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Fluted architecture elements have rounded grooves cut vertically into them. Fluted items are typically stone or wood and include columns, pilasters and furniture. This detail began with the removal of tree bark from tree trunks, which left grooves...
A finial is an ornament that tops a roof, a fence post, a piece of furniture or any other structure. It adds visual interest.
Eyebrow Dormer
An eyebrow dormer is a window that brings light and ventilation to a vaulted ceiling or an attic. Ranging from soft curves to tall half-rounds, the wavelike framing and roofing of an eyebrow dormer is work for a craftsman. Eyebrow dormers existed...
Dutch Gable Roof
A Dutch gable roof combines a hip roof, with four sloping sides, and tops it with a gable roof, also called a gablet. Hip roofs have relatively small attic space but strong construction; gable roofs have more attic space but more difficulty with attaching...
A dormer is the structural projection off a sloped roof with a vertical window and its own roof. Though it doesn't add square footage, a dormer can make attic space more livable or bring daylight and charm to a room through the opening in the ceiling....
Dentil Molding
Dentil is a decorative molding using rectangular blocks evenly spaced. Mostly used in classical architecture, dentil molding gets its name from the Latin "dens," meaning "teeth." The band of dentils can project underneath the cornice along the roofline...
A cupola is traditionally an Italianate domed tower above a roof, with windows for light and ventilation. Square cupolas are also common and can be purely decorative.
Corrugated Galvanized Iron
Corrugated galvanized iron (CGI) is sheet metal formed into ridges and hollows, which increases its rigidity. The process of galvanizing coats the iron with zinc to keep rust at bay.
Cone Roof
A cone, or conical, roof is in the shape of a cone, set on top of a structure that is cylindrical. The sides of the roof can curve or be flat. Cone roofs are popular in Queen Anne–style homes.
Chair Rail
A chair rail is the trim applied roughly 3 to 4 feet up the wall that protects the wall from impact. Older homes with plaster walls often have chair rails, but today they can be purely decorative.
A catwalk is a narrow, bridgelike pedestrian walkway that floats in the interior of a lofted space or on an exterior between structures.
Bonnet Roof
A bonnet roof is a type of hip roof, often with a sharp slope at the peak and a gentle slope at the base, but its defining characteristic...
A belvedere is any structure built for the purpose of taking advantage of a pleasing view. Belvederes are often open sided and at roof level.
Baseboard protects the base of a wall from dirt, scuffs and collisions at the joint where it meets the floor. Usually made from wood, it can be simple or ornate, with moldings and trim.
Awnings protect structures and windows with a rooflike shelter made from any material, but the most common awning is stretched canvas.
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