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Dare to Mix Things Up in the Landscape
"ideal, we employ, knowing or unknowingly, various concepts and techniques, such as rhythm... frequently employ this technique to come up with new culinary masterpieces. Think of sweet..."
We Can Work It Out: Living (and Cleaning) Together
"that's employed on nature documentaries, to avoid startling the wildlife. I was looking... also self employed and spend 24 hours a day together. Strange but true! I can't give... I now employ "Let's go clean the garage or let's go outside and get the back yard... Would employing a cleaner and charge it to his credit card help? Yeessss...... I..."
When You Need Real Housekeeping Help
"stop gap employment and a good experience but I couldn't afford to do this for a living... intend to employ her until I die. She knows my house so well that sometimes she advises... is self-employed as opposed to a cleaning business. What kind of questions should I... a real employer. Have insurance for your home that applies to your 'solo' worker getting... with fair employers.. Oh, one more thing. Please remember to leave a tip at hotels for..."
AIASF Marin Home Tour: The Hillside House
"we have employed solar hot water, radiant floor heating, solar electric by Solar City... Fisher who employs many of the same materials, concrete, beautiful woods and glass. I..."
Have Your Open Kitchen and Close It Off Too
"kitchen but employ some tricks to close it off to hide a mess, or to keep your guests out... closed by employing a door and an up and down stained glass window! Our kitchen is open..."
How to Make Your Painted or Stained House Feel at Home in the Landscape
"designers employ to create that seamless connection.... landscape employ adjacent colors on the wheel, rather than complementary colors, as we... step in employing color (hue) is to understand the basics. The color wheel in its simplest..."
Houzz Tours: Malibu Architectural
"home employing black concrete block, stucco, copper sheathing and mahogany windows... home employing black concrete block, stucco, copper sheathing and mahogany windows..."
Create Drama, Function and Beauty With Luxuriously Draped Fabric
"being employed in other areas of our homes, sometimes in unexpected and delightful... being employed for more decorative reasons. Depending on the exposure, they may..."
Grand Entry Elements: Newel Posts Past and Present
", her employer, purchased the pieces and wanted to turn them into an outdoor chess... Davin employed a similar move, giving the classic pieces a contemporary role with..."
Create Garden Mystery With a Zigzag Path
"designer will employ these shapes to influence moods and to dictate how and how quickly we... garden employed the concept of asymmetrical balance so that it can hold its own against..."
Make Your Garden Come Alive With a Sense of Movement
"garden employs bold and subtle concepts such as rhythm, formal and asymmetrical balance... Japanese have employed this technique for hundreds of years in their Zen gardens. Here finely..."
Kitchen of the Week: Seeking Balance in Virginia
"balance and employ a few design tricks to unify the zones, says interior designer Lauren... while employed at Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath. Parallel track lighting creates..."
Metal Mixology
"designs that employ a strict rule of not mixing metals often fall a bit flat. Whether you..."
Getting the Ralph Lauren Look
"in the employ of one Ralph Lauren. OK, I worked at the outlet store, frantically folding..."
Living George Jetson Style
"being employed in homes today...."
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