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Roots of Style: Château Architecture Strides Through a Century
"like a lord with design details that recall French estates of old, even if they're... ng to a recent study by the American Institute of Architects, Biltmore is America's... château-style, or châteauesque, mansion is an indelible image of wealth from the Gilded Age... were a mix of late-Gothic and Italian Renaissance architecture that resulted in... organized into a fantastical and stunning architectural masterpiece. The original château..."
Clean-Burning Woodstoves Ignite a Greener Heating Trend
"on oil or gas to heat your home — new woodstove designs burn cleanly and are beautiful... leave you feeling less than cozy. If you want to enjoy your fire while making an... blaze of a real fire in fall and winter? While nothing can replace the deep, radiating... flicker of a good fire, the smoke, dust and poor air quality that traditional fireplaces... weather) have led the way in developing stoves with maximum efficiency and minimal..."
A Brief Recap of Historical American Home Design
"desires have fueled American architecture since its birth. See how the tension has... anchored by a vertical totem to our fascination with the RV (even if it's tethered to a... while having the security of being connected and fixed to a home. It's not surprising... Urbanism, a defining characteristic of the American built landscape has been the tension... created a desire to keep moving, to find out what was beyond that forest and over that..."
A More Perfect Union: When Space and Materials Harmonize
"need to have a great relationship... define, or like most great art, does it just strike an undefinable chord? In past... simplicity as a quality of successful architecture as well as the importance of completing... make up a two-part ticket; one cannot be successful without the other. One cannot exist... and I have no doubt you are an excellent architect because you obviously care a lot... images that you feel illustrate the principles of the article...you and I have had this..."
8 Vanity Flair Fashions for a Chic Bathroom
"bathroom or powder room with a vanity that elevates function to the realm of fashion... A bathroom vanity, whether in a powder room or master bathroom, provides a unique... to show a little personality. If I were to equate a vanity to a fashion element, it... Like a shoe, a vanity serves a basic purpose at the same time as it makes a statement... statement. You can enhance the beauty of a bathroom vanity with what you surround it with..."
5 Great Grasses for a New Lawn
"grass you choose, and if you choose the "wrong" type for your area, you're in for... Lawns have been coming under attack as of late — after all, they are high-maintenance... size of or even eliminate their lawns, some live in neighborhoods where taking out... lawn, or decrease mowing to once a month or less. Here in the Midwest a no mow fescue... growing if faced with a lot of wear and tear. Need a reel mower and dethatching to..."
Headboard Alternatives to Make a Dull Bed Divine
"twigs or splurge on a high-end rug. All of these unusual headboards show creativity... s are a critical part of bedroom design. They are often the first thing you see when... about who you are, the headboard makes an important personal statement about who you... when you enter the room, and the most dominant. Just as the front door makes an... it's a terrific place for letting your creativity soar and your imagination take..."
Bring in da Funk: How Humble Touches Give a Home Soul
"contrast or offer a jolt of surprise... one-of-a-kind items that would lend personality to my space and give it a sense of... didn’t have any funk. What’s funk? It’s those rough edges that challenge your ex... and give a composition soul. It’s what separates Pat Metheny from Pat Boone, Langston... of having been decorated over time. Some of the objects weren’t things I would normally... love what you have to say because you have a way of framing things that make both sides..."
9 Ways to Add Color to a Kitchen
"colors you love in the heart of your home... designing or renovating kitchens, since it's best to have a timeless design and not... painting or fabric that inspire you. Below are some examples of eye-catching kitchens... that have neutral colors and materials that are quite forgettable. Don't be afraid... Would you put a crucifix of Jesus in your bathroom or backyard if you're not Christian... backing for a durable, easy to clean, frameless design. For a matte finish or a more t..."
7 Ways to Rock a TV and Fireplace Combo
"points with a thoughtful fireplace arrangement that puts attention right where you want... Whether you choose to have them over and under or side by side, some of these winning... tting a television and fireplace on the same wall requires a delicate balance. These... could help you find a truly harmonious look.... points need a precise plan for them to feel warm and welcoming instead of out of balance... balance or out of scale. Be careful to consider the size of each when figuring out which..."
Tell a Story With Design for a More Meaningful Home
"beyond a home's bones to find the narrative at its heart, for a more rewarding experience... tell a story too. In a sense, a home's design should go beyond just the factual... come as a surprise that books, plays, poems, paintings or music tell stories, many... how does a home's design do this? How, in fact, can a collection of wood, brick, concrete... idea that a house or a piece of architecture tells a story can be a bit abstract and..."
Bring a Taste of Italy Home With 12 Design Touches
"abroad? You can still get the feel of old-world Italy with these ideas from an Italian... we call a "big trip." For our last big trip, my husband chose Tokyo. We had so much... Japanese culture is wonderful. This time around it's my turn, and I've chosen Italy... to be a trooper, right? I love Italian architecture, especially old Tuscan farmhouse... race. So you can imagine how excited I am for this trip. There are so many ways to bring..."
Houzz Planning: How to Choose a Front Door
"Fiberglass or Steel? Find the Right Material for Your Entry Door... how do you determine which door is right for you? A front door — like any exterior... door is a huge part of your home's first impression. It's a transitional part of the... makes a statement about who you are, and what people can expect when they walk into... qualify you for certain tax credits in the United States, as long as it's installed... is to have a custom screen door made like we did at: http://www.houzz.com/photo..."
Kitchen of the Week: Style Trumps Ease in a San Francisco Loft
"hat’s a little ladder climbing when you’ve got a gorgeous-looking kitchen design... If this homeowner wants a bowl of cereal, he must first lift a 40-pound steel ladder... it as a minor sacrifice in the name of creating a knockout focal point in the industrial... feet to a cabinet where he stores his dry goods. The desire to preserve large windows... homeowner, a San Francisco tech CEO who enjoys exercising and doesn’t mind the extra lifting..."
Key Measurements for a Dream Laundry Room
"will help you wash and fold — and maybe do much more — comfortably and efficiently... rule. If you have the luxury of space, laundry rooms can be more than places to clean... stages for a multipurpose laundry room. Below are several functions you might want to... finding a sense of peace when attending to their laundry room chores. As with kitchens... there are a number of considerations and dimensions to be aware of during the planning..."
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