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6 Reasons I’m Not Looking Forward to Spring
"minds I’m trying to stretch, or maybe I’m just seeing things through midlife-crisis... I’m a bit of a contrarian, I admit, and the older I get, the more contrarian I feel... Charlotte. I'm using a very monochromatic scheme. I'm not sure how it will go over with... yeah, I'm wanting spring! I am not a gardener. I have a chocolate brown (by no means... week I'm installing an indoor garden for a large spring home and garden show here..."
Design Icons: Rudolph M. Schindler, Evolving Architect-Artist
"dolph M. Schindler (1887–1953) is typically associated with Los Angeles, which makes... landscape. R.M. Schindler, as he came to be known, was trained as both an engineer and an... think I'm explicit about that fact in the text). Thanks John Hill :) Wow, I'm blown... reason I'm swayed that way), when we got to International Style in architectural history... monograph on R.M. Schindler, David Beghard defines the time from the late 1920s to the second..."
Help! I'm a Minimalist, My Child is a Maximalist
"out I'm grabbing the bull by the horns and taking my own advice. I'm teaching my... owns. I'm like Jennifer. I'm a minimalist wannabe as well. This just reminds me how..."
I'm Bringing Sexy Back
""Sexy." I'm not even sure exactly what I was thinking when I created it, but what the... know I'm old... Jenn, I love it! In fact, one of my half-done books is called "Morocco"... OK, I'm noticing a pattern here. Clearly I find black, red and white sexy. I know..."
You Said It: ‘I’m Never Leaving’ and More Houzz Quotables
"house I'm Never Leaving". This plaque sits outside the front door. The truth is we... Seriously? I'm Ranch - and that's the house we have (and love), so yay! Kick Ass Vina! Maybe... Maybe I'm guilty of over-thinking things but when I see the really groovy stair/drawer... time, I'm going to be more insistent. Home sale disclosures are very important legally... temporary. I’m never leaving.” — tiny-house owner Vina Lustado, as told to Mitchell ParkerWhile..."
Kids' Rooms: I'm A Big Boy Now
"ideas! I'm going over to my other house to begin work on my son's room this week-what... y'know? I'm thinking some rough wood accents to echo weathered pilings ( sans the pelican... paper! I'm in love with all of the ideas in the photos you have shared! brilliant..."
Honey I'm Home!
""Honey, I'm home!" When I was a freshman in college, I never gained the freshman 15 because... say? I'm a sucker for art deco! I think I would feel very glamorous traipsing through..."
'I'm With Cupid' — 10 Spaces That Shoot for Romance With the Roman God
What's with Cupid anyway? And how did he (it's a he, right?) become such a prominent symbol of Valentine's Day recognition? Yeah, yeah, Roman god of desire — we get it. Just tighten that sash, would you? Perhaps even more intriguing: The seminude,...
Guest Picks: I'm Dreaming of a Wide Walk-In
Not all of us can afford a luxury walk-in closet the size of New Hampshire. Some of us must make do with the space we've been allotted, which we all know is way too little. Here are some practical ways to introduce less chaos into the area of your home...
I'm Ready for My Close-Up: Beautiful Building Materials
It's hard to deny that Houzz is a great resource for finding inspiration in the small details, but photographs that literally hone in on the materials, textures and connections are pretty rare. So I've assembled a number of them here to see what is conveyed...
Also known as a grille, a muntin is a thin strip of wood, metal or plastic used to divide window panes into segmented areas. In many modern metal or vinyl double-paned windows, plastic or metal muntins are positioned between two large solid sheets of...
A mullion is an architectural divider that forms a structural, sometimes decorative, divider between two separate window assemblies. A mullion can be integrated into a double-window assembly, or it can be part of the framing of a wall that integrates...
On movie theaters, music venues and hotels, a marquee is a projected awning with bold signage that lights the entrance. The materials used for the first awnings historically were plastic and glass, which were inexpensive and not limited during World War...
Wood fibers and resin are heat compressed into sheets to form what is known as MDF, or medium-density fiberboard. Similar to particleboard, dense MDF panels are an affordable alternative to solid wood sheets for many types of construction.
Mortise and Tenon
A mortise and tenon joint is the most basic joint in timber frame construction. Used for thousands of years to connect pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle, the mortise is a slot cut into the wood, and the tenon is its corresponding projection. It...
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