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Your Guide to a Smooth-Running Construction Project
"communication policies and procedures upfront. I have to say that the comment written above... insurance policies or take out an insurance police to cover any disaster that might... insurance policy and it covered everything, except one item I wanted to upgrade. Now... insurance policy covers not only replacement cost but upgrade cost. Humans know what..."
Modern Manners for Conflict-Free Family Visits
"no dog policy, I don't go. I understand the policy, I don't complain about it, and... no-dogs policy in your house (which is fine, it is your house) and I say I can't visit... that's your policy, would you be deeply offended if someone wasn't able to come visit because..."
10 Real Ways You Can Help After a House Fire
"you, the policy holder. This sounds harsh, but it is the truth. Seek out an independent... sure your policy contains a provision for alternate living expenses. This is a separate... contents policies allow paying for alternative accommodation based on the amount of... insurance policy and be sure you are more than adequately insured if a disaster should..."
The Right Mattress: The Secret to a Great Night’s Sleep
"return policy. A lot of mattresses marketed by different companies are the same mattress... hange policies. Do your research. Caveat emptor when it comes to the mattress industrial... return policy. I see the brand mentioned once in these comments and would be interested... return policy, although we haven't had to use it. Also, did I say we got the adjustable..."
My Houzz: Ecofriendly and Salvaged Style in a Montreal Triplex
"ca/freepub_e.asp); this is what steered us towards Caroma. I now see that the toilet test... com/default.asp?TYPE=CATEGORY&CATEGORY=HDW+BARN+BOX+TRACK. For the handles, this is for..."
Great Garden Combo: 3 Wonderful Plants for a Deer-Resistant Screen
"the deer disclaimer!! ugh! not sure what part of the country you are basing these choices... the deer disclaimer very carefully :) Indeed you have. Thank you for your article :-)... screening.Deer disclaimer: The phrase “Deer will eat anything if hungry enough” is often quoted..."
Guest Picks: Clever and Cute Home Decor Under $20
"return policy is atrocious, and their main office "customer service" people treat... when the policy stinks and the attitude goes that far, best to avoid the whole company... very open policy AGAINST the handicapped even if the person can do the job. They have..."
Plan Your Home Remodel: The Construction Phase
"insurance policy premium after this happens. Will it increase? I live on Cape Cod... pay), the policy is then dropped by the company. Glad to see the project moving forward... with a policy for the purchase value of the house with limited hurricane protection..."
Let’s Clear Up Some Confusion About Solar Panels
"public policy shifts it's emphasis more emphatically toward renewable energy. It... insurance policy the Rural Electric Association is requiring at this point in time is... liability policy.) As a result, the REA won't call in an inspector to inspect the system..."
So You Want to Build: 7 Steps to Create a New Home
"insurance policies that would pay off the home in that case. Something to think about... is his policy with family members. A major concern at this point is budget. That's... umbrella policy covering anything else. This is a HUGE part of our overhead costs...."
What to Look for in a Contractor's Contract
"sound policy, especially the part with the customer's own handwriting. But, where... verdict. My policies are not in place because of bad experiences. I've always been paid... insurance policies, bonds, and licenses as well as a list of employees and subcontractors..."
The Single Crib Style That's Ideal for Any Nursery
"posting disclaimers about SIDS. Feel free to copy this (or find a quote from a pro... posting a disclaimer about secondhand baby furniture too. ALWAYS check for safety by..."
What to Know Before You Tear Down That Wall
"ceiling? Disclaimer: I have never posted a picture before so I apologize for any grainy... follow. Disclaimer2: I bear no responsibility for the current state of my kitchen...."
What Those Home-Sale Disclosures Are Really Saying
"protected by disclaimers in case of a law suit. Here was our mind set when purchasing a... a full disclaimer. If you see things that look sketchy they probably are. It is..."
To Make Your Garden Memorable, Add a Hint of Mystery
"has a disclaimer attached to it. Since I was not highlighting the plant but using... up the disclaimers. I hope this helps some folks. Thanks for your comment. Gardens..."
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