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Pop Culture Watch: Get a Good Rap With Thrift Store Scores
"in the garbage and $20 worth of Zebra fabric. I also believe in thrift store karma... Good to recycle. Probably 95% of my home furnishings have come from thrift stores or... it with recycled and second-hand furnishings. I became a regular shopper at the local... entertainment center and the other is our new blue liquor cabinet in our dining room. Paid..."
15 Ways to Design an Easy-Clean Home
"made from recycled vinyl which can be recycled again, so it is getting better. kennedy... to drag garbage bags through the house). Storage near the front door to stop the "drop"... improvement center. One other thought -- if your wood floors are truly awful and just..."
Get It Done: Clean Out Your Bedroom Closet
"meant by recycling them, and also, they will often take the plastic bags to recycle... Instead of recycling hangers, give them back to the dry cleaner. They will re-use them... cleaners also recycles hangars, so I take some in every time I bring in my cleaning. iluvdiy... donation center that actually uses profits appropriately, like a church run thrift... boxes, garbage bags or plastic bins will work just fine.Separate. Designate bins for..."
14 Things You Need to Start Doing Now for Your Spouse’s Sake
"out the garbage faithfully and puts a new garbage bag in the can and even cleans the... out your recyclables. It's admirable you're aware that resource recovery is important... so much garbage on the heap that the top of the trash bin won't even close. If it's... We have recycle bin just out of kitchen doors, but door is "sealed forever" for my... they pile recycling on my cooking stove beside the door. Why? Because it's cold outside..."
TGIR: The Case of the Disappearing TV
"electronic recycling bin at the dump about 3 years ago. Did not buy a new one because... front and center and a television off to the side or above the mantel. This also doesn't... as our centre piece. Tempted now to put the tv there instead. Really, still trying... entertainment center is the answer for me. I finally found one that I love but I doubt I... entertainment center also because all of the solid wood furniture in the great room is a..."
Kitchen Countertop Materials: 5 More Great Alternatives to Granite
"Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops in a cobalt blue. I love them & they are a "green"... linoleum and recycled aluminum, what are the options for sustainable materials? Please use... into the recycled glass which may be pricey. I think honed marble will be on the island... Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops. I love it! They have beautiful colors, from recycled... glass (recycled glass is environmentally responsible), cement, wood (choices other..."
How to Set Up a Kitchen Work Triangle
"pans, the garbage bin, dishes and glasses, pantry supplies, etc. will define how you... for a garbage can---we have found one skinny one that we butt up next to the half... window. Centered on this is the large island. The cooktop may be on it, or possibly... sink off-center of the window (something that the contractor was very unhappy about)... crossing the center of the kitchen with things that can spill. Proper sequencing without..."
Power to the People: Outlets Right Where You Want Them
"having a garbage disposal switch mar the backsplash, we have an InSinkerator Evolution... on the garbage disposal). But if we had seen your option, we would have gone with... messenger center) to charge my phone. My toothbrush is kept charged inside the bathroom... behind the center of the sofa to near my recliner. Since that outlet is on a dimmer, I... under the center of the table. Then I could put lamps or Christmas lights or just whatever..."
Love to Bake? Try These 13 Ideas for a Better Baker's Kitchen
"house 4 recycling trash cans. On top of that is a table top oven. Shelves above that... baking center is to organized baking ingredients and supplies together whenever possible... "bake center" with open shelves on top and drawers and /or cabinets with pullouts... that bake center has been wonderful. oh, and it helps that the cookie jar anchors one... baking center is exactly what I want in my kitchen. That photo with the cookie cutters..."
How to Outsmart Backyard Critters
"keeping garbage and cat food out of bounds. Other than that, we too are cheerfully... metal garbage can tipped over. I put a strong bungee cord (the rubber kind is best... wouldn't eat, garbage cans in the garage, etc. All was well until the raccoons found a way... take the garbage out an hour before it is collected, etc... I have to let my 45 lb dog... spray my garbage cans with white vinegar and around my screen door. I keep the dog..."
Kitchen Counters: Stainless Steel, the Chefs' Choice
"can be recycled and reused unlike a stone, or composite top... http://www.poshhaus... place your garbage can underneath and sweep vegetable cuttings right into the trash without... 1408 Centre St., Roslindale, MA, 617-323-2323 WOW thanks... I live in Medford.... percent recycled content and, because it can be recycled again and again, has an extended... percentage of recycled content. For healthy indoor air quality, the glues should have no..."
Reluctant DIYer's Diary of a Dresser Makeover
"installed a garbage disposer all by myself. I have a couple of French provincial pieces... some good recycling ideas. I have a crafty friend who makes greeting cards so I always... entertainment center/book shelf that I was going to put out on the curb.. But had a brainstorm... to the recycling bin. Friday 4:45 p.m.: Hit the Ace. The one on Virginia-Highland..."
8 Modern Hamptons Homes Buck Convention
"private garbage/recycling pickup, because that's not provided by the town either.... to city centers, or golf communities where that is not a driving factor. All developers..."
Turn Off the Video Games and Turn On Your Kid's Creativity
"black garbage bags and staked up the middle of the boxes for the rain to drain off... wish the recycle truck hadn't come by yesterday because I had a ton in there, LOL!... what I center my life around. I bet the north east has drop dead gorgeous beaches..."
Houzz Guides: 12 Ways to Decorate for Less
"way to recycle, reuse, and save the environment too! When asked "where?"and "how... also just garbage picked four perfect metal patio chairs. Just need new cushions. No... Consignment Center (HCC). There are many HCCs in the greater LA area but recently I saw..."
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