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Dwell on Design 2012 Expo Debuts Inventive Designs
"The Dwell on Design expo is going on this weekend (June 22–24, 2012) in Los Angeles... Design House. Thank you for sharing some great designs from a fantastic design show... show. Dwell on Design is one of the best inspirational shows we have even attended... those styles come back into fashion. Great to see Jonathan Adler is bringing back... Their styling is different than Dunsmuir Cabinets so I thought it would be helpful..."
Dwellings vs. Houses — a Matter of Distinction
"between dwellings and houses; the former are temporary and often movable, and the latter... materials: dwellings are constructed from wood, while houses are built of masonry, often... Movable Dwelling and How It Came to America," an essay he wrote in 1982. In the essay... presents some houses at these two poles as a way to discuss Jackson's essay, in which he... Seattle dwelling defined by distinctive stone walls the author references a photograph..."
Urban Dwelling: How to Take Advantage of a Small Lot
"Family Houses Highlight Optimized City Living... multi-family housing, many that fell into urban contexts. To further highlight modern city... single-family houses designed for the same environment. These examples illustrate how architects... urban dwellings that unexpectedly have outdoor spaces (though unfortunately these... "Urban Dwellings: How Architects Take Advantage of Small Lots", I would have been... of us dwell. Your site is truly professional and so interesting! We have similar..."
Age Is Just a Number: Houzzers’ Homes Old and New
"Houses come in all shapes, sizes, colors and, of course, ages. The latter is one... revere old houses for their charm. Others shy away from them for the upkeep. Some think... think new houses lack character; others take comfort in the most up-to-date structure... the old houses have so much style. i live in kenya, mine is 10 yeras old but i am still... Interesting houses and interesting stories. Our Cape Cod style 1 1/2 storey home was built..."
Report From Dwell on Design 2011
"at the Dwell on Design conference in Los Angeles June 24, I found many ideas for improving... mounted styles. The bench is a combination of white concrete and wood, and functions... modern style steel mailbox with glass front allows you to add a personal touch outside... bedrooms and styles of furniture. A stunning see-through gas fireplace that provides heat... Your house need not be uber-modern and your pockets extra deep to be able to bring..."
The Sum and Substance of House Numbers
"While house numbers are a necessary part of your home's exterior, they're also a... choosing numbers that meet practical considerations and hit all the right style notes... vinyl house numbers on our mailbox to give our house a cute, easily identifiable... under the numbers? Thank you. Need ideas for new house numbers and mailbox, red brick... time! House numbers are like jewelry for the home. I do think there is a lot of room..."
10 Bold Ideas for Modern House Numbers
"Plain house numbers not cutting it? There’s no reason to settle when there are so... see the number on the house from the street. Here's our rural house number "rock",... devised this house number placard and bracket. The eventual style of the home will be... you the number of times I've heard my husband talk about how the house number wasn't... of a number that goes on and on- 34226- and the style of my house in the country..."
Roots of Style: Do You Live in a Minimalist Traditional House?
"them, houses in this style share several characteristics. See how many your house... of the style is its proportions. While classical styles are dictated strictly by precedent... traditional style began in the 1930s as an affordable response to the depression. It took... earlier styles such as Tudor and colonial revival and simplified them. The concept... demand for housing grew rapidly after World War II, and getting homes built quickly became..."
Roots of Style: Your Home May Have a Renaissance Classical Past
"in your house's mix, you might have the 15th century to thank... Italianate style and the 20th-century Italian Renaissance style relied on the characteristics... pired dwelling? Chances are likely, for this primary root of classically inspired... in the style. In the 15th century, the Italians developed an understanding of ancient... These styles continue to influence a particular genre of fashionable suburban ar..."
Roots of Style: Where Did Your House Get Its Look?
"5 home styles that bridge past and present... What style is it? This is not always an easy question to answer. "Style" is an elusive... vernacular style. It can be said that a style is a definition after the fact rather... things, and style is frequently an amalgamation of different features. Nevertheless, most... far most houses have a rooted identity that has evolved to adapt to current living standards... ranch style takes off on Prairie style. That gives me an idea. My house is a typical..."
House-Hunting Help: If You Could Pick Your Home Style ...
"for a house to buy or rent, how much does house style play into your decision-making... of main house styles can help you search smarter, and help you find a home that works... certain house style — just think of the "painted lady" Victorians in the Haight-Ashbury... have a house style in mind, take a drive around your area to see if there is a ne... common house styles in the United States to see if one of them is right for you...."
Roots of Style: Midcentury Styles Respond to Modern Life
"range of styles, including minimalist traditional, ranch, split level and modern shed... of one style are often adapted to another entirely different style. Some styles might... architectural style. The war led to a housing shortage in the U.S., and Europe had to rebuild... other styles were all developed throughout this period. The following styles were... unique styles of residential design before World War II, it was not until the mid-20th..."
Measures of Remodel Success: Bathrooms by the Numbers
"to the numbers. Knowing the following numbers will help you remodel your bath so that... skirted style in our last remodel, and I will NEVER buy another regular toilet again... built our house must have been tiny. Our vanity was at 28"! We moved it up to 36" with... 50: The number of CFMs (cubic feet per minute of air changes) most codes require as... right number of CFMs for your bath involves calculating the volume of the room and..."
Thai Tradition: Tiny Spirit Houses Honor the Departed
"yet the number of tiny houses perched precariously in yards started to seem out of... smaller house standing guard. After consulting the locals, I discovered that these... replica houses standing on pillars are believed to shelter the spirits that inhabit... a bird house outside that reminds me of these spirit houses. We believe that if we... for a house or dwelling of some sort. It is the same way in which small Buddha are..."
Design Icons: Rudolph M. Schindler, Evolving Architect-Artist
"collective dwellings and indoor-outdoor living, Schindler had a distinctive style that... in his houses to outdoor spaces. But he also contributed a number of ideas about... collective dwelling, going beyond the single-family houses that dot the landscape. R... distinctive style. Let's take a look at some of Schindler's projects to see the evolution... Beach House , I always thought that these type of houses needed the right landscaping..."
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