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Special Delivery: Keeping Your Packages Safe
"follow delivery trucks in hopes of capturing goods. These kinds of stories are perhaps... other delivery options. UPS offers text alerts on delivery, ways to change delivery... other delivery problems caused me to evaluate the ups store for mail delivery and... when the delivery person left the box. It blended in with the siding of the house and... saved the delivery person having to climb a lot of stairs to the front door and provided..."
Special Delivery: Cooler-than-Usual Mailboxes
"I'm sure delivery to this house is fun for the postman, too. This is proof that traditional..."
The Inevitable Future of Drones Around Your Home
"airborne deliveries, it seems only a matter of time before neighborhoods are buzzing... drone delivery service in the works. Called Project Wing, it is the tech behemoth’s... futuristic delivery service. Amazon’s Prime Air hopes to deliver 5-pound parcels, which... drone delivery is five to seven years away at best, and more likely 10 to 15 years... basis will delivery drones reduce the carbon footprint of delivery? One more question..."
Harness the Cloud: 8 Ways to Automate Your Housekeeping
"regular deliveries, managing appliances, simplifying meal planning and more via the... instead of a delivery driver. Roomba is THE GREATEST EVER. In our household it saves time... have free delivery @mcqk - I also have reservations about scanning my documents and... drone deliveries once Amazon gets that working ;) I bought a Neeto to keep my floors... subscribe to a delivery service. In the future, I plan on add on a few "Smart Things" to..."
Follow One Man’s Midcentury-Mailbox Dream
"mail delivery. It's still called rural route delivery. I am old enough to remember... curbside mail delivery any more? Here, at least, the postal system is switching over to community... postal delivery. Otherwise, I'd get one! Good luck with your mailboxes. Ours was not... driver delivery so its still a very functional and character/image thing. Nice work... mail slot delivery through its original piece of hardware as it always has, a wee bit..."
The Great Paper Push: Just Say No
"know that delivery isn't until late afternoon). And although I romanticize the correspondence... our mail delivery person know that we don't want to receive any flyers or mail that's... the mail delivery man personally. I used to throw all the junk mail and flyers into... so home delivery will soon be a thing of the past. In the future, we hope that we'll..."
Contractor Tips: How to Shop for Your Remodel
"scheduling deliveries. We schedule deliveries for the day before we will need the material... in the delivery schedule because of their volume. DIY deliveries are often complicated... materials upon delivery. If the seller says it was delivered intact, but you find damage a... schedule the delivery with the caveat "MUST DELIVER ON TIME." They almost always do. For... time, deliveries are on time. And that can be improved by calling the day before..."
Why It's OK to Hate Your New Custom Sofa
"when the delivery guys placed your new upholstered piece in the room, you wanted to... let the delivery people in for me. He called, said it was in and asked me why I bought... paying the delivery men $5 a floor and a case of beer at the top! I don't remember how..."
10 Fresh, Out-of-the Box Kitchen Designs
"appliance delivery, there’s enough margin for error to spend a network’s budget all on... broken on delivery due to defective packaging. Hate to say it, but isn't everything..."
Guest Picks: Soothing Nursery Decor for a Boy or Girl
"day of delivery for the big reveal, it can take a little more time to find nursery... until delivery day to find out their baby's gender, this is some good advice to still..."
Glass Doors That Welcome — and Protect Your Privacy Too
"passersby (or delivery people) catching me unawares. A solid front door would solve the... visitor/delivery driver right at my door who has seen me before I see them! I will..."
5 Remodeling Monkey Wrenches and How to Prevent Them
"selection and delivery to throw your schedule for a loop. Of course, anything can go wrong... overnight delivery. 4. Tile. When you select tile, you have to consider more than just..."
Design Practice: How to Ensure the Best Client Experience
"project delivery phase. Developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) takes work... project delivery. If you’re not actively seeking new clients while you’re working on..."
It's Cold. We're Cranky. Buy Some Flowers!
"flower delivery person and I ever get to the grocery store, I should grab a bunch..."
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