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Raise Backyard Chickens Without Ruffling Neighbors' Feathers
"temporarily house eight hens. The chicken war between the urban farmers and longtime residents... peace. She houses her chickens in a far corner lot on her property where neighbors can't... seen 1 house that has chickens. And even if Oakland allows people to keep chickens... giant farm. The neighbors actually love the sound of the rooster (probably because... crack houses...! "Homemade" eggs have twice the nutrients and half the cholesteral..."
Turn a Favorite Piece of Furniture Into a Vanity
"Sideboard, Farm Table, Vintage Chest or Desk... build the house. stacey, what a bargain for that beautiful piece. I had my builder... of our houses and re-purposed it into the master bath vanity. You can see more of... scale farm table a pretty color for added interest. An antique sideboard is topped... An old farm table can be a unique vanity when topped with contemporary vessel sinks..."
A Whole Different Animal
"of the farm into your own modern homestead... term "farm animal" in interior design, you might associate it with a country theme... if your house won't sell because of the moo tub. I would giggle every time I took a... of the farm into your own modern homestead by using cool barn lighting. The first... add a farm animal as a reminder of where our food comes from. You don't need to bring..."
Rustic Roundup: 5 Barn or Barn-Inspired Homes
"recall a farm — and the interpretations range from literal to far afield... the barn house in California. The Normandy cottage's interior is a bore. Great collection... former farm, and the property next door is still farmed, so a barnlike style was a... of this house 4. GeorgiaThis is my favorite house in my neighborhood (Virginia-Highland... of this house 2. New JerseyThis unique home, designed by Sandvold Blanda Architecture..."
14 To-Dos to Make the Most of Summer
"of my house. Every year, we keep doing projects so I should document the changes... your house. Years from now, whether you still live in your home or have moved on... of your house 2. Set the stage for a staycation. A few days off at home in summer can... garden or a farm stand — get enough to put some by for later. Canning is a popular choice..."
10 Expert Tips for Growing Edibles in Containers
"of your house. But where to start? San Francisco Bay Area gardening consultant and... of the house. Any ideas to avoid that blight? Steve, so much helpful information here... called FarmDaddy makes an ingenious grow box that you simply hook a hose up to and... sound of Farm Daddy...until I checked the cost. On Amazon, they're $100 each. I wouldn't... at her house. We would both benefit from the produce, eh? :) I just have to give..."
Houzz Call: Tell Us About Your Dream House
"dream house. What does it look like? Share your thoughts in the Comments below, and... dream house. It is a old farm house surrounded by farmland in Northern California... dream house would be a 2500 square foot, somewhat modern style log house, because... Japanese farm house. It's bright, clean, sleek and uncluttered, yet filled with warming... that house would be better than a dream-it'd be a vision! My dream house isn't fancy..."
House-Hunting Help: If You Could Pick Your Home Style ...
"for a house to buy or rent, how much does house style play into your decision-making... of main house styles can help you search smarter, and help you find a home that works... certain house style — just think of the "painted lady" Victorians in the Haight-Ashbury... have a house style in mind, take a drive around your area to see if there is a ne... common house styles in the United States to see if one of them is right for you...."
Hello, Honey: Beekeeping Anywhere for Fun, Food and Good Deeds
"small farm in Oklahoma, where I found 3 bee boxes under the house. Apparently my... urban house with one section of flat roof. I would put a beehive there but don't... being on a farm with lots of opportunity for growing suitable flowers, I'm keen to give... Most farms I remember with beehives had them in a fenced yard, much like a chicken... our new farm in the small city of Scottsburg, IN. I'm so glad to see an article like..."
Roots of Style: Your Home May Have a Renaissance Classical Past
"in your house's mix, you might have the 15th century to thank... vernacular farm house in Southern NJ. It is one of four remaining farm houses constructed... dream! My house is a shabby 1913 Dutch Colonial Revival sans the original roofline.... The house was flooded twice from roof failure is what the real estate agent told... love old houses myself and consider it a labor from love. My Dutch is asymmetrical... The houses pictured here are sigh inducing. Ideabooks for tips on fixing and..."
How to Harvest Rainwater for Your Garden
"many non-farming wells went dry due to high farming use during our drought. Mine is... beside the house) and gravity-feed the water from the tank into the house. This gives... build houses! Most people working on housing (architects, builders, even the craftsmen)... under house, also underground, even under driveway tanks that can be driven on. Besides... to the house should not be an issue, in Australia the standard method is to divert..."
Easy Green: Modern Homesteaders Stake a Claim
"relegated to a farm way out in the boonies, modern homesteaders are just as likely to be found... of the farm home without all the hassle.... their house at night. The house is completely lined with 1/2" hardware cloth to... suburban farm with Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, chickens & soon rabbits. It requires... large farm where the animals & chores came first. My day starts early feeding,watering... trustworthy farm sitter for weekends occasionally or vacations. It is rewarding to have..."
Grow a Beautiful Garden With Ecofriendly Greywater
"planning a house in NM and nothing would kill the xeriscape plants faster than getting... most houses had the kitchen sink pipe to open into the garden. We attached a hose... our bay house. It seems from this article that we can just install a drain (it currently... between houses but I left big cities so I could live more sanely so , lucky me , I... bought the house in this small town, it already had one -- a tank that collected water..."
Unexpected Edible Gardens
"on the house - a fixer-upper - last June), and various herbs in the front garden.... of the house, we have peas, kale, and chilis at the moment, as the peas and kale die... if your house pre-dates lead-paint, have your soil tested. I remember reading that... into the house as they look very ornamental and add a pop of color. We have no kids... in the house are no problem. Great post with simple ideas that have huge possibilities..."
14 Crazy Places to Grow Edibles
"community farming really worked for me. Must try this in our neighbourhood. I love all... not show houses by professionals with big budgets, but well-loved spaces where practical... around my house seem to hate the smell and stay away. Hope it works for you too. Being... paint your house certain colors--but you were allowed to have LIGHT UP TOILET SHRINES... taking farming to the streets. 7. Off a wall. Another way of growing vertically? Metal..."
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