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10 Ways to Set Up Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating
"smart food choices is easier when your kitchen is part of your support team... healthy food choices. (If food is just plopping in front of you ready to eat, it's... combo foods and it's easy. My family has no idea how many vegetables go into my... processed foods are truly healthy, yummy as they are. okay.. no ones fridge looks like... processed foods that are high in all the bad things. What helped us most to be healthy..."
Get Organized: A Place for Your Pets' Stuff
"with food, spare leash and a ball.. we are ready to hit the road at a moments notice... temporary storage of large, light items like plastic tubs when we make bread. It isn't... made), and food and water. There will be a doggy door attached to a fenced in run where... Keep food and treats tidy by setting aside an organized spot to keep dry food fresh... pet's food right next to the feeding spot. The less you have to tote their food bag..."
How to Prepare for and Live With a Power Outage
"loss puts food, water and heat in jeopardy, don't be in the dark about how to stay as... keep much food in the freezer or fridge so less to spoil. But, we do keep a full pantry... water storage, wood heat and great neighborhood and small town where we look out... you have food, litter and other supplies on hand for pets as well.Don't forget to keep... supplemental storage tank built into your system or a portable generator that powers the..."
10 Easy Edibles to Grow in Containers
"home-grown food. These herbs, veggies and fruits are just as happy in a pot... greenhouse storage full of lemons a few weeks ago during one of the polar vortex events..."
Guest Picks: Culinary Art Prints to Decorate a Kitchen
"celebrating food, cooking and the beauty of nature's bounty... these food-centric prints would add welcome color and cheer to my currently all-white... chalkboard drawings. I'm a sucker for black backgrounds with white accents too. The chef... travel, food and minimalism...."
A Punch List for Party Decorating
"course, food and friends are the only essentials for a holiday party, but a few special... and good food provides such wonderful aromas. Coaster, lots of them. Pretty ones... 1. Draw attention to the front door. As guests arrive at the front door, they should..."
9 Vacation Farmsteads Offer a Taste of Country Life
"fresher food? Try a farmhouse, cabin or well-equipped tent for your next vacation... particular draw. The comfy, brightly lit living room has a down-filled couch and an indoor..."
Kitchen of the Week: Simple Style Fuels Creativity
"A food blogger proves you don't need fancy kitchen appliances or even a lot of space... Mallon of Food Loves Writing whips up, you wouldn't think she was working out of a simple... is her food appealing, but she has such a beautiful voice. almost a poetic writing... l the food is look delicious, the kitchen was perfectly organize. I just love... What's one storage or space-saving tip you've learned to make cooking in a small kitchen..."
Houzz Tour: Warmth Infuses a Greenwich Village Home
"New York food stylist's apartment a comfortable, caring feel... accomplished food stylist from Denmark, had been living in the apartment for more than a... Extra storage was integrated below the desk. Since there's no second bedroom, Jonassen..."
Kitchen of the Week: Small, Creatively Used Kitchen
"A food blogger whips up recipes out of a tiny Oklahoma kitchen — and sometimes spills... great food. Good for her! so many things to say.... just speechless Great interview... rectangular storage containers take up less space in the fridge than circular ones. Tip:... kitchen storage. Use Weck canning jars, Mason jars or glass containers to store dry..."
Bid Bad Garden Bugs Goodbye and Usher In the Good
"garden that draws pollinators and helpful eaters... in our food supply. NEVER USE IT! without bees and wasps, we would be in serious... grow our food supply in our yard. We live in an area dense with trees although not... comes in food grade quality. i believe its even used in agribusiness to keep pests... you hang draws the little critters to it. It makes your problem worse. I spelled that... grow our food supply in our yard." And our insects don't fly anywhere else, or get eaten..."
9 Ways to Make Your Yard More Fun for Kids
"Draw the younger set outside while keeping grown-up spaces and style intact. Some... collection. Storage is definitely a necessity. Number 2 is a nice concept but highly... realize storage can be practical as well as decorative. It's a great tip and an even... went into storage when our 1st started walking, and we've always had one in diapers,... Build in storage for toys. Let’s face it: Kids tend to accumulate stuff. Lots of it..."
8 Ways to Decorate With Love and Meaning
"delightful drawings for a home that brings joy every day... kids' drawings and paintings, all the more beautiful and endearing because of their... even kids drawings onto tiles for clients laundry rooms. http://www.Aliciatappdesigns... trying new foods so it could serve as both decoration and inspiration. Awesome ideas!... wine and food .. went with a few friends.. I took pics of their paintings and .redesigned..."
Great Native Plant: Rattlesnake Master for Unique Interest
"bites of food come from insect pollination at some point. We're also losing our insects... essential food for another creature. Leaf damage might be from a native leaf cutter bee... a big draw too..."
8 Flowers That Hummingbirds Adore
"To draw those mesmerizing little birds to your garden or doorstep, plant these flowers... use any food coloring. I make sure I keep the feeders very clean with a bottle brush... continuous food supply to the hummers. Texas hummingbird sage is a great plant for hu..."
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