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8 Steps to a Winning Filing System
"digital files for easy use and maintenance, it's an organizational triumph... streamlined filing system that works well for you is easy to maintain in seconds each day... effective filing system that leaves no item unsorted.... digital files in order. The eight steps that follow will lead you from paper disaster... same home filing system for more than a decade to organize our family's files. It organizes... labels for files because of the system mentioned above but I use it for everything else..."
You Can Kick That Ugly Filing Cabinet to the Curb
"an ugly filing cabinet, the whole room tends to sag in disappointment. But it needn’t... eyesore, a filing cabinet can both fade into the background and be a valuable home office... standard gray filing cabinet Bissell sells a nice shallow file cabinet that I have in a... (2-drawer) filing cabinets and placing a counter on top. Gives you TONS of filing space... yellow filing cabinets with the book shelves. That system would hold all my books..."
Guest Picks: File with Style
"office files use a little organization? Mine could too. And what a great project to... functional filing cabinets, you may want to consider baskets and bins on shelving and... boxes and file folders help make the chore so much more fun. — Mary Ann from classic... designer file folders since they all will be piled tight together. I know, but when... patterned file folders?' Trace around a folder on the back of those maps or views of..."
Tote Your Tunes to Any Room With a Portable Wi-Fi Sound System
"stereo systems that played 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records and FM radio, rather than the... music files downloaded from Internet sources. Music lovers buy tracks or albums... great system. It's more like having a total home sound system than your standard... stereo systems do not play 33 1/2 inch records! LPs are 12 inch and run at 33 1/3... audio system that you like and want to experiment with internet radio and music on..."
Want to Streamline Your Life? Get a System
"household systems may seem cold and impersonal, but by streamlining life’s boring essentials... physical systems you can establish to make your day-to-day tasks much less stressful... of your system. Is it like using Quickbook accounting? I think your system is more... foregone filing cabinets with these portable files from the Container Store. Easy to... clear files. And how the blue files coordinate with the boxes and the jars and how..."
Geek Lab: How to Build a Steampunk Cat Transit System
"walkway system that lets him go his own way... Transit System (CTS) for a private residence in San Francisco. The homeowners spend... transport system -- and what a cool name for it! While I'm a dog person, I'm a fan of... transit system! If you like this ideabook you should read Jackson Galaxy's book "C... Great cat system with a lot of input from people who think about their cats. I love... building systems for mine and find wandering through Lowes or Home Depot gives me a..."
Get Organized: Are You a Piler or a Filer?
"piler if file cabinets leave you cringing... attempting to file things in numerous accordian files and file boxes, even file cabinets... I hate filing. If a filing system is remotely beginning to fill, it becomes a painstaking... love my filing system but I like this labeled basket system for keeping my piles a... rebuild my filing system about every two years. I even developed a rolling file, so as... that's a filing system which runs vertically in stacks ("piles") instead of horizontally..."
Got a Disastrously Messy Area? Try Triage
"with a system designed especially for disasters: triage.... have a filing system, I have a few too many books, and I need to do a major clothing... and her system works!! I laughed at the comment, "we live between perfection and squalor"... got the system without the stuff that some people find objectionable about FlyLady... are the systems that make the triage possible. Everyone in an emergency room knows... the same system, for almost every imaginable procedure. But in the world of "messies"..."
Best Storage Secrets for Clothes
"fold, file and hang your way to beautifully stored clothes using what you have... sized file folders along the fold line. Then I folded the two pieces into thirds... plastic file folders from an office supply store. That way, I can make them different... Pliio system today. It looks beautiful. Works great on thin fabrics. Any ideas... Pliio system. It is launching at select Bed, Bath and Beyond (and online) in July..."
Guest Picks: Household Basics That Don't Do Boring
"openers, filing cabinets, key holders and more the same way again... Love the filing cabinets! Where did you find them? Never mind I figured it out :) Love... on the file cabinet!! 995.?? Craigslist...people give those away glad for someone... metal and filing cabinets are constantly free or cheap on Craigslist. Even contact paper... charging systems, sigh. So far I haven't found anything sleek enough to make me open..."
Guest Picks: Fabulously Decorative Storage
"boxes, files and furniture pieces store all kinds of necessities and make your home... storage system I've seen that is designed to incorporate the box, not just the shoes... This system is a great way to fill an awkwardly empty, narrow space while hiding... metal filing cabinet usually elicits a shudder from me, but things can change with... keep your files organized, and your office will instantly feel less drab. Despite loving..."
Avoid the Great Paper Pileup
"paperless system. These easy tips will keep your home office lanes clear... simple systems for easy access later. This means: *Establishing an active filing... encrypt the files before you upload them. I just found out that composting my shredded... encrypt files before using iCloud, an d how do you retrieve? A friend of mine shreds... means filing, paying, shredding, etc at one sitting. Nothing to come back to. The..."
Anatomy of a Family-Size Mess
"organizational systems will work — then let yourself experiment... organizational system WILL fail. Usually I go through more than one system before. I have... cardboard file folders. One is marked "pay" the second is marked "file" and I need a... payed, the files get filed, and the recycle gets taken to the curb. I am here to say that... need for systems. Systems are organizational strategies, the nuts and bolts of 'A place..."
Your Back-to-School Game Plan
"a few systems now for an easy and organized routine when school starts... g our system at home. Don't forget about a folder for the notes you hide in the... a few systems in place to have your children coming and going with ease. Now of course... organizational systems doesn’t have to break the bank. And don’t get hung up on finding the... was the system I had for papers at our old house, because I couldn’t handle a filing..."
Houzz Interview: Brenda's Cozy Little House in Texas
"into a file system. I have an old potting bench I bought at a consignment shop that... rack as a filing system! Entirely too cute! Brenda, I could be more excited if this... dishrack filing system, what a creative way to recycle and organize all at once boy... dishrack/file system is the coolest thing!!! Thanks for some really good ideas!! I'm... & even files and pencils!). Glorious. Such a warm, inviting place to live!! You..."
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