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My Houzz: Color and Heirlooms Combine in a Welcoming Bungalow
"decorate your house." Mark took this as a positive sign, and the couple quickly merged households... (main house); 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, plus 700-square-foot garage apartment... upgrades and colorful charm. Houzz at a Glance Who lives here: Mark and Priscilla Rieves... about this house - the strong color palette, the exterior charm, and the seasonal decorations... people" houses. Bravo. Love the black accents on their new exterior paint job. Really..."
A Great Color Combination: Green Meets Gray
"are some color combinations that are simply not seen very often, and for some reason... the gray color scheme is in the form of plants! Introducing green into a gray interior... modern color palette that can result in a serene and unexpectedly beautiful look.... It is a color mix I'd just love to try in a room myself!... finishing our house in Costa Rica. The house consists of a main building with two smaller... sided house. Anyone have more pictures of exteriors? .....OR suggestions of green..."
Bet on Black and Red for a Winning Combination
"winning combination of black and red.... show’s colors are black and red, a palette you maybe haven’t considered for your home... it. Our house seems to be a cookie cutter house. When we go for walks, the entire... the same colors you can see from the sidewalk. My favourite combination: white, red... loved this color combination, even with grey or teal mixed in (in small doses). Black... accent color I've always loved the combination. Cool stuff! Like such collocation..."
Great Color Combination: Yellow and Green
"using new colors and changing up your space. One interesting color combination for the... Together they combine to bring a sense of natural beauty to our homes. Whole rooms may utilize... choose two colors that form the basis of your decor. This allows you to play with patterns... these colors have the potential to be very bold. They are certainly noticeable whenever... these colors or you may just add them in simple, small ways to alter the mood of..."
Help! What Color Should I Paint My House Exterior?
"choosing exterior paint colors. Help is on the way for three such homeowners, whose... s for exterior paint palettes. But first, three general tips for selecting an attractive... The house needs to be repainted, exterior, and I'm loving the house 2/option 2... is the house located? Love this colour scheme exterior paint colors 50s ranch, brown... paint colors for exteriors. Marie Meko I'm confused about this too... Our house..."
5 Bright Palettes for Front Doors
"of the exterior. And what about the trim? The key to working with bold colors is... vibrant color. Then select supporting hues for the rest of the house that don't try... beautiful color on the front door. Many people have no trouble picking out a fun color... delightfully colorful front doors, along with potential palettes that incorporate a bold... have 4-5 colors showing, depending on the style of the house. House color, roof color..."
Clues to Finding the Right Color for Your House
"rainbow of color options for your home's face? This advice from an architect can help... selecting the colors for your home's exterior. Selecting several possible color options and... g the exterior colors for your home can be daunting. Unlike in the interior, where... like the color or simply tire of it, a new exterior painting project can be quite costly... getting the color you want. Here are some tips for how you can select the best exterior..."
When to Paint Your House Brown
"do home exteriors with a traditional or Craftsman bent... that the color brown became the de facto choice for Prairie and Craftsman houses. Brown... Brown houses that incorporate other colors in the details are the most interesting... find houses painted brown without any relief or variation to be a bit overbearing... other colors could not. Perhaps this is because these styles are celebrations of... the last house in any other colour. And I am one who has painted her house yellow. We..."
How to Research Your Home's History
"what your house looked like in a previous life to make updates that fit — or just for... of your house. What did it look like when it was built? Who lived in it? What changes... your house has been, the easier it will be to move forward. But where on earth do you... perfect colors or seeking the right newel post, the more you know about where your... painting the exterior this summer we discovered that the original exterior trim was royal..."
How To Get Your Exterior Paint Color Right
"Your House Color Should Fit You, Your Architecture and Where You Live... consider the colors of the homes around you; 2) Select an exterior paint color that is different... about the color or color combination that appeals to you? Do you find that you are drawn... prefect exterior palette will go a long way to making it a place you can be proud to... d and exteriors here on Houzz. I bet when you view the homes as a group you will..."
Favorite Color Combinations: Gray and Yellow
"white color palette, pairing gray with an electric color can enliven a space and... other colors to pair with it. While a safe and elegant choice is to keep everything... the same color palette. This is probably my favorite color combination. I love adding... at this color combination since last winter when I was finishing up a remodel and found... other colors do you like? Yellow and gray is one of my favourite combinations. Anything..."
Unique Color Combinations: Pink and Yellow
"those color choices throughout a whole house although doing that tends to be tough... me. One color combination that a lot of people stay away from is pink and yellow. They... it's a combination that can work elsewhere is well. One trick to making this work... other colors are in the room. It's possible to use these colors in a room with other bold... very bold colors and using them as the basis of my design choices in a room. I admire..."
Favorite Color Combinations: Celery and Chocolate
"brown combination but want to give the popular combo an update? Think celery and... While the combination would make for a pretty unappetizing snack, it's a scrumptious... color pairing. Using these colors sparingly with lighter colors like white, cream... light colors and the celery and chocolate accent colors in each of these rooms; it's... Wonderful color combination ~ it's very natural and soothing.... I've used this color..."
Favorite Color Combinations: Turquoise and Red
"bright color pairing in your accessories and design... consider combining turquoise and red. The two colors are almost opposites (green and... opposite colors; blue and orange are opposite colors). The result is that the contrast... pair of colors to your home.... favorite color combination - such happy colors together! susanebrown, that is a beautiful... love this color combination! I have had this photo from DHome Magazine for a while and..."
A Great Color Combination: Gold Meets Gray
"striking color combinations to be seen in interiors is the rich combination of gold... paint colors, wallpaper, wood and stone.... in my house;-) I think I just found my color scheme! I love both colors but wasn't... and Gold color combination is one of my favorites. I decorate many of my client's homes... and gray combination and now want to redo some of my rooms, thanks for the inspiration... oput when combined That kitchen in the sixth picture is awesome! Love the gold tones..."
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