140 flush refrigerator Stories

Get the Look of a Built-in Fridge for Less
"want a flush refrigerator but aren’t flush with funds. We’ve got just the workaround... regular-size refrigerator sits flush with your cabinets.... depth refrigerators are popular appliances for new kitchens. Their appeal is that... sitting flush with the cabinets rather than sticking out. This makes the kitchen look... freestanding refrigerator, and must be wider to incorporate the same cubic-foot storage... bulky refrigerator or a more expensive flush one. One person's passion is another's..."
Stay Cool About Picking the Right Refrigerator
"options for refrigeration leave you hot under the collar, this guide to choosing a fridge... about refrigerators, much less obsess about them, until we're faced with dropping... types of refrigerator styles to explain.... about refrigerator energy efficiency. Things I learned while refrigerator hunting:... ft. The refrigerator part was 11 cu.ft. My new unit has a 13 cu.ft. refrigerator. My... Refrigerators have to be the least efficient appliance as far as storage is concerned..."
4 Things a Hurricane Teaches You About Good Design
"water, flushing toilets, refrigeration to safe guard food and medicine, etc. A generator... HVAC, refrigeration, etc.), but looking at how a house works separate from them is... could flush the toilet and take showers, but the latter were cold. For all I know... of all refrigerated and frozen food. Since our area was under a mandatory evacuation..."
Kitchen of the Week: Bright and Modern in 90 Square Feet
"fridge flush to the wall, installing lots of windows and abstaining from upper cabinets... Liebherr refrigerator and 18-inch dishwasher work in this small kitchen. I'm nearing... recessed the refrigerators in several remodels- one using the space under a staircase, and... as the refrigerator? I see the handle of it in the left of the photo that shows the... behind the refrigerator and slide-in range. It's a simple thing, very cheap, and makes..."
Kitchen of the Week: Casual Elegance and Better Flow
"kitchen flush with the family room. A new half wall/architectural screen now defines... recessed or flush, as it is flush on the other 3 sides. A flush toe kick on the sink side... Sub-Zero wine refrigerator along with their large Sub-Zero refrigerator with panel fronts... the main refrigerator sit two refrigerator drawers for milk and juice cartons for the... paneling the refrigerator, and I’m glad we went with the panel fronts, because the kids..."
Integrated Kitchen
"to be flush with the cabinets, with the visible controls removed.... pantry or refrigerator? This integrated refrigerator has the same frame and panel face... integrated. Flush surfaces are also used in an integrated kitchen. Appliances don't stick... this refrigerator is not integrated, since it has controls on the outside and does..."
Technicolor Solutions to 3 Popular Home Peeves
"mrsben. Refrigerators — with their protruding handles and smudged stainless steel —... cat to flush. Any suggestions for computer cables? @karelina. One of my cats sp... stealth refrigerator that doesn't sing, hum or let me know he exists in any other way... cyclone flush and special-coated basin, nothing ever sticks to them! @sigrida some... on the refrigerator that stick out. Why cant they be flat or even recessed? Also hate..."
Can-Do Cleaning Strategies for Busy People
"clean the refrigerator coils! To be quite honest, I can't recall the last time I did... - then flush away. Everything sparkles. invite your neighbors in for coffee...you..."
How to Prepare for and Live With a Power Outage
"for the refrigerator. Compressors on air conditioning and refrigerators do not like... which your refrigerator runs on. We have one on the boat. We just lost our power yesterday... Sub Zero refrigerator which has two compressors one for the fridge side and one for... washing and flushing. When the emergency threatens, tape the freezers and refrigerators... pump, the refrigerator, and a few lights. Our prior one didn't do the well pump, and..."
Pearls of Wisdom From a Real-Life Kitchen Remodel
"having the refrigerator sticking out from countertops by 3-4 inches, be sure to plan for... depth refrigerator. After MUCH thought, what I've decided to do is to research a... for the refrigerator, ours would have extended out beyond the face of the cabinets... in more flush with the counter. Also, since the long angled 2-level bar had to... counter-depth refrigerators will stick out from your counters because the doors need to be..."
Standouts From the 2014 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show
"SubZero refrigerator ice makers that constantly jammed, Viking microwaves that blew... Electrolux refrigerator that I must say is stylish stainless steel outside that doesn't... making refrigerators forever? Ice is forming inside the front of the freezer. Items... of the refrigerator door because the shelves aren't properly designed. The only... Kitchenaid refrigerator and ovens. Imagine that. Three years ago, we moved into a house..."
What's That Sound? 9 Home Noises and How to Fix Them
"reason. For refrigerator noises you might want to check that the refrigerator is level... toilet flush regulation which now causes people to flush twice?),the A/C fan must... off the refrigerator so that I could melt the ice that built up where the water was... from the refrigerator is to pull it out and vacuum off the dust that has accumulated... have to flush several times...to conserve water. Sheesh! For Olldbobbi, I have a 1940's..."
24 Dramatic Kitchen Makeovers
"end up flush with the countertop-and-base-cabinets-to-be (saving hundreds of bucks... counter-depth refrigerator. It wasn't in my budget to buy a built-in fridge, but ordered... french door refrigerators that will fit a pizza box. My counters will be Cambria's Blackwood... depth refrigerators that are non-standard widths. It will be a nightmare when it... depth refrigerator which means I will have to compromise on the design. It also means..."
DIY Spirit and $8,700 Transform a Townhouse Kitchen
"switch the refrigerator door so that it opens the other way, and you can put items directly... dectalk, the refrigerator is in a tight place. Reversing the door might mean the handle... and the refrigerator could not open all the way. Better to keep it a bit inconvenient... brush. Refrigerator is too large. Out of scale. Throws the whole room off balance... did the refrigerator open to dining room and not on kitchen side. It would seem more..."
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Best Kitchen Innovation
"the tall refrigerator end panel that acts as a drop zone cabinet. http://www.houzz.... of the refrigerator for mail, charging phones, etc. is probably my best new feature... The refrigerator is cabinet depth and is flanked by two pantries (with slide-outs... above the refrigerator display part of a dinnerware collection I started several years... shallower refrigerator opened up a lot of floor space.Here is how I addressed several..."
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