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5 Ways to Decorate Around a Flat-Screen TV
"around a flat screen TV?" It's a popular question. For years, a primary task of a designer... Hide the TV. When the flat-screen television arrived, I remember the relief and joy... their flat screen as challenging to decorate around as their old tube TV. Whether... embracing the flat screen, even with the hefty price tag. But as the novelty faded, many... to that flat screen. That is much trickier than dealing with the flat screen -- anyone..."
Tech in Design: Where to Put Your Flat-Screen TV
"with a TV in the best place for viewing... the new TV season, I have all kinds of great info on where your flat-screen should... favorite TV character. Hey, don't touch that dial! Read on for more ways to get your... putting the tv in a fitted niche on an articulated arm so the tv can be swung out of the... watch TV. I suppose the people who like football may want to watch TV while outside... have our TV in an armoire in the family room and it stays closed when not viewing. We..."
Design Dilemma: Where to Put the Flat-Screen TV?
"TV Placement: How to Get the Focus Off Your Technology and Back On Design... small flat-screen TV in my living room, but have no idea how to display it in a tasteful... make the TV a centerpiece of the room, I'm not into cabinets much and I don't like TVs... cabinet. The flat screen tv (up to 55 inches, depending upon cabinet dimensions) sits in... with a flat screen. A Bungalow for instance. My home staging company came up with..."
Show Off Your TV: Electronics are Here to Stay. Why Hide Them?
"of Your Flat Screen's Sleek, Contemporary Look... -thin flat screens, the options for displaying our televisions are limited only to... electronics in armoire-type furniture" camp. But what Candice said makes complete sense to... when the TV is not in use; looks great on large flat screens and it's soothing to watch... a boxy TV. When off, the TV is completely invisible! I suppose a reason to hide them... size to TV inch size. My partner always wants the biggest tv as possible mounted in..."
Glued to the Tube: 14 Ways to Put a TV in the Kitchen
"Work a Flat Screen Into Your Kitchen Design... have a TV in the kitchen. I can fight it all I want, but I won't win. So if I can't... design a TV into the most popular room in the house. You might think I'm crazy, but... wall-mounted TV on a movable arm — it just reminds me of a bar or a hospital room, and neither... cable TV, so my monthly TV costs are about $25. Hulu does not stream live TV, but... use this TV more than our larger flat screen LCD in our main viewing room. I'm now using..."
Decorating With Antiques: Armoires, the Versatile Beauties
"with an armoire — this queen of antiques is also a storage workhorse... marvelous armoire. Not only do armoires provide capacious storage and fantastic versatility... of the flat screen TV I find that many armoire-like pieces are turning up at thrift... beautiful pine armoire that still stores my flat screen. My neighbor keeps telling me I should... purchased an armoire for the bedroom, and we put our tv on top of it, angled in the corner..."
Armoires Travel From Ancient Rome to High-Style Storage
"solution, the armoire, has served people well for hundreds of years, and for good reason... find an armoire to suit any room or solve any storage problem.... make the tv the focal point of so many rooms. My tv is hidden away in an armoire that... watching tv. Kool I have a huge old French rosewood armoire, built in Paris in 1865... their flat screen tvs over the fireplace mantel are those who are getting rid of... of armoires. Their loss, our gain! I love armoires! One of the most beautiful, useful..."
TGIR: The Case of the Disappearing TV
"designers made TV screens almost unnoticeable... having the screen backed by a dark wall.... design." TV's nowadays are sleek, thin flat screens that make it easy to include in... 'blind' or screen that comes down over the front of the tv and hides it. Ideally the screen... have the TV at eye level. Now let's see some more invisible TV's for me. In a show... hide the TV. I liked that a lot. It's crazy I know but every time I see a tv above..."
Home Theaters: Projecting the Right Image
"trade that flat-screen TV for movies on the family-room wall... projector and screen come in handy. A projection screen delivers a more fully realized,... use the screen retracts and the room is returns to a TV-free haven. These days, home... reality-TV or sitcom fix. Still, there are times when a night at home with a movie... and screens can be found in just about every size and price range. Even better... projector screens being able to retract into the ceiling to allow for a screen free room..."
9 Power-User Tricks to Get More From Houzz
"your big-screen TV. Find What You're Looking For... showing on TV. I teach housing in high school. This will make it much easier. Would... than a flat roof porch, for example. @yellowmess-if you are in Browse Rooms" there... Apple TV is connected and display images on your TV screen. Tell us: What's your... Your Big-Screen TVConnect with a cable: Plug a digital A/V adapter into your iPad and... Switch your TV's input to HDMI and turn on the Houzz app. Connect wirelessly: Double tap..."
Houzz Tours: Parisian Modern Style for a San Francisco Flat
"Edwardian flat from a dark warren of small rooms to a light-filled family dwelling.... Remodeling a flat? Doesn't one normally RENT a flat, not own? San Francisco- maybe tenants... have a TV in their bedrooms. Anyone notices that people with no TV always asks to... with no TV's still watch TV, they just watch it on a tiny little tablet or laptop.... have a TV or something?!?!?! Everyone watches TV. They did not show all the rooms so..."
See How TVs Are Passing the Designer Test
"of the armoire, into the room's design... boxy tube TV and giant loudspeakers of yesteryear. Flat screens and panel TVs are already... thinness of a TV and the fact it can be mounted on a wall. The consumer electronics industry... for a flat screen. That way you have this crazy fantastic high-tech hidden guest... when TV is off - is it distracting at all when the TV is on? The mechanism for this... incorporate a TV into a frame wall. mega kudos, sgibson. Lovely. Love the late comer..."
Now Playing in Homes Everywhere: TV, the App
"including the TV. Nowadays TV comes through every pipe and plays on every screen, thanks... getting TV shows, and things that are like TV shows, over the Internet instead of through... 1950s a TV set was the highest high tech in the home — and the only means by which... content on a TV, PC, laptop, tablet or phone, or on a device built into the inside of a... cable TV companies is gaining ground quickly and threatening traditional business..."
New Strategies for Hiding the TV
"their flat-panel screens in walls, ceilings or consoles. And while antennae and Pong... TV placement has become a lot more discreet since the days of the bulky set with... g the TV and media components into the room or hiding them completely.... for our flat screen tv.................the doors are never shut...........the tv is... believe the flat screen TV's are acceptable these days especially over the last two dinosaurs..."
Decorate With Intention: Helping Your TV Blend In
"hide the TV — those bulky armoires and oversize TV cabinets weren't doing our living... keep the TV visible, it would still be nice to not let the "big black box" take over... ideas for flat screen TV's from an Interior Designer in this blog: http://www.inter... words "flat screen TV" in the search box at the top left corner of the home page... folding screen to hide the flat screen) - it's worth checking out! vivax,..."
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