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Ecofriendly Kitchen: How to Choose Flooring
"kitchen flooring materials with durability and beauty... kitchen floor brings benefits beyond making you feel good about your selection. Durability... with wood floors that may be nearing a century old — this is sustainable thinking at... radiant floor heating does well in concrete flooring. nellesworth brings up one of... radiant heat in the floor and I'm not sure how the cork will affect the heat. I'd love... on wood floors. We'll be replacing our floors within the next year, and wonder if..."
8 Inventive Kitchen Floor Treatments
"fresh flooring concepts simmer in the back of your head as you plan your kitchen... kitchen floors look far beyond the standard hardwood that we've all gotten used to... These fun floor ideas, from Houzz's Kitchen of the Week series, take practical flooring... on in floor heating? E Webber, you can have under floor radiant heating. I understand... entire floor as in a wood floor. Attached is a shot of the floor near a sliding glass..."
Considering Concrete Floors? 3 Green-Minded Questions to Ask
"crete floors are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and durability... concrete floors for inside your home, there are three questions you can ask to make... radiant floor heat. kchaboyer: yes. but we put the radiant heat in before we poured... other heat-transporting material could be used in concrete for heated floors. Thanks... back. it heats up fast and holds the heat forever. Further containment of heat is provided..."
Transition Time: How to Connect Tile and Hardwood Floors
"between floor surfaces. Here's what you need to know... or a floor assembly that's destined to fail. Most of the floor framing in North... tile floor to the hardwood of another room is often given little forethought. However... used on floors. But these days most of my clients want large, natural stone tile.... show any heat like a cable electric heat source and the drawing is only the tip of the... When a floor is also heated it is often very hard to keep the floor from the bathroom..."
How to Paint Your Hardwood Floors
"solid wood floors can give them new life without the expense and mess of refinishing them... make your floors a beautiful design element in their own right, particularly with interesting... hardwood floors, but if you know how to apply nail polish, you already know the basics... beautiful floors, BUT the first floor bedroom floors could not be finished in the same... against the floor, all painted the same gray as the floor. The result: floors look expansive..."
Wood Floor Care: Polish Your Skills
"your wood floors stay gorgeous by learning how to keep stains, dullness and warping at... Wood floors are some of the hardest-working parts of our home. They endure our constant... Feil Wood Flooring's Andrea Feil thinks that keeping wood surfaces clean isn't really... keep your floors looking great — as long as you keep up on the maintenance," says Feil... of wood floor environments clean and stain free.... Bruce floor wax on the floor and then buff the floor using pads that snapped on to..."
Contractor Tips: Smooth Moves for Hardwood Floors
"natural wood floors? Consider these professional pointers before you lay the first plank... hardwood floors, you probably wish it did. Wood makes great flooring. It's beautiful... the same floors people are now refinishing), and I seem to remember wall-to-wall carpeting... hardwood floors have almost always been in style for the last couple hundred years,... existing floors, read on for some insight from a contractor that will help you get the..."
Lay Out Your Living Room: Floor Plan Ideas for Rooms Small to Large
"furniture floor plans that not only look great, but take full advantage of the rooms'... f-the-floor electrical outlets, plugging in a reading lamp next to a "floating" sofa... baseboard heating. In a small and/or narrow room or one with many wall openings this... across the floor - danger of tripping and ugly unless covered up with a throw rug. Not... basic floor plan from the owner? The cutomer would complete a pre-design quest..."
The Kitchen Storage Space That Hides at Floor Level
"hit the floor. If the floor is the least bit out of level the drawer can drag across... near the floor, mine is silver metal, and is slightly bigger than an electrical outlet... level floors. We don't have clearance for undermount drawer glides, so have to use... across the floor when opened. if it is loaded up with heavy items you can have the same... on the floor, I grabbed a broom...wrongo...those things bounced and also caught in..."
How Low Should Your Drapes Go?
"brush the floor or pool like Scarlett O'Hara's tears — we give you the lowdown on curtain... at the floor or hover just above it. These variations are left over from a time before... central heating and air conditioning, when people put up drapes for protection from... them, the heat goes under the curtain. Curtains that are touching the floor look to... above the floor. With pets we needed to have plenty of space between the floor and the..."
Design Workshop: Give Me an ‘H’
"medieval floor plan for more privacy and natural light... of the floor plan. I find it fascinating to trace the roots of a particular configuration... for both heat and food preparation; sleeping quarters and functional storage were on... A/C and electricity. The historical downside was heating ...yes. Erick used very... do for heating and cooling costs with the extra surface area exposed to the elements... beautiful, but heating costs plus all the trotting around you would have to do make them seem..."
Mesquite: The Brawny Beauty for All Over the Home
"material for flooring, countertops, furniture and more... summer heat … the mesquite weathers it all, and thrives. The mesquite is the epitome... fences, flooring and furniture. Later, settlers expanded its use for wagon wheels and... water, electricity, or gas. That is a nation-wide problem. This ides of mine relates... planks for floors (for instance) is extremely limited. The mesquite is a really lovely... from the heat. Grass and flowers will grow under mesquites provided they also are drought..."
12 Ways to Warm Up Your Bath
"radiant floor heating and a built-in fireplace. Take a look at some of these big and... under floor heating thing (my only regret about our recent reno) but did install... underfloor heating is my impossible dream... You can get the mats that just lie on top... of the floor and then put rugs on top. I'm putting candles in our bath right now... on the heating unit on a cold morning is almost as nice as warm toes! Within two..."
Design an Easy-Clean Kitchen
"cooking with electricity. An electric oven (self-cleaning) is a necessity, though - that's... don't heat up, except from referred heat from the pot itself, so nothing burns on... fast heat and super easy to keep clean. Also, you are not heating the pot handles... have to heat the disc which in turn heats your pot. So you loose the benefit of instantly... adjusting your heat (up or down) and the record speed of heating up your pot, that induction..."
Pro Chefs Dish on Kitchens: How Marc Vetri Cooks at Home
"from flooring to ceiling lights — and the one element he didn't even think about... a wood floor in my kitchen. Love that the chef used a wood floor in his kitchen too... you are heating the center of the pot and at high you are heating the outside of the... (soft flooring for standing), work-lighting (directional), his blunt answers were... over the heat and temperature for the ENTIRE pan. Most stove tops have ring arrangements..."
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