18 foosball Ideabooks

Winterizing: Prepare the House for Snow-Day Activities!
"billards, foosball, air hockey, ping pong, rock climbing, basketball—or even something... like a foosball table on layaway or as simple as pulling out that old checkers board... room. Foosball always makes me think of Joey and Chandler on Friends, who decided... beloved foosball table. They had the right idea; this table looks just fine as part..."
The Gentleman Cellar: Anti-Man Cave
"signs and foosball tables might dominate the typical landscape, but placing more emphasis..."
Game Rooms: Carve Out a Place for Fun
"The foosball table adds a fun element without making this room feel like a sports... table and foosball..."
Does Your Home Make You Happy?
"even a foosball table and a vintage pinball machine. By giving yourself a space..."
Guest Picks: Hang On!
"little foosball players work as a team for this coat hook. Pieces tilt and move to..."
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