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New Ways to Think About All That Mulch in the Garden
"learn the facts about what your plants and soil really want... think about staggering those plants? How about a more curved bed? Maybe that miscanthus... talking about it now, like I’m some sort of landscape backseat driving jerk for even... to you about why wood mulch can be both great and, well, not very great at all — and... (that’s our soil). Eventually she put in a row of three evenly spaced barberry shrubs,..."
Busted! Get the Facts for 8 Common Color Myths
"one's shy about sharing — whether trying to convince you that a red kitchen will increase... think about this. I totally get what you're saying about small houses and the ability... and You about a wonderful selection of photographs. Marie Meko Particularly good article... articles about choosing paint colors? There are a number of your readers who do not... suggestion about rather than using different colors from room to room to layer colors..."
10 Things to Know About Prefab Homes
"need-to-know facts about prefabs will get you up to speed.... usually about 6 months (from excavation to landscape). Of that we're typically spending... wondered about them, know a contractor who's building a huge modular in the next county... took only about 3 weeks to be built in the factory. The most time consuming part was... foundation about 2' tall was mapped on the lot by the local builder. Water, gas, electric..."
What a Landscape Architect Wants You to Know About What They Do
"misconceptions about exactly what landscape architects do. Learn what they are all about in... myths about the profession, here is a breakdown of things to know about landscape... myths about what we really do — how we work, what qualifications we have and what... think about and is aware of. Most purchases are made on emotion, not fact, so we... hidden the fact they were not integrated into the soil, and that the soil was not even..."
What You Need to Know About Dust and How to Fight It
"We hear about dust mites all the time, but because we can’t see them, most of us don’t... $3,732. About three months ago, I bought a Roomba and can't say enough about it. My... thought about vacuuming the bed or the fact the my dog is doing more than shedding... worrying about dust mites. We have an immune system for a reason folks - in fact research... and on about health and medical facts, but I'll end here saying that you can believe..."
What's LEED All About, Anyway?
"Learn about the program and its rating system here... questions about certification are likely going to be, "What's in it for me? and "How... information about the true cost. I did not say anything about it being a waste of time... Your facts? Not so much. What do you want? I never said anything about my posts... great about LEED is that it's a much more integrated approach to the environmental... LEED All About, Anyway? Sorry to say but it is primarily a yuppie marketing tool. I..."
Insulation Basics: What to Know About Spray Foam
"to hear about some people having health issues but this can also be said about the... people about how wonderful a chemical is unless you know all the facts. Click all... curious about the possible health issues from any chemicals....I already have enough... agent about your Pollution liability coverage, off-gas coverage, installer/contractor... carefully about air sealing your home especially your OLD HOME! There could be numerous..."
Everything I Need to Know About Decorating I Learned from Downton Abbey
"written about a dozen articles about Downton Abbey - here's my latest: http://the... -Food-facts.html Although we are getting closer to the time of electric refrigeration... to be about decorating, but it was so much better than that. :) There is apparently... thinking about it, all tour tickets for the entire season sold out! Love the interior... on PBS about the real castle and its history. Includes the Highclere earl of the..."
Stay Cool About Picking the Right Refrigerator
"think about refrigerators, much less obsess about them, until we're faced with dropping... w/questions about refrigerator energy efficiency. Things I learned while refrigerator hunting:... with you about the quality of parts. My last new fridge from Sears had USED parts in... 1. How about the counter depth, taller units like Liebherr? 2. The current bottom... What about antique models like the Northstar, Klondike case, and Smeg? Very pretty..."
Guessing Game: What Might Our Bedrooms Say About Us?
"is less about what we want to tell the world about ourselves and more about what we... ourselves about ourselves. But I still contend that you can tell a lot about someone's... Rooms Say About Us? that we thought we'd take the idea to the bedroom. The bedroom... is less about what we want to tell the world about ourselves and more about what we... you get about "living in Utah..."? The Utah guess comes mostly from the fact that Utah..."
Guest Picks: Beautiful Things You Can Feel Good About Buying
"of just about anything are plentiful. Here are 20 responsibly produced products that... feel good about themselves. The truth is that most agricultural products are simply... I paid about $50 for a queen set. One of the other highest concentration of chemicals... feel good about myself. I grow most of my own organic food. But by not using pesticides... educated about the food I eat and I am grateful for that. Unfortunately a lot of..."
Construction Contracts: What to Know About Estimates vs. Bids
"asking about cost is not just defining what the work will be but also knowing what... questions about our percentage and about the invoices even after a very clear contract... are all about managing risk, and who takes the greater risk! For example, in a fixed... I can about the project, and I'm really specific in my scope of work. If you want... Talk about the tile pattern you want-I will often buy the tile myself, after I show..."
Guest Picks: 20 Finds to Cluck About
"known fact. The ordinance was passed only after having to write a letter to the... reading about them and checking out nice chicken coops and runs. It seems these are... a post about my grandparent's chickens http://whatnotgems.blogspot.com/2014/08/by... com/tractors.html All of the photo's are lovely, but no chook poop in sight, sorry to be... q-gaq.html Thank you for the idea. Gypsyonthehill, check your email. ;) Seawright..."
4 Things a Hurricane Teaches You About Good Design
"learned about the Bauhaus movement where they emphasized forms follows function. This... was the fact that you live in an apartment smushed in between others in Queens. I wonder... tell me about he glass. Hurricane proof to ??mph winds force. I was wondering as you... concerned about the glass breaking. You didn't mention it at all. Well, I am so relieved... re is about. It's just what we need these days. First off -- I zoomed quickly down..."
Aim High: What to Know About Adding a Library Ladder
"to know about cost, structural support and style.... didn't know about the ladders that could be stowed flush to their access points. I look... article about different ladder options. Having just installed one myself, I do disagree... It took about 3 weeks from start to finish and I really like the final outcome. Since... estate, how about a ladder that hinges up to the ceiling when not in use? No idea how you... o-buy.html. Good luck! Ladders are one of the coolest decorating objects out there..."
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