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DIY: Create a Dream Tree for Fall
"thanks on a heartfelt arrangement of branches and leaves... contain a dream (wish) handwritten by you. It is easy (you can do it in a day) and... it adds a warm feel to a room.... Tree is a fun way to keep those dreams near to remind you of who you want to become... hoping new dreams come true for you. Whether that wish is for peace on Earth, finding... finding a new job, or something else that would make your life happier, this DIY Dream..."
Guest Picks: Create a Bedroom for Sweet Dreams
"s for a relaxing bedroom that imparts an ultraluxurious feel... sparkle of a mirror and the rawness of wood will all come together to create a most calming... toward a nice, neutral backdrop. Then I'll infuse the space with curvaceous feminine... Courtney from A Little Glass Box... here that a working mother of 4 can even dream about affording. Loving all the comments... lived in a very old home and most of the furnishings for that house came from a local..."
How to Create a Secret Doorway Behind a Bookcase
"s) in a room or nook that no one will guess is there... it. My dream is to build a house with a library/dining room that has a hidden door... included a "panic room" behind a secret doorway in their family room. It even has a... den to a living room and dining room. We installed a book case in the living room... I was a kid I stayed in a house with a secret door that led to a guest quarter, I`ve... building a hidden room for my reloading/gun room using a bookcase units (home made built)..."
Create a Place for Books
"ining Rooms, Living Rooms, Halls — Even TV Rooms Have Library Potential... this is a website and I found that quote online, and that I desperately want an iPad... I have dreamed of having a library as per photo 6 -high with a ladder to move around... to be- a dream. I don't have that high a space, neither do I intend to move. Needless... under a window, side by side with a sofa, in a pile... How about books in the Kitchen..."
7 Tips to Create a Snuggly Attic Nursery
"baby into a cozy cocoon with an attic nursery that encourages sweet dreams and inspires... nothing like a growing brood to make a home suddenly feel tight on space. If you’ve got... got a baby on the way, using the attic may help your home feel a little less claustrophobic... you with a functional space for a nursery transformation. An attic nursery keeps a... before, a professional can help you ensure it’s free of sharp corners, dangerous materials..."
Create Your Own Massage Room
"together to create the ultimate in a room where you can have a muscle-melting massage.... provide a haven from the outside world. After spending a day hard at work and hearing... have you dreaming, what would you need to create the perfect place for this wonderful... than with a luxurious massage? And it's even better if that massage is at your own home... to have a spare bedroom, a finished attic room, or downstairs bonus room that can be..."
19 Ways to Create a Cozy Breakfast Nook
"with a snuggly corner for noshing... Saturday, a breakfast nook is an ideal place to start your day. A mix of built-in booths... reading on a bleary-eyed weekday or gathering with the whole family for pancakes on Saturday... can get a jump on things. Breakfast nooks also work hard the rest of the day as homework... Watching a friend try to make coffee on a Sunday morning after closing the club a few... with a nook around a very small window (in our case, octagonal) in a corner? This..."
How to Create a Nest at Home
"is to create little nests all around our home that invite us to curl up, settle in... perfect in a bedroom, perhaps especially a guest room (the lower drawers for clothes and... it onto a recent client! Thanks for your assistance .... again! That attic room in... I love a comfy cozy spot and this is little bedroom nook is my dream! http://brig... to make a nest in an unused (and much maligned) attic space. Thanks for the inspiration..."
Create a Master Plan for a Cohesive Home
"together for a home that looks intentional and beautiful. Here's how... up with a master plan will help you address your house as a whole. Instead of focusing... Perhaps a living room with a 14 foot cathedral ceiling and a glass wall is not a good... can make a room work. This was a great example of redoing a house layout for optimal... would drop a huge amount. A granite countertop can't mask a sagging roof structure or..."
Create a 'Forever House' Connection
"there such a thing as a forever house anymore? Is that a pie-in-the-sky dream? From a... trying to create is a sense of home, a feeling of comfort, a knowing that I belong here... will have a big covered porch (not a silly deck), a big family room with bookcases &... paint a room, plant a garden, and actually enjoy my decor before I have to pack it... being a single Mom with a young son I needed a home that was more open so I could..."
Designer Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom
"ideas for a more comfortable bedroom... looked at a particular room in our house and thought there was something missing. That... build a better bedroom, you might start with this advice from the experts.... enough room." Exactly how much room does a child need? Room for two queen size beds... that it's a pretty room, but I look back on my bedroom as a teenager, and it was a way... Maybe even a guest room. That's the room you can go wild in. These rooms although very..."
12 Features to Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams
"family room. It’s a new season…cool breezes are blowing in. Those may be summer... decorating the rooms where you and your family would gather each evening or the spaces where... time to create the cozy retreat for which your soul has been yearning…and it all starts... and make a nice feature. We used to use them a lot in Jamaica where I grew up. Makes... collected a few. Important for me to feel luxury in bed especially needed for a good night's..."
So You Want to Build: 7 Steps to Create a New Home
"structure, creating a new home is a journey of discovering who you are, what you want... yourself. Creating a home is more than building “3 bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms.” It is so... having a seasoned and experienced guide show you the way will likely mean a more enjoyable... It’s a chance for you to define your relationship to the world, to your family and... sum of a few parts. As with any journey, you’ll want to do some research and plan..."
Houzz Tour: Elbow Grease and Steel Create a Modern Texas Farmhouse
"build a one-of-a-kind home on a budget... is cut a hole in the Sheetrock and install a door without interrupting the rest of... Holly, a wildlife preservationist, took on most of the interior design duties. “We... didn’t pay a contractor or architect or designer,” Shane says. “If you want to do that... and take a year out of your life, you can do it for the same price. Sure, you’ll save... two and a half times as long.” Money-saving aside, there were other benefits. Shane..."
Decorate with Intention: Create a Vision for Your Home
"home is a true reflection of yourself by following these helpful steps... working on creating a vision for your home. Let's get started!... crave a home that not only looks beautiful, but feels warm and personal and perfectly... things a bit at a time is a great approach. :) @ Traci Rolz - I see creating an... redecorate a room, I do create a storyboard, but I find that EVERYTHING goes onto it.... I'm not a designer and usually do best when I change 1 or 2 things in a room, see how..."
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