127 fung shui bedroom Stories

Houzz Tour: A Historic House Gets a Feng Shui Adjustment
"in feng shui. A mix of historic architecture, favorite street art, bright happy colors... and feng shui calculations has resulted in a home that’s comfortable and reflects their... to see fung shui ideas more as they really do seem to work. I love the feng shui... in feng shui, so the feng shui aspect is well integrated into a beautiful design that... might have fung shui but something feels a little off, ah well, to each their own. Agh..."
Houzz Tour: Feng Shui Lightens a Brooklyn Loft
"feng shui principles to give both the client and her home a new life. Houzz at... But feng-shui, schmeng-shui - could do without that mumbo-jumbo. May I please ask... a REAL bedroom?? THAT , in itself..sort of seems ' bad Feng Shui' , to me. And ONE... master bedroom? I have never bothered myself reading about feng shui, but bed in den... biggest feng shui challenge...very heavy...nice job of trying to work with them and keep..."
Feng Shui Basics for a Happy Home
"simple feng shui principles to your home — good chi (energy) may very well flow.... of Feng Shui, especially the bedroom. It could be wise to consider reviewing the... of Feng Shui. I do love the grey bedroom. Nice article, Gabrielle. I would have picked... of Feng Shui, but never indulged in the background. This is the first article that... add Feng Shui to keep me on the right track. I hope that I can afford Michael Abrams..."
Decorate With Intention: A Crash Course in Feng Shui
"in feng shui chi is thought to flow through our homes. The nuances of feng shui practice... few feng shui techniques to improve the flow of your home, or are thinking of hiring... a feng shui consultant to give your home a complete energy makeover, learning more... behind feng shui, along with solutions to common design problems that may be affecting... feng shui is about the concept of chi — a life force or energy flow — in your home..."
Houzz Tour: A Melbourne Gem Harnesses Feng Shui
"to the bedroom. Pendants dangle from the ceiling and take the place of table lamps... good feng shui, we added the walnut timber cabinets and table so there's a grounding... a feng shui expert before they moved into their house. "She told us that the place..."
Gypsy in Your Soul: 10 Steps to a Bohemian Bedroom
". The bedroom is our most personal space — it’s where we let our hair down and our... itself, the bedroom is a great place to start.... of the bedrooms featured! And if you follow fung shui principles, never ever use red... lamp bedroom. Bedrooms are, after all, a very personal space, right? Why not throw... in the bedroom. However, my bedroom is Hollywood Golden Era meets the cat walk...for... master bedroom look tame! I LOVE THEM! Many thanks. While many people may think they..."
Design Dilemma: How to Make a Bedroom Workspace Fit
"your bedroom is small or sleep intrusion is a concern, here's how to mix a good... in her bedroom; she has just a single wall and a slice of closet to work with. Although... Although feng shui followers may disagree, I think few other rooms in the home lend themselves... well as bedrooms. Unlike in a kitchen, a living area or a den, private papers and... private in a bedroom, and distractions tend to be fewer. The trick, of course, is to create..."
February Checklist for a Smooth-Running Home
"giving your bedroom a feng shui makeover in honor of Valentine’s Day, plus take stock of... gut the bedrooms one by one. I didn't stop for a good few hours and it feels so good... spare bedroom to endure the remodel. This is a two bathroom house so we won't struggle... up the bedroom with feng shui. With Valentine’s Day this month, it seems like a good... up the bedroom. If you are in the market for new bedding, consider shades of pink..."
How to Lay Out a Master Bedroom for Serenity
"in your bedroom besides the bed? But a master bedroom can be as complicated as a living... ar) my bedroom. Love the bedroom in photo #5 by Susan Fredman Group the best.....Why... photos of bedrooms here on Houzz show enormous bedrooms. While they look fabulous most... of the bedroom photos here on Houzz show chairs, sofas, tables in a bedroom. Makes... than to bedrooms. Bedrooms really are a place to sleep and that is it, although over..."
Improve Your Love Life With a Romance-Ready Bedroom
"and your bedroom setup go hand in hand, says a clinical sexologist. Here's her advice... happens: the bedroom. Oftentimes our bedrooms unintentionally end up working against us... in the bedroom. We're about to redo our bedroom which is a room that definitely doesn't... Their bedrooms are NOT sexy, sensual, or sacred at all. Sadly, master bedrooms have... .sexy bedroom!" Oddly, I think brighter bedrooms are sexier to me, though, it puts..."
The Cure for Houzz Envy: Master Bedroom Touches Anyone Can Do
"your bedroom a serene dream with easy moves that won’t give your bank account nightmares... in my bedroom; heck, I’m really only in there at night, so I’m not even that envious... master bedrooms on Houzz. Achieving this relaxing vibe may take some extra work, but... master bedroom, Houzz envy is extra easy to cure. Let’s get started.... as my bedroom. I said that I only sleep in the bedroom, so why waste a spacious room..."
14 Ways to Get More Bedroom Storage
"These bedroom storage solutions will put you back in serenity territory... in the bedroom is not easy, especially if your closet space is limited (or nonexistent)... in our bedroom and got a bed with a lift up mattress for extra space. Beautiful i... the feng shui if one cares. The real goal for me is to have something there that I'll... there. My bedroom has slanted ceilings on both sides, there are no walls that go straight..."
Designer Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom
"master bedroom. After all, it’s hard to relax when you have the nagging feeling that... better bedroom, you might start with this advice from the experts.... in the bedroom and mirrors are also a no no in bedrooms with respect to feng shui... in the bedroom, I look around my bedroom and think, "Maybe if I removed the bed, I... in the bedroom. I think bedrooms should be about two things: sleeping and, well, you... in a bedroom are a no no! The bedroom may very well be the most important part of..."
This Designer’s Client Was Her 10-Year-Old Son
"too-babyish bedroom when he’s approaching double digits? See for yourself... of my bedroom at that age. I would have loved something like this (or the equivalent... their bedrooms create challenges from a budget standpoint to design standpoint. Plus... Great Feng shui This is one of the most endearing articles posted. Thank you! We finished... n-Boy-Bedroom-Makeover--kids-chicago Involving the young man in the project undoubtedly..."
Hot Uses for Red Around the House
"the back bedroom by bringing in this sultry, sexy color... y/ My bedroom is red and white and i love it....^__* I have a simple red teapot that... kitchen, my bedroom is red and turquoise, and the basement great room is red and brown... master bedroom design done in many shades of the color coral. Don't forget original... feng shui, a red front door means "welcome." In early colonial America too, a red... the feng shui fire element, the color of warmth, excitement and passion," says feng..."
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