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Gardens Tap Into Rill Water Features
"ancient design, this water feature is popular again as a way to help contemporary... popular water feature of Edwardian garden design and often used by Gertrude Jeckyll... all the water features we use in our gardens, the rill perhaps has the most interesting... moving water. The earliest style of rill was found in ancient Persian gardens, but... garden designers. Today, rills are the perfect choice for any size garden, as they..."
8 Pool Water Features That Venture Into Fantasy
"These pool designs let imagination take the lead... incorporate a water feature in your next outdoor design.... so far. Water features can offer another welcome reprieve from hot, hazy days. From... pool designs incorporate some kind of moving water. Did you know the sound of moving... moving water has been proven to lower the heart rate? Yet another reason to incorporate... custom water feature with a water screen-What a great concept! Definitely very well..."
Have Your Garden Fountain and Be Water Wise Too
"which water features are more conscious of conservation, along with strategies for... how much water it consumes. Here are some water-wise tips for incorporating a water... splash, water features often become the focal point of a garden. And nothing brings... about water consumption? In warm climates how you locate, design and maintain your... you can design your own fountain or water feature. You can run it all day long with..."
10 Ways to Add Water to Your Home's Design
"surrounded by water. This got me thinking about the ways in which we can add water to our... bring water features to our homes. Indoor or outdoor fountains, waterfalls built... other water features are all great additions to a home. However some of us can't... waste of water. In those cases, it's best to enhance the existing water that we have... to add water to your home's design? Here are ten options that I've considered ......"
A Place on the Water: 4 Inspiring Designs
"e how water and views shaped these shoreline escapes... near water has an undeniable appeal. Be it a river, lake, or even an ocean, bodies... bodies of water offer relaxation, a unique vista, and the opportunity for recreation... to the water, until we are actually sitting atop it. See hundreds of beach-home photos... house design is cool .another dream in the wind weeeee Wow just amazing ,Very impressive... of the water comes inside. Note the reflection of the water on the glass walls.See..."
Great Design Plant: Parry Manzanita Stands Out in Low-Water Gardens
"that gets watered every other day is hanging in there. Four that I planted in ground... barely watered didn't survive. One didn't survive the trip from the CA nursery. Any... never watered and thrives. Will this grow in Maryland? The first picture gets me... favorite feature, they almost look like well-tanned human arms and legs to me! I'm at... your zone)Water requirement: Drought tolerant to occasional; needs adequate water when..."
Modern Design Captures Valuable Rain
"architectural features make the most of it... to the water treatment plant, that water tends to overflow during rain events like... means. Design features that do something with the increasingly valuable resource of... funneling the water via gutters and downspouts toward a combined sewer under the street.... of water falling from the sky are suitable to just about any context, be it a big... lenient rain water/ grey water laws... the trick is finding rain water to collect. :) Can't..."
Design Your Landscape for Peace and Quiet
"barriers and water features for a more soothing outdoor experience... a few design strategies can help quiet things down. Here are some concepts to keep... planning a water feature here are 2 suggestions for a tile mural wall http://www.Ali... major water features, fences as high as code will allow, and a huge "hedge" of mature... professionally designed waterfall can create just the right amount of "white noise" to offer..."
Great Design Plant: Papyrus
"touch to water features and riverbeds... include a water garden in your landscape or are plagued by poorly drained soil, papyrus... your zone)Water requirement: Water lovingLight requirement: Full sun to partial shadeMature... large water features or plant it in a container and then put the container in the... shallow water. It’s more of a marginal plant and doesn’t grow well in deep water like... plants like water lilies (Nymphaea spp) or lotus (Nelumbo spp). Papyrus grows rapidly,..."
Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Water and Red
"photos featuring the legendary dragon's power and the color of luck... dragon features both the color red and the element water: Red because it is the color... spirits. And water, whether as rain, flood or fountain, because it is the element the legendary... custom design anything you need www.custommade.com I love it, I too have Red Wine... Dragon. Water and red combine in a simple garden water feature perfect for the new..."
Just Add Water: Rain Barrel Magic
"collect the water that would otherwise drain off your roof and use it to water your garden... garden feature. Times have changed, as the rain barrels featured here prove. With... adherents as water issues affect more and more of us. It's a practical approach — you collect... conserve water & stop using municipal drinking water to water our plants. I admit I... used the water for laundry and wash water, and hauled up their drinking water out of..."
Fall for a Water-Wise Fountain
"interest of water conservation — these smart fountain designs let you have both... joy a water feature should deliver, check out these beautiful, water-concious fountains... Water brings tranquility, balance and movement to an outdoor space, qualities nearly... look with water conservation in mind? There are a few strategies: *Decrease evaporation... *Include water foliage *Reduce, reuse, recycle Just in case you think I've just eliminated..."
Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort
"lower your water bill while creating a feast for the eyes with diverse plantings and gathering... drain on water resources, and they demand regular mowing and fertilizing, not to mention... mow amd water (other plants still need water too..) it sure looks a lot prettier than... Read your water meter before and after you water the lawn to see how many gallons of... of water you are using each day for the lawn. Then check your water bill to see how..."
Xeriscape Gardens: How to Get a Beautiful Landscape With Less Water
"serve water and make gardening much easier with the xeriscape approach’s 7 principles... Denver Water utility for a new and comprehensive approach to water conservation. The... not a design style — that can help you create and maintain an outdoor space that... solid land design Roc+solid land design. The watering for this state is worked out by... strict watering laws. You can only water x 2 days a week, your day is a according..."
Water Table
"house's water table keeps wetness outdoors and adds architectural interest to a home's... direct water away. A water table is also a prominent design element that can visually... direct water away from the building's foundation. A water table is typically curved... A water table is an architectural element at the base of a building; its purpose... path for water. A water table is also a feature of wood construction and wood-sided..."
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