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10 Favorite Features of Spanish Revival Style
"g the design elements that really make the style. Thanks! Love the style, and it's... expanding the designs to include more styles and stating to think about Moorish designs as... love this style:) My absolute favorite style. I love going up to Santa Barbara and seeing... of this style of design so I loved this post! Here are a couple that I have done also... in this style Love Spanish style. The colors and texture of door. Get more pictures..."
Lay of the Landscape: Modern Garden Style
"graphic design elements create a sense of calmness in the garden to match the serenity... Garden Style | Natural Garden Style... landscape design, when you look closely, you'll find that the same basic elements are... home's style is bold and strong, a traditional garden just won't do. But the style... cottage designs. Low-maintenance and calming. People have also discovered how well... thing (DIY style) for floating pool balls? The ones I've found online are fairly pricey..."
Bathroom Safety Features That Support Your Style
"doesn't mean style comes in second with bathroom grab bars, shower seats and more designed... attractive designs that blend into your décor. Whether you love sleek, minimal design... into the design have to look like it belongs in a hospital? Absolutely not! Fixture... Universal Design bath photos in your article. Universal Design takes accessibility and... architect and designer! The bath that I have used is done up in Tuscan style. Gorgeous tile..."
Roots of Style: Classical Details Flourish in 21st-Century Architecture
"have been designed with the aesthetics that developed in ancient times, and the inte... modern design theory relinquishes precedent for inspiration and formulation, there... of this style. Finally, classical architecture resurfaced with extraordinary popularity... classical design, which sustained great momentum until about 1950.... Charleston style design which has it's root's in classic Greek architecture. The spa in..."
6 Basic Elements of Classic Garden Style
"formal design to give even a modest garden a pleasing balance... garden design will help you adapt the style to your site.... to help design buildings. Landscape designers/landscape architects sometimes use them... of our designs. Sometimes its very subtle and other times its has a strong geometry... "landscape design golden rectangle", you will find books, blog posts, and other info on... addictive. 3. Designing along the axis. Much classical landscape design makes use of bilateral..."
Exhibit Honors Cliff May's California Ranch Style
"home designs profoundly impacted architecture. A 2012 California exhibit showcases... ranch home designs give him a place of honor in the residential hall of fame. He introduced... environmental design before it was recognized as such, says Dan Gregory, author of Cliff... into his designs — concepts that many now seem to be just revisiting. May's pioneering... pioneering designs are celebrated in a new exhibit, Carefree California: Cliff May and..."
Lay of the Landscape: Tropical Garden Style
"In the design phase of our 'retirement' home in Costa Rica - landscaping is part of... overall design, create a border alongside a house. It's a great choice for a sideyard... is key.Design tip: A sloped yard makes it easy to elevate plants so they can be seen... foliage.Design tip: Adding vines to grow along a fence or even up a tree trunk will... tropical design. They not only add both structure and softness to the space, but the..."
6 Ways to Harmonize Different Home and Garden Styles
"sm in designing a garden is trickier than it seems. Combine several styles or elements... is one style, and your garden another? As a designer, I’m sometimes asked by clients... architectural style of their home. To do that I establish links rooted in the principles... principles of design that tie the two together. Here are some ideas.... simpler the design the better. With a simpler design it integrates easier with other designs..."
Lay of the Landscape: English-Style Gardens
"French-style garden set in a strict geometric pattern. In fact, the first English... gardens were designed in the early 1700s as a reaction to the formality of the latter. The... gardens designed by Lancelot (Capability) Brown define the basic elements of an English... garden, the style itself has grown and changed over the past 300 years. It's been modified... of the style can be applied even to the smallest garden...."
Global Architecture Style: Victorian
"singular style. The reality is that this term encompasses several architectural styles... latest style was key. (The ornate look was soon spurned, however, by the development... greatest styles and trends, and the Victorian influence grew. Still, the exact Victorian... architectural styles differ from country to country. In the United States, Victorian style... different styles and features, but the following is a basic guideline for the most common..."
Bathroom Workbook: 7 Elements of Craftsman Style
"this style is tailor made for your bath... when the style saw a resurgence. Today many homeowners are scooping up Craftsman houses... studied the style. Joseph Metzler of Sala Architects is one such architect. He did his... made the style one of his specialties ever since. “It wasn’t something focused on in... craftsman style anything. I also find it to be a very (old school) masculine style, which... craftsmen style! Like others who have commented, I love this style too and am glad that..."
8 Elements of Mediterranean Garden Style
"garden design for hundreds of years has been the Mediterranean garden. Beautiful and... pragmatic, the style developed out of the great diversity of Mediterranean history, culture... While the style developed in the Mediterranean basin, it is adaptable to many other areas... garden style. Before I downsized to an apartment, I had my own "walled garden", designed... garden design, and I felt fortunate to spend many hours in one of the loveliest and..."
American Architecture: The Elements of Cape Cod Style
"architecture style was born in New England but has stood the test of time around the United... cottage style traces its origins to colonial New England and is characterized by its... coast. The style saw a resurgence during the colonial revival period during the first... man's style," but it has experienced resurgences during times of economic recession... which the style is named). Revival examples are all over the Eastern seaboard, however..."
Roots of Style: Does Your House Have a Medieval Heritage?
"localized design and likely defines more than a few houses in your neighborhood. But... these styles have deep roots, too. To find them, travel back to the period about... , and design took a more organic course. Church buildings dominated construction... original design. The downside, a very small kitchen, which I'm in the processing of... with the style of the house, but not sure what to do, it's kind of boring as is. Thank..."
The Colonial, America's Home Style
"colonial design are still at home in today's architectural landscape... other styles gain in popularity, this distinctive design continues to be a perennial... enduring home style remains the New England colonial. It conjures up images of small-town... Colonial-style architecture, both in historic homes and today's interpretations.... colonial style is more spartan and that the federal style tends to be a more embellished..."
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