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From Concrete ‘Jail Yard’ to Lush Escape in Brooklyn
"stark and uninviting, this urban backyard is now a welcoming retreat for relaxing... was calm and inviting. But that was a tall order, considering the concrete jungle that... husband-and-wife landscaping firm Outside Space NYC was commissioned to turn the b... entertaining and relaxing. Edward Jones oversaw the design of the hardscape, while Irene... handled the planting. Garden at a Glance Location: Brooklyn, New York Size: 930 square..."
Out in the Yard: Creating an Art-Inspired Garden
"Interest and Character to Your Landscape With an Unexpected Eye-Catcher... out time and time again. While it's true that the latest flower in bloom is a definite... yard, and that is the use of art in the landscape. While we are quick to add artwork... walls and accessories to our empty shelves, it seems that garden art is still a concept... sculpture, fountains or ceramics is a great way to add a creative feel to your yard. Below..."
Flea Market Finds: Botanical Prints
"rical Plant Illustrations Flourish on the Wall... feeble-looking flowers, I make sure to supplement with plenty of plant-inspired art. My main... verdant plants — the problem is, they don't stay that way for very long under my care... prints, and botanicals are a particularly popular subject. See how members of Houzz... homes and get inspired to start your own botanical print collection.... contemporary flower paintings) I have found great botanicals and other prints on vintag..."
Summer Crops: How to Grow Strawberries
"easiest and most versatile additions to a garden, providing flowers in spring, fruit... spring and summer, and ornamental green leaves for most of the year — what could be... Ripe and juicy strawberries are one of nature’s sweetest treats. They’re also one... thrive and will be even easier to harvest. If your space is limited, know that all... don’t plant where you’ve recently grown eggplants, peppers, potatoes or tomatoes..."
Central Plains Gardener's July Checklist
"mostly of plants native to your area, then your garden is on automatic pilot this month... mantises and birds. As the temperatures rise, keep up with deep watering of the more... burnet and wild quinine. Let's go on a mini flower tour of what could be blooming... delicate pink flowers that smell like roses. Four feet tall and wide, this queen slowly spreads... butterflies and even some birds, it takes moist to dry soil, needs full sun and reaches..."
8 Space-Savvy Gardens
"occasional flower box to grow any plant life. A lush garden may feel like an impossible... most city and apartment dwellers, having any type of outdoor garden space is a luxury... growing plant life is possible in the tiniest spaces.... hearty plants for the sidewalk area (exhaust and walking traffic were a concern)-... concern)- and they did better than expected! during the process i also got to know most of... for your flower, it works great for my orchids, they keep blooming. Saeid Ideas para..."
Northeast Gardener's May Checklist
"under a flowering tree; warm weather brings abundant garden wonders to behold in the... temperatures and wet ground are bringing a riotous symphony of colors, new greenery in the... forests and endless tasks that have me moving through my garden beds wondering how... garden in and fire pit. Good luck. Lilacs and hydrangeas do well and so do peonies and... bee balm and hosta, lily of the valley and a host of other perennials and of course..."
How to Grow Your Own Sweet Summer Crops
"patch and a hankering for the freshest veggies and berries? This guide will get even... fresh and healthy is easy and enticing. To reach this stage, you need to start... markets and roadside stands are filled with fresh produce, while home gardens are at... winter and early spring. That’s the time to plan for those important first steps that... about planting your first seeds. Related Houzz guides: How to grow the top summer..."
6 Trees You'll Fall For
"magnolias and oaks, are better off planted in spring. Trees best planted in fall, such... come and gone. But the planting season isn’t over. Fall — particularly until late... country and until November in the South — is the preferred time to plant many species... water and nutrients. This allows them to settle in and put out new root growth before... gardens and perhaps breathing a sigh of relief that another gardening season has come..."
Get Spring-Like Hyacinth Blooms All Winter Long
"colorful flowers to brighten wintry days... gorgeous and fragrant blooming hyacinths from late December through April with just... good luck planting forced hyacinths in my garden. They always come up and they always... out few and force them to bloom in winter and how, should I keep them also as purchased... fragrant, flower display! I have in my backyard more than enough hyacinth, now is a middle... bulbs and it is easy. this app is the best this is a wonderful idea thanx..."
6 Native Ground Covers for Tough, Dry Spots
"mulches — and that in fact, ground covers and short plants would lead to a lower-maintenance... really are plants out there for any condition — all is not lost. Oh, and if you have any... pleasing and wildlife-friendly garden. One of the toughest places to find good plants... cats) and I have put together a list of ground covers of diverse backgrounds that... Pretty flowers and all, it can be a nasty little plant. It spreads like crazy and..."
How to Make Beautifully Untamed Floral Arrangements
"— with flowers, foraged branches, and maybe a persimmon or two in tow. After sitting... the flowers be my guides and allow my arrangements to grow wild. More: Ingredients... bought, and the wine rack is well stocked. Luckily for all of us florally challenged... Rizzo and Alethea Harampolis of San Francisco's Studio Choo are rounding out this... colorful corn and miniature pumpkins to decorate my Thanksgiving table. With a few helpful..."
6 Wonderfully Easy Roses for Any Gardener
"aphids and fungal diseases and need a fair amount of spraying and fussing to keep... beauties and then take the leap.... leaves and the plants never bloom. I've tried cayenne pepper, chili peppers, coyote... other flowers/plantings. Love the featured roses in this article, btw, especially... nicely and starting to bloom. Leaves are glossy dark green and did not have any trouble... small and in bounds, bloom from spring through first freeze and I have done nothing..."
Unleash Your Guerilla Gardener
"for each plant (nearly 100), labeled and dated, that I store the seeds in. Sometimes... garden and gather seeds from my region’s native perennials. I have a little paper... selected plants, put them in one bag, drive down a rural road appropriate for wildflowers... wildflowers and hang the bag out of my car window until it’s empty. I have yet to see anything... economical plant gifts for whoever you think might benefit...."
8 Backyard Ideas to Delight Your Dog
"landscape and garden ideas will keep your pooch safe, happy and well exercised outdoors... the yard and hoping for the best. Take the time to make sure your yard provides your... needs and loves. Fortunately, pet-friendly yard amenities are also great for people... one tree planted. We have since planted over a hundred trees and bushes and have installed... plastic dog fountain and I won't worry about him falling in and not being able to get out..."
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