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You Said It: ‘It’s Important to Wait’ and More Houzz Quotables
"hearing “no” a lot; another learned to sand and plaster; while a third reminds us that you... spawned a complete career change. Also, many of you Houzzers shared your nutty home... gave us a dose of reality and a lot of laughs. There were also ideabooks that reminded... you don’t need to outfit your house completely in one fell swoop. One woman’s remodel... In case you missed it, here are some of the most inspiring, useful and interesting..."
Glued to the Tube: 14 Ways to Put a TV in the Kitchen
"If You Must, Here's How to Work a Flat Screen Into Your Kitchen Design... I'm not a fan of the wall-mounted TV on a movable arm — it just reminds me of a bar... bar or a hospital room, and neither create the feel I want in a newly designed kitchen... simply must have a TV in the kitchen. I can fight it all I want, but I won't win. So if... design a TV into the most popular room in the house. You might think I'm crazy, but..."
Escape to a Summer Holiday Fantasy at a Hamptons Show House
"py in a sprawling New York home, in rooms meant to inspire — if not actually live... With a Maserati and piano in the garage, a beach-inspired dining area and crisp white... encapsulate a carefree summer fantasy. Or at least, the fantasies of 24 designers from... assigned a space in a shingled gambrel-roof new home by Villadom Custom Homes and designed... inspired by a different holiday with a strong emphasis on celebrating women and breast..."
Stop the Toy Takeover by Changing the Way You Think
"When a parent says, “My kids have too many toys,” or, “There are toys all over the... them to have the best that we can give them. It’s also all too easy to let good intentions... Taking a step back and acknowledging the difference between need and want is difficult... Make-a-Wish? If you need to buy a gift for a child and you want to buy something tangible... it what you please. If I give you a gift, you exchanged it or gave it to someone who..."
7 Ways to Get a Cool Industrial Edge Anywhere
"ether you call an old factory or a brand-new build home, these ideas can help you... Whether you have a more modern or vintage approach, industrial elements can add an... Here you'll learn about some of the basic elements of this style and how you can... A home's foundation — exposed beams, brick, metal and other construction elements... is such a great way to bring a cool industrial look to any space, whether it's a h..."
Choosing New Cabinets? Here’s What to Know Before You Shop
"kitchen or bath can be an overwhelming experience. Aesthetics aside, there are lots... will give you an advantage in making your selection. There are three basic structural... components to a cabinet: the box, the shelves and the drawers. Each can be constructed in... in a number of ways. Cabinets generally come four ways: boxed and ready to install... To get a better understanding of the way cabinets are made, I visited two manufacturers:..."
Open vs. Closed Kitchens — Which Style Works Best for You?
"right for you with this advice from 3 experts... But a peek at many new kitchens today reveals a very different approach: the o... really a closed-off spot for a long time," says John Petrie, president-elect of the... and how you can decide which one is right for you.... strictly a workspace. Often tucked in the back of the house, it had room for just the... namely a separate, more closed-off layout. Could we be shifting back to the kitchens..."
Curb Appeal Feeling a Little Off? Some Questions to Consider
"about if your exterior is bugging you... flowers have been deadheaded, you may step back to admire your work and feel your home's... out from a distance, then snap a photo. Keep the picture handy, go through this checklist... and see if any of these smart curb appeal investments will help your home look more... order a custom one. If you are on a budget your local big lots will have a variety... wind, so a heavy one is needed in Des Moines. Any thoughts? If you have some money..."
8 Houseplants You Can't Kill
"and let you forget. Houseplants don't get any easier than this... here. You can indeed unintentionally kill these houseplants — but only if you love... death. So if you are one of those gardeners who say, "I can't grow houseplants; I always... " take a look at these eight nearly bulletproof options, take a deep breath and go... time, you will have killed a lot of plants, but you will also have a collection of... humidity with a pebble tray, but you have to keep it damp and if your water is hard, your..."
'Dracula' Silk Wallpapers Prove a Feast for the Eyes
"If you've been drinking in the NBC show's sumptuous sets, this scoop on that gorgeous... Here's a closer look at how a detail like silk wallpaper can help set the scene.... I have been ogling the sumptuous sets of NBC's new series, Dracula, almost as much... sets are a visual feast. Moving away from the typical dark, Gothic sets we usually associate... and for a TV show >> Vlad was a real guy....if you want, you could read some history..."
Knotty and Nice: Highly Textured Wood Has a Modern Revival
"cedar, fir or pine, if a wood has a knot, it's hot... Just a few years ago, I showed a photo of a knotty-pine-paneled basement during a... wood in a modern way. My own theory? Reclaimed lumber has paved the way for a more... a story meeting and the editors around the table groaned audibly. Knotty pine was... dowdy — a leftover from the 1950s ranch house that should be torn out as quickly as... palette. Or maybe my editors were off base all along. As Phil Kaplan, principal of Kaplan..."
9 Vacation Farmsteads Offer a Taste of Country Life
"Have a hankering for fresh air and even fresher food? Try a farmhouse, cabin or... maybe milk a goat, make some cheese, eat fresh from a garden or enjoy nearby countryside... fishing or crop picking. All in all, you’re almost guaranteed to leave feeling relaxed... part: You’ll get plenty of decor ideas to bring home.... cause you want a day off!!!! Unless you have the temperament for this or have i... again. If they came with a Starbucks they would be insanely perfect! I have a Vacation..."
Want a Gem of a Surface Material? Luxury Agate's a Dazzler
"I was a kid, there was nothing cooler and more special than a geode. Remember those... interiors have turned to stunningly colorful crystals, tightly pack them into a steel... leave a smooth surface that's nearly 99 percent agate. A skilled artisan then must... surfaces. “If you’re looking at granite as an option, don’t even consider gemstone.”... but when you cracked them open, an eye-popping center of gleaming crystals and swirls..."
A Quick Downsizing Quiz for the Undecided
"We help you decide whether that fencing should encircle a mansion or a mini trailer... But if you have a choice in the matter, take a few minutes with what I call the... really for you? If your circumstances make downsizing a necessity, go for it and decide... to see if downsizing is really for you. Gather a pencil and paper, look at each picture... upkeep of a large home. It could be that we’re weary of the financial burden, or of being..."
Guest Picks: Light Wood Accents That'll Grow on You
"decor. We have since been working to curate a variety of ash, birch and light oak products... shared a great vision for the midcentury ranch that we purchased earlier this year:... taking a good, hard look at every room in our house. The items I'm sharing here well... the U.S.A. For a finish, I chose to use simple, very pale shellac instead of a darker... striking. If you need any help picking the right lighting to help bring your vision to..."
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