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Houzz Prizewinners Take Their Kitchen From ‘Atrocious’ to ‘Wow’
"When one car breaks down, so does the other. When one of her kids falls ill, the other... is an electrical or structural issue. What a great story. Congratulations to the..."
Stand-Up Desks Rise to Health Challenges
"in the car while conveying our expanding bodies from one sitting location to another... have an electric adjustable table from http://www.myofficetable.com/tables/custom_..."
Visit an Artist's Backyard Studio and Guesthouse
"a two-car garage built in the 1920s that I thought would make a perfect studio,”... Light Electric and Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Patio set: Cost Plus World... space for cars, the driveway also has a new life as a patio. Concrete planters allow..."
The '70s Are Back. Can Ya Dig It?
"muscle cars from the era have been rereleased; Amanda Seyfried is playing Linda Lovelace;... dream car. & that lucite desk has got me dreaming as well, love it! Excited for... Western Electric's doughnut phones. They are so much better looking than any cutting-edge..."
Houzz Tour: Step Inside (and Out) a New Florida Showhouse
"three cars that can fit into the garage. In a walk-to-everything location and with... when the electrical grid may be down. Like all good Florida homes, outside spaces are..."
How to Install Energy-Efficient Windows
"hybrid car or unplugging appliances when they aren’t in use, these days everyone seems... on your electric bills while shrinking your home’s carbon footprint. and reducing..."
7 Ideas to Get You Back on the Front Porch
"conditioning, cars, radios, televisions, backyard decks. But despite modern conveniences... conserve electricity. Keep the porch raised up off the ground. This will help to create..."
7-Day Plan: Get a Spotless, Beautifully Organized Garage
"for the car... Help those of us who actually need the help! Please... My one car... have a 3 car garage with 3 cars in it. Over several months, I posted items on CL, selling... the cars and slipped it into his car and off he went. Came home and put the bin back... bedroom, 4 car garage home to a 2 bedroom, 2 car garage rental home in just over one week... have a 3 car garage and can't fit one car in it. My husband has every tool you can..."
Houzz Call: How Are You Handling the Record-Breaking Cold?
"house to car to destination ,back to car & home again regardless of temps. If car works... loss of electricity, no heat, frozen and bursting pipes, cars that won't start and... started 2 cars this morning. The 1999 Toyota Corolla, in the garage, started right up... in my car and if I was going any distance or out of the city, I'd have candles, etc... their cars. There have been a lot of bursting water pipes under the roads...... the..."
How Your Landscaping Can Keep Burglars Away
"their car through my front yard and totaled my parents car that was sitting in the... replace our car. That was the second car we had totaled in the driveway. This is the most... topped by electric fencing. Mine isn't, but I do have two German Shepherd dogs who look... ) My car is ancient and, to my embarrassment, the paint has started to peel off... crime and electric fences. I also considered installing plantation shutters in my home..."
Get a Bird's-Eye View of America's Housing Patterns
"on your car to get around. So, living in a tiny apartment in Manhattan would be perfect:... yard, no car. But I think this needs to be examined more closely. Cities are not how... water and electricity to skyscrapers (and keeping them running when they need repair... nonexistent; cars are parked in below-grade spaces that flood in heavy rain. Manhattan... heat, electricity, and water; possibly no reliable elevator, even if you have impaired..."
How to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater
"about the electric ones. Have heard too many horror stories about electric. If we had... tank, electric, ouch. I have installed tankless water heaters on many projects and... 20-30 gal. electric and install a switch to turn it off... we've lived with turning the... off of electricity and gas, so if there is a power outage you are not going to have... conventional electric water heater that was inefficient, leaking, and gobbling up space..."
Home-Buying Checklist: 20 Things to Consider Beyond the Inspection
"parking our cars which it is long enough to fit 2 midsized cars. we have a workshop in... have all electric no gas, the longest our electric went out in 25 years was during hurricane... steps from car in garage area to kitchen or pantry area makes a big difference when bringing... pull the car into the garage and take three steps up into my back hall and kitchen area... with one car for a long time in a suburban neighborhood that was walkable to many places..."
So Over Stainless in the Kitchen? 14 Reasons to Give In to Color
"sure the electric cooktops are also a lot better than the old electric coil stoves.... to have electric wired and buy an electric stove was sooo worth it. before I replaced... white electric range. At a temporary rental decades ago I had a range that was pale... gas or electric about $9,000. Wouldn't this look great in farmhouse remodel? quite... to any car/body shop and they'll spray them any cheery colour your little heart desires:..."
You Showed Us: 20 Nutty Home Fixes
"about cars. My Dad fixed things in my car engine with twine and duct tape! To the... to his car parts and found a car knob and installed it, works fine. Also in our motorhome... a used car dealer who was willing to pay us $50 for the car - before he found out... Flintstone car. Washing machine lids are GREAT for replacing the flooring on cars! And... to keep electrical/electronic cords contained. My parents were very generous with us..."
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