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10 Bestselling Ways to Decorate With Books
"chapter with shelves and arrangements that show off your literary side... s and book displays can show our allegiance to a decorative style and ethos. Some... secondhand books and magazines by the bushel and by spine color to fill shelf space in... look of books, you're sure to find inspiration in the arrangements below.... agree with Mawrtyr88. Only decorators color coordinate books. Those of us who actually... store books. I love the idea of hanging books next to the bed on the page you left..."
Novel Ways With Bedroom Books
"home, books and bedrooms have been companions for years. Wordsworth penned poetry... , and books, no matter the genre, are an engaging accoutrement in this sacred space... a new book. I still buy lots of books and I do have shelves with glass doors. Once... bookstore with a cup of coffee. Don't forget about hobby books like home decor, fitness... home, my book collection makes me deliriously happy. Book lovers love all books. Britastina..."
Decorating With Antiques: Set the Stage With Lighting
"contrast with lamps, sconces and chandeliers that have traveled through time... interior decoration and design are largely about theater. That is, they’re not just... And in decorating, as in theater, lighting is an often-underrated but vitally important... great idea book! I agree with you whole heatedly and in fact I took drama too and lighting... complete with curtains - it gets cold in winter- with a chandlier hanging over and now..."
Decorating With Antiques: Evoke a Fanciful Past With Bamboo
"style with versatile and exotic bamboo pieces... trade with the East. The chinoiserie influence left its mark on interior design in... great idea book! I love the console too...and all the different styles of chairs...and... rooms with rattan & bamboo chairs. Some of the pieces made the trip back to Canada... Canada with us and one of those desks is now in my son's room. We currently have a bamboo... grew up with a number of antique Korean bamboo pieces. It's a light and highly versatile..."
Weekend Project: DIY Side Table With a Novel Twist
"problem with these tables I thought so highly of was the price tag. I really couldn't... and work with my laptop or tablet, or read a book, or even work on some little project... great too with an old metal tray as the top part. Time to go salvaging! I really like... came up with your table. I've been thinking of different ways to do the same type... to go with PVC since it would be much easier to give me the angles I need, but the..."
Create Page-Turning Design with Books
"Look of Books All Over the House... home: Books turn into great design accessories with a little creativity and know-how... full of books feels collected and cozy, plus it provides a wealth of resources at your... following book-inspired designs, and watch as your library takes over the entire house... design book that has a phtot of a tiny NY pissoir with a solid wall of books within... yourself a book vignette. Just can't live with books and even after downsizing we've made..."
Room of the Day: A Room With a View and Books
"ago. With the addition, the homeowners realized they now could convert their existing... extensive book collection and loved to read. That led them to turn one of the original... reading room with a view of the lake.... as some decorators suggest. Egad. A room filled with books can never be messy. Shelves... Love the books elegant design! Jumping up and down with delight! I've tried several... love the books. Can't stand how people jam bookcases with vases, bowls, photo frames..."
Classic Decor Gets Its Due — in a Giftworthy Book
"brimming with anecdotes, history and design lessons for today... latest book, In With the Old: Classic Decor From A to Z.... curl up with Jennifer's book! Love it! Can't wait to pick up a copy of my own! The... blogging to a book deal. Kudos to her. I hope someone buys these shower curtains. Love... chair with brass lion face and paw details which adds a lot of character to the room... replaced with flowing fabric. Portiere, instead of "they forgot to install the door"..."
Rouse Your Rooms With China Chic Flair
"Book: China's rich aesthetic heritage and cutting-edge modern designers mean exciting... experimenting with melding modern tastes with hallmarks of Chinese culture and art. China... China. With a rapidly expanding wealthy class and a newly revived appreciation for... associated with China, is the color of good luck and joy. It's often the color of wedding... bathroom with a sense of confidence and optimism.Tip: A bright red accent can add pizzazz..."
Decorate with Intention: Clutter Clearing 101
"put my books in rainbow order, so make fun if you must! But over the years I have... 10 tips with you today. Before we dig in, it is important to understand what we are... repaired, the books that need to be returned to the library, the hideous vase from Aunt Mildred... read that book you will write. You are priceless. Please write that book.... I love hearing... couldn't part with five years ago I find I'm ready to part with now. This includes clothing..."
Decorate With Intention: Define Your Style
"starts with defining your style. Here's how to begin... terms than decorating alone. From the clothes you wear to the books you read and the... define your decorating style in one simple phrase can be a powerful tool, helping you make... there are decorators in the world, but one thing is certain: Your style statement needs... can work with you to pinpoint your style, but if you are attempting this on your own... to live with comfort. Remember that you have to "live" in your home with everyday..."
Decorate With Intention: Unbury Your Treasures
"your life with their rich history instead of languishing in storage. If you haven't... to part with those blurry (but cute!) baby pictures that never made it into the book... great decorating ideas , I have a little artist in my home and love the idea of framing... fastening them with clothespins or bulldog clips - then you could rotate them occaisionally... ended up with an odd assortment of bits and bobs of memorabilia such as a strange hide-bound..."
Decorate With Intention: Love Your Living Room
"curl up with a good book, watch TV or hang out with friends, is your living room a... Picture #3 with the L-Shaped sofa: I think theses are the colors in my den. The wall... mother, a decorator in the 50s when this was a common habit. @elvasue - You can't go... wrong with white curtains! Do post a photo though - you could post one under "di... the brim with cut wood, books (pages facing out, not spines) or a cluster of hurricane..."
10 Surprising Ways to Decorate with Leather
"Decorating with leather is not a new thing. As long as the hides of cows have been... leather with other fabrics and textures and even laid out leather-bound books around... used to decorate the space in which we live. For this reason, leather often has a... about decorating with leather I thought you might be interested in The Muddy Dog's... comforts with impeccable design. These duvet covers are faux and incredibly easy to..."
Reap a Spring Look for Rooms With Garden Decor
"homes with the freshness and beauty of spring. From weathered patinas and botanical... art to books that will inspire your garden and beautify your shelves, there is sure... style and decorating. Love it! Lovely work !!! The first photo is pure heaven! The first... garden in with fresh spring greens, plenty of potted plants and art or objects with bird... unique decor. Look for garden ornaments with interesting shapes and materials, decorative..."
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