen
"tors, covered or not, are notorious for being space-hogging interior eyesores. Thankfully... radiator covers for a client's basement remodel. We built the cover to match the trim... metal cover to put over rad. I never thought of building a cover that was not lined... these cover, if you think you would lose too much heat with a cover think about upgrading... that any cover allows the cold air in at the bottom. A properly designed cover, installed..."
Ground Force: 10 Top Ground Covers for Your Garden
"ground cover. Ground covers help to insulate the soil when the temperature gets... conditions. Covering the soil with a mulch, such as bark, shredded pine and pea straw,... ground covers can also add color to the garden with attractive leaves or flowers.... ground cover, whether it’s an herb, a perennial or a low-growing shrub. Take a look... ground covers below and think about adding some of these useful plants to your garden..."
6 Great Ways With Garden Ground Covers
"ground cover plants have both practical and visual appeal... ground cover and lawn, since voracious ground cover plants can migrate into the grass... round cover plants play an important role in the garden. Characterized by their... ground covers provide many benefits to almost any outdoor space. There are an enormous... ground cover plants available, often with unique growing requirements ranging from... ground cover plants can be vigorous growers in certain growing conditions (borderline..."
Care and Training for a Vine-Covered Home
"vine-covered house can be so charming, it’s worthy of a fairy tale. But those clinging... provide cover for pests like spiders or even mice and rats. Let’s explore ways to get... a vine-covered home while minimizing damage.... brick cover on cedar trellises. Vines soften the harsh look of brick, and add color... great cover for the deck with its 15' a year growth and beautiful when it finally... spring and covering the deck with a real roof. I would also caution anyone who wants..."
Great Design Plant: Bugle Weed, a Quick Ground Cover
"ground cover is often overlooked, yet I have found it to be a reliable workhorse.... ground cover with a very limited spread, bugle weed may not be the best choice for... ground cover and love the taller growing varieties. Here is a picture of Ajuga with... starts to cover my stones and entry walk. That is too easy to call it invasive and it... ground cover and it prevents the maple seeds from taking root. I planted it near my..."
6 Native Ground Covers for Tough, Dry Spots
"ground covers in place of wood or other mulches — and that in fact, ground covers... ground covers of diverse backgrounds that might work for you. Their native ranges... ground cover? What are you thinking. 1 - It doesn't smother any weeds, and weeding... when it covers the hillsides for miles. Austin, Tx had a two year drought with temperatures... ground cover. We live in Maryland and Montana and have eliminated lawns completely..."
3-Season Rooms: Fire Warms a Pergola-Covered Pennsylvania Patio
"could buy covers and each evening cover it all. What do other people do. We don't have... patio covered to prevent rain on the furniture? Would enjoy every outdoor moment... material to cover the pergola to prevent rain damage? What is the best materiel to cover... glass covered pergola in a contemporary design. Since I have to be careful not to... Do you cover it? bring it inside? We have patio furniture woven ratan and each evening..."
6 Dependable Ground Covers for Warm Climates
"ground cover that looks superb paired with shorter ground covers like lilyturf.... ground cover for your garden, no matter how hot, dry, shady or soggy it may be. These... ground covers will give your garden a place where the eye can rest, and will give... ground covers. Firecracker plant is often regarded as a shrub, but its delicate arching... stems cover a lot of ground without obstructing the view. Cinnamon ginger is a bit..."
Revive Your Space With a Homemade Pillow Cover
"pillow covers. Store-bought pillow covers can be costly, but you can experiment with... pillow covers all the time. Let me show you how to easily make a pillow cover.... sewing the covers yourself. I am nowhere near an expert sewer, but I do have basic knowledge... pillow covers like this. I know I'll have to do more sewing to get large enough squares... pillow covers that look like they cost a lot. I suppose that it would be possible..."
6 Patio Cover Types to Shade You in Style
"or deck covering will be a function of your house's style, the solar orientation the... under cover access to the house. I'd love to hear any comments on these awnings?... patio cover http://www.patiocover.us/ In this workers cottage within the inner city... have a covered patio on the first level which has retractable motorized screens for... patio cover. Bud, nice article. Do you know who makes the treated aluminum pergola..."
Instant Décor: Beautiful Book Covers
"answer: book covers. I'm not talking about the old-grade school textbook covers made from... creative book covers are made by talented artists, each are unique, and all surprisingly... uses book covers. maybe its an age thing? We made our own book covers at school in... own book covers with either paper (any decorative or even plain paper will do) or any... self-design/cover many books! This is a fun and easy DIY project. Let's see what some of..."
Guest Picks: A Whole Lotta Wonderful Window Coverings
"window coverings for various types of window casements/trims, i.e. crank windows would... do for covering small arched windows in a bathroom (put in by former owner/builder)... trying to cover them for privacy...but we are stuck with them. Because the house is... to be covered. I believe the former owners put fanned fabric on the top, but that... window coverings - shutters arches and cellular shade arches (below). http://www.houzz..."
Awkward Windows and Doors? We've Got You Covered
"simple to cover, such as front doors with large windows and adjacent sidelights, or gorgeous... solutions to cover these architectural features without hiding their true character.... window coverings just wouldn't cut it. I used your solution of traverse draperies... want to cover all of the windows but the radiator is smack in front of the window.... Should I cover the shades (when are pushed up) by valances or leave open? Or flank both..."
Is It Curtains for Curtains? Smart Glass Eliminates Window Coverings
"heat) and covered in the summer to reduce heat gain (but lose the light). Thanks for... want to cover with a shade... But sometimes I need to block the sun a bit. I don't... window coverings when possible and as it makes sense to the situation. The only... window coverings or a bare window I would always choose the bare window. I love to... 3m does cover this happening within a certain amount if time provided you have the..."
Guest Picks: 20 Spring Pillow Covers
"pillow covers to update your space... pillow covers to add bright color and pattern to sofas, chairs and beds. Take color... pillow cover onto an existing pillow and avoid shelling out the money for another... switch out covers as your mood — or the weather — changes! — Dana from House Tweaking... designer cover screams spring. I think it'd be a great addition to a sunroom. This cover... cover is actually constructed of indoor/outdoor fabric. It's perfect for picnics..."
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