141 fish pond Stories

Build a Backyard Fish Pond Without Going Belly Up
"outdoor fish paradise of your own, for less than you might think. But you'll need this... incorporate a fish pond. So I wondered: What does it take to put a fish pond in a backyard... shimmering koi ponds almost everywhere I stepped. Glimmering white, orange and black fish... dozens of fish ponds in every shape and size, all the way up to a lavish $40,000 koi... backyard fish pond for about $2,500. Here’s what you'll need to consider...."
Designing Nemo: 30 Fish Tanks Make a Decorative Splash
"for the fish and plants. (A maintenance-cost estimate for a koi pond he’s designing... single beta fish. I’m talking about a large, teeming saltwater tank stocked with exotic... colored fish and coral. The aversion to the upkeep on this scale is understandable... large fish tank, an important consideration is the monthly maintenance cost. He designed... tropical fish with your home’s decor — and vice versa...."
The Fantasy of Fish in Decorating a Home
"about fish. Instead, we think of bolder options such as leopard prints. However,... fish are a terrific decor choice for the home. They are colorful which adds a unique... home. Fish can be used in both bold and subtle ways in your home design. An impressive... with live fish or a stunning sea-inspired mural would dominate a space. A trophy fish... drawing of a fish would simply accent whatever else is happening in the room. This flexibility..."
Vintage Fishing Floats Bring a Little Mystery Indoors
"Fishing floats, those shimmering balls and cylinders that traditionally were used... which fishing floats are used throughout these interiors, and embark on a little... tuna fishing boat off Mexican Pacific Coast in late 40's. One very large, one small... colors for fishing floats used in decorating, but you can find them in a rainbow of different... vintage fishing floats at antiques shops and through online auction sites such as eBay..."
Houzz Tour: Rustic Cabin With Dive-In Pond
"including a pond that serves as a geothermal mass for heat. "The house was built with nature... do. The pond is just awesome! I LOVE this place! being able to dive in for a swim... my days fishing on that lake. A very successful design. Looks authentic, not Disney-kitsch... skiing and fishing. A large part of the construction is this man-made pond, which is part... of four ponds on the property. Its 20-foot depth means it can serve as a geothermal..."
Why Is There a Bathtub in the Backyard?
"into a fish pond if it didn't hold water. We fill it with the garden hose, let the... planter or fish pond though, of course that would attract too many mosquitos though..... weighted with fishing sinkers for privacy, ran hoses with clamps to the trough and this became... caught fishing that afternoon which made a tasty soup with our homegrown peas, carrots... put a pond liner in it but then what happens when the water trys to fill up between..."
See a Deluxe 'Catio' Built for Feline Fun
"and a fish pond! As for the person wondering about some of our desert creatures... in the pond after eating all the fish. And some cats would be up and over the wire... watch fish, and just hang out! Very cool. We used the Solo Pet Door for many years... small fishing village in Sardinia live many cats at the edge of the port where there... the tiny fish that venture in and eat them alive. This is clearly out of an instinct..."
Koi Find Friendly Shores in Any Garden Style
"A pond full of colorful koi can be a delightful addition to just about any landscape... Koi ponds are almost a staple of certain landscapes, particularly Asian- or trop... well koi ponds will fit into other gardens, from traditional to rustic.... barrel "pond" the "pond fish" they sell there--surely some sort of gold fish or carp--add... populate with fish. Do not over feed the fish. Keep a look out for sick fish and introduce..."
Explore a Magical Restored English Garden
"with the pond that spans both outdoor rooms. Lovely idea and, as you say, could be... interesting fish-scale glass tiles copied from some found at Heligan Gardens in Cornwall... arches to a pond based on the shape of a Queen Anne mirror, where shoals of gold and black... Queen Anne pond. The garden was created from two gardens, as the house was the result..."
Natural Swimming Pools: More Beauty, No Chemicals
"natural ponds; others may be disguised as standard tiled pools. Whatever look you... larger pond. The center of my little pond is clear of plants and froggy habitat,... of my fish. I also throw a large net over the pond in late fall to catch the leaves... a pool pond, but a pond on paper. I would add a good UV sterilizing light into the... on the pond lights at night you can see them attacking the fish, that would mean no..."
My Houzz: Rustic Charm in a Handsome Log Cabin
"hunt and fish." Cliff is a general contractor, and together the Wheelers sell and build... Baker Pond Log Works, after they decided to build their own log cabin. "It was after... stock pond, where kids would come to ice skate. "I remember coming out here with..."
10 Ways Your Christmas Tree Can Live On After the Holidays
"added to ponds for fish bedding. Also, one of our local big cat refuge sites shares... them into fish ponds or use them for mulch unless you know they are safe in the particular... into a pond for fish habitat, but after reading one reader's comments about the resin... resevoirs and fish lay their eggs, the trees are staked down to areas that are too shallow... More fish survive, erosion is minimized and even the amount of silt in the water..."
4 Good Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitos in Your Yard
"eating fish in fish ponds. Hold a neighborhood meeting to get your neighbors to... Dragonflies, fish, and wasps all eat mosquitoes. In addition to this, we use a bacteria... toxic to fish and bees. Thanks to all of you that have mentioned other, more benign... marshes, or ponds, only on the sides of containers. @Cindy I bought some brown, old lemongrass... ditches, our pond and other obvious water collection areas. This has been the best year..."
8 Backyard Ideas to Delight Your Dog
"considered fish ponds as a fertilizing source of water for the garden? There is gent... Around the pond, through the copse, under and behind the hedges.... sniffle, sniffle... wildlife pond or rainwater that has collected in plantpots, buckets and what not than... are NO fish or be prepared for a trip to the vet for giardia!! Been there, done that... plastic gold fish... with SHARK FINS ;D After an assortment of dogs ranging from cactus-eaters..."
What Really Makes Us Happy at Home? Find Out From a New Houzz Survey
"2 acre fishing pond and surrounded by neighbors' horses, cows, pastures, a Rails... That big fish on my cane pole (ok it beats hooking my fellow fisher buddies). The laugh... when the fish is a minnow! Watching the deer try to reach an apple on the tree. Catching... feature with fish, create your own habitat. Life is too short, you obviously have a lovely... by the pond watching the koi and watching and listening to all the wildlife outside..."
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