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Architecture and the Art of the Wall
"artistic walls through texture, greenery, color and pattern.... concrete walls and brick walls. However, dust falls from the brick walls since it has... brick wall so dust does not fall from the brick wall? Thanks Here's an example from... solid walls for privacy We found the first 3 photos as walls in Scottsdale, AZ.... front wall is that the low window (partially covered by a plant, third picture down... solid wall of concrete privacy's sake facing the front and it can still be welcoming..."
Give Me a Wall, a Roof, or a House of Glass
"amount of light that my house usually allows, and suddenly I found myself collecting... glass walls. It sparked the idea for an ideabook titled Life in a Glass House, and... but the walls (except those to the north) are all glass, floor to ceiling. I especially... south wall will be 35% glass, but configured in a way that will allow me to have... addiction to light. A courtyard (snow globe in winter) has always been a fantasy room for..."
Wood Slats in Design: Repetition, Scale and Light
"used as walls, the parallel and spaced pieces of wood allow light and air to often... these walls a small, not to mention delicate, scale. The following examples give... from the exterior. I'd recommend asking the question to one of the professionals that... If your exterior is old cedar siding.. Just paint it a dark grey or black with backing... as the wall behind is in good shape I don't see why you can't install them over existing..."
Great Compositions: The Language of Walls
"well-designed wall can do much more than enclose a space... language of a wall? A wall can tell a story about the nature of the space it bounds. In the... House, the wall is additive: a layering of wood frames and sliding screens. In the ancient... castle, the wall was thick and battered: a stone fortress for protection and permanence... garden, a wall is an allée of trees or a clipped hedgerow. The houses here speak a language..."
Outdoor Lighting to Make Your Home and Landscape Glow
"night with exterior lights for pathways, pools, trees and, of course, the front door... uplighting. Lighting can be as minimal and inexpensive as a few solar lights from a home... a few lights to your garden or backyard patio, or even spice up a few trees with... bit of light can go a long way in the dark. Take a peek into a few homes at night... little light. Where could you add a little glow to your home at night?..."
9 Outdoor Lighting Schemes That Get Universal Design Right
"welcome with exterior lighting that offers visual cues and clearly defines paths... Exterior lighting is just as important as an interior lighting design. Universally... designed exterior lighting ensures a smooth transition between indoors and out when... Well-executed exterior lighting design also makes all the difference in transforming your... The lighting options here will make your outdoor spaces safer for everyone, from..."
See Light Play in 14 Homes From Paris to Texas
"let the light dance or their opaque windows diffuse it, these homes are beacons of... on the walls and ceilings inside. Sometimes the added ingredient may simply be sunlight... Change the lighting condition, and our attention may focus on something projected in the... pe of light. From shading devices such as slatted blinds and movable screens, to... interplay of light and shadow cast into the house! I guess I feel like defined windows and..."
Modern Roof Features for Light, Rhythm and Interest
"Light monitors, clerestories and dormers are means of bringing light high into rooms;... from an exterior wall, I’m interested in what they can do on the outside of a house... g the light that comes from other windows. While these elements are especially good... utilize light monitors, clerestories and dormers, one effect I’m drawn to is the repetition... the light coming in is indirect rather than direct light, which would have overheated..."
Dark Exterior, Light Interior: 6 Homes That Celebrate Contrast
"homes light a spark of curiosity... between the exteriors (dark) and interiors (light).... with dark exteriors lately. Some have been made with the shou-sugi-ban technique, which... a dark exterior. Others resemble stealth aircraft, removing detail in favor of an... coal-gray exteriors have an undeniable wow factor and help make any colors incorporated... black exteriors isn't necessarily their form, which I equate with suspenseful movies..."
Fantastical Landscape Lighting to Kindle a Fanciful Air
"landscape lighting. Once you've mastered the basics of outdoor lighting, you're ready... everyday lighting, some dramatic and inexpensive DIY light "art" that looks like a million... range of lighting options now available, the sky's the limit when it comes to landscape... landscape lighting magnum opus. The pleasures of the night garden await.... landscape light, made by the very talented folks at Attraction Lights, I believe Love..."
The 3 Top Ways to Light Up Your Landscape
"you're lighting a small side garden or a wide swath of yard, you'll be in the dark... landscape lighting. We call them the three S's: safety, security and sexy. Safety lighting... lighting keeps you from breaking your neck (watch out for that step!), security lighting... lighting discourages thieves and the Boogie Man (by illuminating dark corners), and... and sexy lighting provides, well, sexiness. Mood. Ambience. Flavor. Spice. The first..."
A Single-Wall Kitchen May Be the Single Best Choice
"kitchen walls just getting in the way? See how these one-wall kitchens boost efficiency... on one wall. The efficiency of single-wall kitchens happens through the spacing... single-wall kitchens, where the three elements of the semisacred work triangle —... single-wall kitchen relates to the rest of the house, particularly the adjacent dining... single wall kitchen spread out on two walls http://www.houzz.com/discussions/4776..."
Night and Day Differences in Exteriors
"these exteriors show themselves in the best possible light... the day exterior materials make their presence known, walls are canvases for shadows... background and walls frame the illuminated windows where the interior spills out. Of course... considering lighting when undertaking a project, but it's also good to think of the house... nation. En[light]ening. Great article! When photographing the exterior of houses it is..."
Guest Picks: 20 Timeless Exterior Lighting Ideas
"outdoor lights work with almost any style... home with exterior lighting is important. Some of the fixtures below were used in the... size of exterior front wall lights. Would like ambient lighting or down lights so the... timeless exterior lights out of copper. My website www.gaslanernsandlights.com has... the light doesn't shine into the bedroom above but provide security and lighting... com/www/Custom-lighting-products.php to find a whole bunch of creative, classic and even..."
Open Walls Widen Home Possibilities
"open walls add space, light and drama to a home... an open wall with a door made of glass. It opens to a deck and a pool and some sort... Open walls are the ultimate embodiment of indoor-outdoor living, blurring the lines... Moroccan lights. I'm very happy with Mosquito curtain. Nana wall is tricky. The in... a full-wall sliding door. Bringing the outdoors in actually inspired our staging of... would have walls of windows all over. Love the meshing of indoor-outdoor spaces. Love..."
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