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15 Great Ideas for a Lawn-Free Yard
"mostly clay). So glad I did this before our most recent drought in Southern California... IMPACTED CLAY, well, that's what it's called, I call it concrete. We have used the vinager... soil. Clay is not necessarily un-fertile, but you need to work in organic material;... we are expanding it to more like 3500 this year. But no matter how much we produce... grass. Clay soil? I just joined WILD ONES, a national organization, and the local..."
What to Ask Before Choosing a Hardwood Floor
"shrinks, expands, dents, cracks...it lives! Embrace the imperfections. Its the best... with red clay soil, she wanted the color of her floor to blend with the soil and also... issues with expanding/cupping or gaps? Is there a way to avoid that or are we just going... won't expand and contract with the variation in humidity? @reupser and @Chrisinsky:... likely to expand and contract, and less likely to cup or buckle. This makes engineered..."
Concrete Driveways: Poring Over the Pros and Cons
"slope of clay soil? The soil tends to expand and contract a lot with weather, making... materials that expand and contract with the seasonal variations. Consider a combination of... it by expanding it with 4 feet of Travertine stone with a combined walkway right... about clay soil and sloped terrain. We have that exact situation with our driveway... concrete to expand and contract, so it is usually laid in large square slabs to reduce..."
Garden Myths to Debunk as You Dig This Fall and Rest Over Winter
"especially in clay. Well, there are other reasons, too. Re the lawn, it depends on your climate... compacted clay and sandstone. The plants that were chosen, Salvia, Rubus, and Stipa,... room to expand. I'm sure people will find fault with it, but it works for me. A typo... amend the clay soil where we would be planting! So the weekend came and so did the delivery... great, in clay! As well as a new myth debunked- 2 gals that have 70% green thumbs can..."
9 Reasons to Buy a Painting
"mosaics and clay), I buy as much original art as I can afford. Many times, it's just prints... love to expand upon the conversation… 1) Buying a painting supports the artist directly:... important to expand upon this…Hand made products usually involve craftsmanship that reflect... sake of expanded sales. I know no artists who work only to create giclees with the... changed, but EXPANDED and the pieces we loved then, we love now. Our philosophy is simple:..."
My Houzz: An 1874 Cabin Completes a Rustic Oregon Home
"American Clay plaster walls, since I also spent many many hours american claying our... work; the clay plastered walls; the colorful tiles; the handmade furniture pieces; the... wood will expand and contract through the seasons and being able to see pink insulation... tinted the clay using five hues from the American Clay Company — Santa Fe Tan, Colorado... American Clay Company The interior wall of the bathroom had been the cabin's exterior..."
On Show: The Ingenuity of Ancient Architecture
"And the clay earthen plaster walls are from the clay earth here, mixed with sand from... at the clay and "natural product" houses, in true tongue-in-cheek fashion I am only... that expands our often narrow perspective. LOVE this article and all of the comments... sun-dried clay, soil, gravel, maceration liquid and cow manure; the process is similar..."
Water Sense for Big Savings
"sub-soil like clay you may end up with cracks in your house as the soil expands and contracts... and red clay. It does have gutters with down spouts directed away from the structure... washed out clay, right by the basement window. Little wonder there are/were moisture..."
13 Character-Filled Homes Between 1,000 and 1,500 Square Feet
"Houses are expanding just like our waistlines (maybe there is a link). I do like the eclectic... constantly expanding: section 8 housing/free rent, food stamps, free phones, etc. As... pushed and expanded by the Progressives we've elected to office (from both parties).... planning to expand will this be enough? Lindsey Yarbrough, I would say maybe. I think it... piece by Clay Stinnett hangs over a bright red sofa. She displays her vintage thermos..."
10 Things Artists Want You to Know
"also use clay flower pots as my canvas which also sell very well because I actually... Polymer clay and acrylics. Sorry...in my last comment above, second line, meant intimidated... who has expanded from the corporate world to the art world, the business side of art... materials — clay processing and readying, glaze mixing and testing, fixing equipment, ordering... paper or clay canvas," Blake says. "I am searching the inner spiral of what we call..."
Want a More Colorful, Natural Garden? Try a Perennial Meadow
"rock to clay soils (widely available on the west coast to fix that adobe clay!). Never... way to expand because it keeps your palette limited (less is more). In time you can..."
How to Farm Your Parking Strip
"wanted to expand our gardening space without consuming the entire backyard, so we're... which has expanded my yard visually and has beautified the neighborhood. The trees provide... compacted red clay which supports "weeds" and little else. The one area that we have completed..."
Great Design Plant: Northern Bush Honeysuckle, a Bronze Beauty
"afternoon sun. Clay-ey soil. I'd prefer not to water much, if possible. Would it be considered... are now expanding. I dug up a couple of them in June and planted them in my daughter's... honeysuckle to expand. The deer think mine are candy! Love the beautiful little bushes, but..."
Butterfly Gardening: Delight the Eyes With Living Sculptures
"moist clay doing well (full sun). If you're sure the plants are placed right, could... Can you expand on this comment: "A beautiful lawn in a clean, modern landscape, filled... around it, expanding the bed forward to remove more grass. Possibly native Lantana in..."
Pick the Right Plant Pot to Flatter Your Landscape
"cheaply made clay pots bought in the big box stores will disintegrate, but so will improperly... fired to a clay body's vitreous point is just as durable as stone of the same thickness... enough to expand and retract through freezes and thaws, making it appropriate for year-round..."
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