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Texas Gardener's December Checklist
"their flower beds last year, and got a nasty letter from the HOA calling the "weeds"... Plant flower seeds. Seeds for flowers like delphinium, larkspur and poppy can be... tuck in flower bulbs or plan to have large sweeps of flowering bulbs for a spectacular... prepare your bed before sowing seeds — remove weeds, amend your soil for proper drainage... While many flowers prefer full sun, some perform better when given some shade. Read the..."
What’s in a Name? See 6 Wildflowers That Aren’t ‘Weeds’ at All
"in my flower beds. My other favorite that you didn't mention is Oenothera. I have... yellow-flowered kind and the short pink flowered. The tall ones have seed pods that... designed flowers and plants to grow in your yard, that doesn't make them weeds. An old... shaped flowers in the spring. When the pods are ripe they dry and fluffy seeds emerge... beautiful flowers just show up in your garden =) Benjamin, another GREAT Article! Your..."
Make Your Roses Even More Beautiful With These Companion Plants
"etc in flower beds with roses or around roses will help prevent deer from getting... earlier flowering globe aliums. Tina - I grow catmint with my roses & other plantings... also have flowers. The flowers might be dramatic, charming or insignificant, but with... 11). 3. Flowering perennials. An almost unlimited number of flowering perennials pair... other flowers that complement, rather than compete with, your roses, so look for..."
Patio of the Week: A Cozy Backyard Escape Warms Seattle Gardeners
"raised beds create a harmonious modern garden... and red flowers, foliage and furnishings provide a riot of bright color that enlivens... vegetable beds provide plenty of fresh produce for the table.... raised beds and amazing greenhouse. Nice greenhouse, slow clap in building it and... garden bed is seeming like a better idea all the time! ~_^ stunning Cool idea, nice... vegetable beds in our western Washington garden as well. We love them! Ha ha ha My kind..."
Roll Out the Red Carpet for a Garden That's a Smash Hit
"getting, red flowers and foliage perk up lackluster gardens faster than you can say, "Action"... lackluster bed, bring attention to undervalued areas of the garden and bring a punch of... Red flowers waving in the wind say, "Hello!" to visitors in a strong, welcoming voice..."
Northeast Gardener's May Checklist
"under a flowering tree; warm weather brings abundant garden wonders to behold in the... garden beds wondering how I'm ever going to have time to tackle everything on my wish... herbs and flowers that bloom every spring, the other we just built last year and it has... has flowering shrubs and I will add annuls when the time comes. Gardening in Maine... before the flowers emerge to limit damage to buds and stems, and keep other plants in..."
Easy Herbs for Every Space
"garden beds or fill out planters and pots. Many will even thrive indoors, whether... raised beds or a knot design, is always a good approach, but you'll be surprised at... in my flower pots last year!... Harvest flowers just as they start to turn color, then let them dry where it's shady... dried flower arrangements and wreaths to potpourri and soaps. Thyme is right at home... small beds with brick pathways between them. Here, that approach has been expanded..."
Great Design Plant: Silphium Perfoliatum Pleases Wildlife
"circular bed. Moist sites, such as drainage ditches, pond edges or large rain gardens... or 2 to flower, but is worth the wait. I lost it due to construction that chopped... yellow flowers. The extremely large leaves clasp a square flower stalk, creating a... yellow flowers in midsummer; large, coarse leaves and shrub-like dense structure in... rainfall. The flowers attract many types of pollinators, including bees and butterflies...."
Great Design Plant: Parry Agave
"planting beds, and its glaucous green leaves are genus standouts. Cold hardy to almost... agaves do flower more often than once every hundred years — though not much more frequently... finished flowering, as all of its energy has been directed toward this massive flower... it's done flowering so the successive colonies will continue to grow.More great design... design flowers:Ornamental Allium | Canna Lily | Catmint | Golden Creeping Jenny |..."
Great Design Plant: Winter Jasmine Gladdens Snowy Gardens
"yellow flowers defy the frost, bringing cheer to the garden on gray days... yellow flowers from Thanksgiving to early spring, not missing a beat — even when... cheery flowers will bring a ray of sunshine to your winter garden.... but the bed by the house has been deeply amended to a nice clay loam with a ph of 7... raised bed and roses, phlox and strawberries have all done well in that spot - I might... in the bed I grow cactus & succulents in. Thanks for your help. The black roots indicate..."
Morning Nook Tips for Sleepyheads to Get-Up-and-Goers
"out of bed, these ideas can help you create a refreshing space that helps you on your... back to bed (to read my daily dose of newspapers and Houzz articles!) The bedroom is... onto my bed - if it shines at all, we're not very fortunate in that respect. The photo... fresh flowers on our dining table. A long wall of floor to ceiling windows to our... shrubs, to flowers in their season. And sunshine, or bright light at a minimum. This..."
Southeast Gardener's October Checklist
"peonies in a bed in front of my home. I often cut them and brought them inside and placed... fresh flowers in their room. Now I live in South Carolina and I've not seen peonies... early flowering variety. I was told that Festiva Maxima (which is white) is a good... garden beds for next year. Mark new beds (or the beds you want to extend) with marking... garden beds or the compost pile. Prepare beds. It’s also a great time to prepare garden..."
Simple Pleasures: The Joy of Fresh Sheets
"your bed a place of comfort and relaxation with good-quality linens, ample pillows... freshly made bed. Sinking into crisp sheets, cozy blankets and fluffed-up pillows soothes... make your bed as delightfully comfortable as possible.... get my bed as simple as possible, but with the best available - linen bedding (of... bed. Slipping between the sheets is like getting into a warm bath! My bed warmer... USA made bedding for years now purchased at The Blissful Bed; crisp, undyed natural..."
9 Pointers for Perfectly Styled Pillows
"your bed is awash in an endless pillow sea, or your couch's bolster is deflated... seen the beds covered in so many pillows that you could swim in them. Or the sofas with... chair or bed 3) stand it upright 4)take hand as if you were a blackbelt 5)karate chop... bouquet of flowers. Great, do not be afraid of mixing and matching cushions, it gives... of this bed is what makes it. (This bed does break the odd-number rule, but the symmetry..."
Great Design Plant: Lobelia Siphilitica Keeps Its Cool
"lobelia, a flowering native that prefers moist soil, adds a calming blue hue to the l... cardinal flower, flowers from late summer to early fall — providing calming violets... cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis), but there’s another version you might not know... winter for flowers the following year.... garden bed. It was especially exciting when the flowers bloomed in late summer and... offspring flowered in white.... in august spikes of clear blue and white are very refreshing..."
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