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Spring Patio Fix-Ups: Install an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit
"adding an outdoor fireplace to your yard? Here are 10 key things to consider so you... impossible to find components for an on-site built natural gas fire pit that are UL approved... here is an additional design element.. An outdoor tile mural or mosaic mural . I... about installing an outdoor fire pit in your backyard for several reasons. Check... contemplating an outdoor fire pit or fireplace: local ordinances. We are having a problem..."
How to Install a Toilet in an Hour
"way to install a toilet. He was gracious enough to let me photograph him while he... he installed a toilet recently, and he shared a few secrets that can make the job a... actually installing one. Hello I did not install this tile, but we are doing a job now... toilets installed, I would never settle for just an ordinary toilet again. Once you've... post on installing a wall-hung toilet, please? on a tile floor which is bound to cause..."
An Irish Island Gets a Most Meaningful Installation
""shape an international architecture informed by ecology and mythology that restores... D.C. — an unlikely place for Price's ambitions, but one that has enabled him to direct... number of installations built around the world, from California and British Columbia... ating an organic, beautiful and mystical place. Hoping to see this in person some... stop on an island with no buses.... terminus of an imaginary axis. What is the significance of that distant place? Is there..."
Quick Fix: Find Wall Studs Without an Expensive Stud Finder
"how to find hidden wall studs with this ridiculously easy trick... develop an ugly hole or even come down in thick sheets. For Philip Tiffin of 522 Industries... comes to installing his intricately designed steel railings and staircases. Although... If you find one you can generally use a tape measure and drill and find the rest.... screws installed in it. The magnet should be able to detect the nails/screws through..."
My Houzz: An Opposite-Tastes Couple Finds a Happy Medium
"fixtures and an open floor plan. She likes to incorporate her grandmother’s antiques and... bath, installing light fixtures and dimmers, and hanging art. "I stayed away from... You've done an amazing job pulling it all together. It looks so lovely and comfortable... don't find this house to have many real antiques, in the strict sense of the word... functional! Find them on Amazon....not $$. This article is a good example of how professional..."
My Houzz: An 1887 Duplex Finds the Sun
"when we installed a range hood, we found a wooden gate in the wall, still with hinges... renovation and an appreciation for her achievement. "Every day I pinch myself to have the... with an assortment of cushions that cry out for replacement, or at the very least... do with an aesthetic refresher - billowing curtains aside. And, I'm sorry, for I too... struggle with an assortment of scarves I like to have at hand, but that mirror-scarves combo..."
How to Install a Tile Backsplash
"easy-to-find supplies and patience, you can install a tile backsplash in a kitchen... penetration. Installers often apply sealer prior to installation to make it easier to clean... Here's an alternative if you are renting or don't want to invest the time and expense... MoRockAnSoul collection. The wallcovering can just as easily be removed, rolled... working in an older home or also a builders grade house don"t assume that counter top..."
Ready to Install a Chandelier? Here's How to Get It Done
"space in an open plan with a light fixture that’s a star... “ah"s as an elegant chandelier. Whether it’s gracefully adorning your dining room, making... serving as an elegant addition to your reading nook, a chandelier will add drama instantly... you must install an appropriate support system." Whadya mean by "you" and "appropriate"... addition to installation instructions. WARNING! Not all assembly instructions and in..."
How to Install Energy-Efficient Windows
""How to install" article, this is a "how to find an installer" article. My Dad called... forget to install a good flashing as well. If your installer says that foam is enough... incorrect installation of one or more components (incorrectly installed flashing and/or... changes for an ROI ... and quite frankly who puts an ROI on their granite counter-top?... properly installed. The Pella guy came out and said the windows were fine, they just..."
How to Install a Wood Fence
"Michigan to find out how to install one right.... be both an accent and a solution to needs for containment and privacy. A wood fence... yard, and an achievable DIY project. I talked with Bridget Lowing of Fence Consultants... about to install a fence - probably professionally and probably PVC or the bamboo faux... process of installing the fence. 1. Run a builders (string) line along the run to ensure... push over an I achieved fence quite easily esp in soft dry or wet ground. 2. Pressure..."
Install Your Kitchen Sink for How You Like to Cook and Clean
"easily install them yourself in an affordable laminate countertop. Undermount and... kind of installation to do. There are four basic categories of sink mounting types:... sinks are installed on top of or over the countertop. *Integral sinks are made from the... professional installation and can only be mounted to a sturdy and non-porous countertop... was not an issue in the corner of an L-shaped layout. In my last house the previous..."
Should You Install a Urinal at Home?
"it ever an issue. I can see a urinal in a situation where mobility becomes an issue... worked in an elementary school that installed waterless urinals. By 10 am you could smell... urinal installed as well as a toilet in the main bathroom when she and her husband... grab bar installed above the urinal as well for safety. In the photo above the towel... planned for an aging father or husband. JW Ok, that's the best excuse I've ever hear for..."
How to Install a Dimmer Switch
"when I installed a new light fixture with an existing dimmer switch. I discovered... calling in an electrician for such a simple matter. Another piece of advice...don't overdo... dimmers! An area you treat as task-only, with the right wattage fixtures and bulbs,... up). an inadequately rated dimmer can be a serious hazard. on a side note, not... want to install LED downlights you need to be sure you buy ones that can be dimmed..."
DIY: How to Install a Door
"Installing a door used to be a very challenging project, attempted by only the most... casing is installed and in most cases the doorknob hole has already been drilled. Essentially... the door installation for you. If you follow these steps, a homeowner who's good with... gun) can install a new door in less time than you'd think. Time: Around 2 hours for... overall if installed properly. also note to all the split jam installers, make sure to..."
How to Install a Green Roof
"insights on installing living roofs, from both a designer’s and a homeowner’s point of... might find trays that you would recommend? We live in North Vancouver, building a... landscapers installed drainage, they waterproofed the top, put a funny squishy membrane... could just find a way to include in my budget what we'd really like to do with our new... Bay Area an have a 1150 sqft flat roof / low pitch house. Can anybody recommend a green..."
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