34 denim sectional Stories

Insulation Basics: Natural and Recycled Materials
"wool, denim, cork, cellulose and more for an ecofriendly insulation choice... Your wall sections need to be detailed well and installed correctly to avoid this, no... install denim insulation. Its horrible to try to cut, I could cut 10' of fiberglass... 3' of denim. For all insulation accurate cuts around pipes / wire /blocking are... better, and denim even slower than fiberglass. What's wrong with rockwool ? Its made of..."
On Show: Weird, Wondrous Science Meets Design
"bamboo and denim insulation, what I'm about to show you is much, much stranger. The f... Comments section below.Info: Biodesign: On the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science..."
Kitchen Color: 15 Ravishing Red Backsplashes
"small section of a wall or walls, so this element is usually the perfect size for... called Denim Pine when marketed to, say, Japan... I love the images I see in the..."
Houzz Products: Treat Your Rooms to Orange and Black All Year
"Products section — you’ll be happy you did.... Dark denim with orange piping makes for one fashion-forward pup bed. With this soft..."
11 Design Ideas for Splendid Small Living Rooms
"removable denim cover on zipper for mattress and 3 big pillows with denim shams against... colored sectional from? I need a sectional that is max 103x70 but no chaise. We need... L-shaped sectional (no blank walls and the only walls have either windows or a fire... u-shaped sectional with a chaise against the windows. Anything else would look too cramped... area" section of our "Eat in kitchen"--no separate dining room! No breakfast nook..."
Dare to Decorate With Colorful Upholstery
"to be a denim blue and I love it. I bought a bright yellow leather chair to go with... a gold sectional when I stumbled upon a Lexington velvet chenille sofa in a rusty... acquired denim blue living room furniture, what color can I paint dark brown panelling... discussions section. I'm sure you will get a lot of advice. rauraum, I'm sorry for the... Discussions section. My heart just went out to rauraum. No problem Lanie....I thought the..."
Dealing With Pet Messes: An Animal Lover's Story
"white denim upholstered sofa not to hide his fur, but because denim doesn't... TV room sectional, which is upholstered to camouflage their fur colors, vacuumed frequently... for our sectional. I can throw one cushion cover, or all of it into the washing machine... on the sectional. Pretty much sounds like our home, too. 3 indoor/outdoor rodent... major section of our house and dust covers on the bed, as well as dog brushes within..."
Guest Picks: Freshen Your Furniture With Slipcovers
"white denim slipcovers for many years. I use OxiClean and hot water to wash them... downside of denim is that cats may like to claw it. I'm switching to ultrasuede (or maybe... leather sectional but I'd like to try the off white slipcover to make my living room... haul the sectional out and get a new piece for my living area. Really like this clean... tough denim would be the final answer, but you've ruined that hope for me...maybe..."
8 Ways to Enjoy the Purity of Cotton at Home
"reupholstered sectional in teen room with white (natural, pre-washed) denim, as denim doesn't... season, denim, because of it's thickness, is excellent year round. I recently reupholstered..."
Shop Houzz: Sofas for Every Style
"Traditional section - we needed leather due to short haired dogs (Dalmatians ) and this... even it's denim slipcover has started to wear out. Some of us like a few curves instead... Darby sectional, and the Luna 1-arm sofa. The Union Jack, the vintage Suzani red... midcentury sectional recovered, and to address the overly low-slung feeling of it we had..."
How to Create a Delightful Nursery for Less
"yellow and denim for both genders) that can go with a variety of themes and look fun but... curtains or denim curtains are good options that won't look babyish as your child ages... after my c-section and during very fussy nights close to my baby. The recliner is in..."
3 Steps to Choosing Kitchen Finishes Wisely
"Light Denim. I took my cue for the denim blue from my floor wihich is oak and blue/grey... photo section! Some fun ideas are sure to pop up. I'd also suggest browsing our topics..."
Don't Touch Another Stain Before You Read This
"it is denim, not cotton. Does anyone know how stains on denim furniture (natural)... oring section. I have also bought it at carpet stores. cree124.....You could always..."
What Goes With Leather Furniture?
"leather sectional that defied "summerfication". Finally rolled up my sleeves and got... leather sectional in the photo you've posted in the feed above? I love leather. My... dyed a denim or indigo or other blue. Murphy and Co. Design, I love your room! I..."
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