2342 dog friendly backyard Stories

Double-Duty Savvy: 10 Supersmart Laundry Room Combos
"Substitute dog for cat and mine does the same duties as yours, Lanie Brown. laundry, back... kitchen), dog supply area, and pantry. And it's not that large, but it doesn't feel... organize the dog stuff better. I am so glad other people combine laundry, bulk pantry... as many friends as these people do, because I cannot imagine dedicating space in my... regarding your dog pageant reality show comment..... My little guy always looks like he's..."
True Confessions of a House Stalker
"me of a friend of mine who sold her house years ago...they bought down the street.... explored the backyard. The kids did not want to leave, they loved it so! So we've told... loving, 3 dogs and loving the garden too means that I've had to find solutions to certain... ). The dogs may continue trying to dig for a couple of weeks but then they give up... warm and friendly home with an outstanding view of the GG bridge rot away. We have recently..."
Simple Pleasures: Put Pen to Paper
"also a friend of the trees so I don't like to send anyone cards for any occasion.... had a dog years ago in the past that could actually climb trees! He would hug the... resulted in a friend I never forgot. :) americandreamdyn, that's a beautiful story. I hope... of my friends - an enormous London horse sculpture for N the horse lover, the Frans... piping friend, an Egyptian cat for my brother, who has adopted 5 or 6 strays, a Dior..."
Simple Pleasures: 10 Ideas for a Buy-Less Month
"family and friends just to hang out or watch movies at our place, read, played with the... the dogs, and enjoyed hobbies - for me, baking and dreaming over Houzz photos; for... meals at Friendlys. I don't like spending my money in dinners or gambling. I will spend... clothes with friends. I recently wanted to redo our family room. I decided to shop my... laughing with friends, chatting with my dear husband and listening to the sounds around my..."
My Houzz: Dreamy, Organic Style in a Tampa Cottage
"have a dog or you can have something". I tell my dogs, "I guess that pretty much... year old dog) in my life too. Dogs shed, track dirty paw prints, and have the occasional... your dogs have it have "ruff"!!! Thank you for sharing your creative home with us... also call friends. Shona's home is so special and to blueanne: so insightful ( the shoe... FOUR dogs and a PAINTED floor? In white! Sweep sweep sweep! I find white paint..."
If Cats Could Design
"tiful friends and so designer friendly!!! Molly, I just realized that YOU drew these... cat or dog is a commitment and a responsibility. Both cats and dogs are loyal, faithful... for cat-friendly environment We totally cater to our rescue cat, Hook, who (same as... with "friends" LOL thanks Molly they are great and yes that TBD door..... If it didn't... "nice" dogs like everybody, illustrating a lack of discernment. Cats are both more..."
3 Steps to Creating Quick, Easy and Colorful Succulent Containers
"not pet-friendly. I particularly wanted string-of-pearls and burros tail, but after... toxicity to dogs and cats as well. I am curious about your comment and hope you will write... non-toxic to dogs and cats (and children) (well, one source claimed low toxicity - but this... in our backyard, hopefully next year, so I need to figure out what type of succulents... used for dog-walking behind my apartment building, I checked out the links posted by..."
Beautiful Noise: How to Create a Symphony in Your Garden
"little friends sing with thanks. I'm pretty sure I know what a "deer catcher" is,... entire backyard. The tree removal people asked us if we wanted to keep the shredded... are my friends..booohooo. One day I will post my own on here. My observation is that... people and dogs settle in and it is quiet and still - like a lake first thing in the morning... in my backyard anymore. I prefer the sound of songbirds. Unfortunately they have..."
8 Wonderfully Creative Window Treatments
"jungle and dog nights (favorite of our dog's night, he is sleeping with us). Kids choise... is my backyard - so private enough - but what about when you go away for periods... is your friend :) Shutters The Look Interiors: My dining room has 4 windows with a... their dogs, etc. There were contractor plastic vertical blinds when we bought (ugh)... became a friend, and right now I'm working on her house: Library, family room, 3 bathrooms..."
The Inevitable Future of Drones Around Your Home
"in the backyards with friends. You can see there are so many avenues for bad than... visiting a friend in a high rise and a drone operated by a couple below was hovering around... walking dogs the next day, he commented on how our new updates to our patio looked... like dog jerky (and it certainly is important in our house :-) add it to the shopping... barking dogs, thumping car stereos, and vacuum cleaners -- why do I want to also hear..."
Key Measurements for the Perfect Garage
"your kid/dog come up to your vehicle which distracted you momentarily. A curb works... have a friend who built a perfect-sized garage by taking his three vehicles to an... in the backyard with only the alley side showing that the building is a garage.... this friend set his cars far enough apart so that with the doors open on all cars... The friend also wanted 6 feet from all the walls instead of a more typical 3-4..."
7 Things to Do Before You Move Into a New House
"with dogs or small children to have this done while the house is empty, before you... have a friend to help and 2 months to work. The house is now painted top to bottom... taking the dogs to "visit". Didn't see a spider or house centipede for a while. Yeah yeah... with her dog! As it happened, the locksmith we had arranged for followed her in. She... help of a friend... I think having time to make all this happen when you buy a home is..."
31 True Tales of Remodeling Gone Wild
"here. A dog walker and I was chatting in my front yard one day and she told me that... family friend while on a trip to New Delhi. Asked to use the restroom before the long... brothers and friends were slobs so she thought if there was no place to set down a drink... link to friends to give them a laugh too I knew from the first line this must be a... too. A friend of mine worked at Printemps, a very high-end French department store..."
Blast Decluttering Roadblocks Once and for All
"service dog and two cats. The second bedroom not only serves as a guest bedroom but... service dog at a time). I need help with my clutter. It seems like no matter how much... HELP! A friend, family member or dollar/per/hour assistant. Just knowing you have help... with a friend who recently retired and planned to renovate her home - but first needed... my dear friends is priceless!! It is amazing at how little we really need as humans..."
Porch Life: Banish the Bugs
"1/3 acre backyard. They are a life saver for us during the summer months in South Texas... of dry dog food outside in a discreet spot, a few feet from your open door or window... think some friends of mine had some luck with some sort of product after struggling with... from my friend who eradicated his carpenter bees: "It's called permethrine. It's... their backyard in an area with lots and lots of mosquitos and black flies and last..."
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