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Houzz Tour: Creative Design Moves Rescue an Island Cottage
"live in british columbia so hopefully we can get it as you are in british columbia... see a floor plan. I'm trying to piece it together from the photos, but it seems that... that the flooring in the kitchen and the living room are two different materials. Presently... bamboo floor. But now seeing your photos maybe I should keep the tile? This article... is the floor covering on the deck overlooking the water? Wow. You've done an amazing..."
Insulation Basics: Heat, R-Value and the Building Envelope
"under our floors when we took out the carpeting and installed wood floors, but was told... and pine flooring covered with 3 of our large wool rugs on the floor of the attic (on... Northern British Columbia in a log house where the smallest log is about 14 inch diameter... under the floors, and then blown in insulation. We also have an attic fan & opted for... walls, floor and roof must be air tight and that means lots of caulk and a vapor wind..."
The Passive House: What It Is and Why You Should Care
"concrete floors will be very cold, especially in British winter, & I think we should... tiled floors. We're designing one now with polished concrete floors, and we are planning... examples in British Columbia (notably, the Rainbow House, which is featured here on Houzz... past with floor slabs. If you install underfloor heating just to warm up your feet, the... concrete floors that were never cold. My father adored that home. Unfortunately, he..."
Houzz Tour: A Three-Story Barn Becomes a Modern-Home Beauty
"second floor and master on third floor...so master suite equals the size of the four... the wood floors; dark curtains hang from ceiling to floor; and some walls are painted... room) flooring, the material that is not wood flooring? answer to liznees@verizon... wilderness of British Columbia, in the middle of winter and had to live there for almost... second floor is a play room for the kids, so there are three bedrooms plus that. In..."
Expert Talk: 12 Ways to Get a Designer-Kitchen Look
"to see flooring, countertop, and cabinet re-staining (love the style of our current... vinyl floors shown in one of your designs. But say those words to a Realtor and... Victoria, British Columbia, this kitchen features textured Italian laminates in a faux-wood... Vancouver, British Columbia, and overlooks the ocean. "The swooping ceiling line designed... Island in British Columbia. "The owners were looking for high style and wanted a look..."
Help for Selling Your Home Faster — and Maybe for More
"out the floor plan as best as I can. And I personally, would like to see a floor plan... Vancouver, British Columbia and there the practice is that the listing agent is ALWAYS... house. A floor plan is a wonderful addition to the photos, as many people have trouble... hardwood floors, putting in a spa tub, finishing the basement, etc. if you did it for... put your floor plan on a photo feed for your house, you've now just given the entire..."
How to Design a Storybook Cottage
"Island in British Columbia, we were fortunate to stay with a Logger/artist who crafted... open floor plan. Just wondering. *sigh* I loved them all. I want them all. Here... hardwood floors, original textured plaster walls, wood burning fireplace with stone... plank floors, leaded glass windows with shutters, wood beams and a saltbox style... hardwood floors, arched openings, and stained woodwork; bay or box bay windows with..."
28 Great Homes Smaller Than 1,000 Square Feet
"on one floor, 1500 for two floors, with individual neighborhoods demanding much more... including a floor plan and photos of the areas in which home is different or incorporates... get a floor plan, but we do have more photos. Be sure to click the link to the full... on the floor), fed 20+ at holidays, took in relatives to bump the family to seven... see the floor plans of small homes. Fantastic article, great pictures! A reminder and..."
Houzz Tour: Rolling With Simplicity in a Tiny House on Wheels
"Cove in British Columbia at age 17. All cooking was on a camp stove, wild berry cobbler... designed the floor plan of my last home and I designed the floor plan of my next home.... ceiling/loft floor. Here's the stove for anyone interested: http://www.suremarineservice... first floor bed, may I suggest a murphy bed? At the RV show this weekend in Boston... little floor space can be difficult at times. Anjali has to schedule yoga time when..."
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Industrial Loft!
"Victoria, British Columbia's first pub, built on the harbour in 1853. After a number... wood floors, and (one of our favorite features) brick walls. My loft in Bakersfield... thick floors and walls, fire doors, indoor plumbing, as well as a sprinkler system... reclaimed wood flooring and faux paint: Russ and onnie128: Interesting how the two of you... the wood floors in the South African picture. Stunning This modern loft used to be an..."
Kitchen of the Week: Industrial Design’s Softer Side
"countertop. Flooring? Beautifil kitchen, love the open floor and glass. But where do they... engineered floor or the floor will warp, cup, buckle etc. amelialouise.... you are so... engineered floor!! There are some very high quality engineered floors put there but one... reputable flooring company will guarantee a solid wood floor of more than 4 1/2" width... wooden flooring is more stable than solid flooring. I meant solid as in one piece..."
Houzz Tour: A Cubist Confection Oriented Toward Nature
"Awesome Floors Fourth floor at holiday inn Nice bathroom Love the stacked cantilever... cold. The floors are not polished concrete though, they are burned in with a power trowel... wall and floor, as well as open stairs, would be very child or pet friendly, and any... concrete floors, provide any energy benefits in heating and cooling the house. I know... Is in-floor heating installed in the rooms, particularly the rooms that cantilever..."
Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts: What’s the Difference?
"concrete/ wood floors, clean painted walls in single blocks of midtone (natural) colors, polished... on the floor. They were in pristine condition till the day she died. To eclecticedwardian... ) and British art critic John Ruskin (1819–1900), who advocated the unity of all... in the Columbia Exposition, but he received favorable notice in Europe. Both Gesa... showroom floor, and don’t have the time to be passionate as you seemed to be about..."
One Guy Found a $175,000 Comic in His Wall. What Has Your Home Hidden?
"wood sub- floor over the original fir floor. When we tore up the floor to get back tot... through the floor, which meant pulling up the floor boards. Guess what they found? A human... across the floor.. where half of my floor joists used to be. :-( I'm in a small bedroom... attic floors. There is also a hidden "Indian Room" on the second floor that allows... from the British North American War perhaps. Martello Tower is one block seat from our..."
11 Terrific Paint Color Matches for Wood Details
"the wood floor is lighter, as you mentioned. If the floor is a similar tone as the trim... an open floor plan home with honey oak trim and natural finish red oak floors and we... cherry wood floors. The floors and furniture make the room look small. I am looking for... mention our flooring is the original hardwood oak flooring (honey oak in color) Thanks... brown tile floors. Sounds like a winner Lynn! nice match paint colors Charmean, I totally..."
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