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Great Lakes Gardener's April Checklist
"your garden light up with bulbs, go wild for wildflowers and be kind to wildlife... The garden bursts into bloom, the garden centers open with cool-season annuals beckoning... Lakes gardeners are nearly giddy with all the things to see and do in April. The... beckoning and gardening begins in earnest.... be good garden plants if you plant them in areas in your garden that match their preferred... in the garden in April, beginning with daffodils, such as these sturdy Narcissus 'Ice..."
Southern California Gardener's November Checklist
"produce for garden veggies all winter long... like your garden is headed for its winter nap, but in Southern California there is always... veggie garden. It's still prime planting season in Southern California, especially... additional garden tasks.... daffodils, grape hyacinth, ranunculus, scilla, some species of tulips, freesia, Ixia,..."
Rocky Mountain Gardener's September Checklist
"in the garden mean it's planting time... in the garden once again. Warm days and cool nights are ideal for getting new plants... ideas for gardening in the Rockies... a good garden center or your county extension service for identification and pest... about gardening. The Miracle Grow application would be appropriate for annual flowers... circulated garden myth that "conifers create acidic soil". Absolutely NOT TRUE. However..."
Texas Gardener's February Checklist
"future garden growth with seeds and starts... — your garden awaits, and it will thank you and pay you back in spades in a couple... typical garden problems better than the staff at a good local garden center. Establish... into the garden now for late-winter and early-spring color, as well as color throughout... into the garden soil this month. Try sowing seeds for chives, cilantro, dill, parsley... vegetable gardens. Early in the month, work some compost or organic fertilizer into your..."
Rocky Mountain Gardener's April Checklist
"April garden. Plants in all forms can be installed as soon as the soil is warm and... s and grapes. Bare-root planting is an economical option that comes with a small... tall garden phlox (Phlox paniculata), coneflower (Echinacea spp) and ornamental... container gardens, one that's lightweight and well draining yet moisture retentive. Cut..."
Peek in on a Traditional Christmas — in a Summery Garden
"Zealand, garden — her parents' — which she has watched develop over 30 years with delight... in the garden and let its own character develop over time, instead of making it over... feature–worthy garden," she says. "I always tell people that there's nothing flashy here,... " The garden's courtyard hosts Wilson's family's Christmas celebrations — outdoor... "This garden reflects to me what landscape design is all about: creating beautiful..."
From Concrete Lot to Gracious Organic Garden in Seattle
"organic gardening just means not using chemicals, but true organic gardening means... organic gardens surrounding her colorful and eye-catching Seattle home. Tapping into... in a garden has a purpose. The plants are useful: They’re edible, fragrant or herbal;... birds. The garden ‘pests’ are food for the animals. Many weeds are excellent for the soil... see a garden done by a person who loves gardening. No over the top outdoor kitchens..."
Glorious Purple Blooms Bring a Crowning Touch to Gardens
"through U.S. gardens from coast to coast, from formal spaces to cottage gardens to Medi... perfect garden color. It is the color of royalty, which is obvious when you see it... of the garden. At the same time, it's a great mediator. It blends well with the... your own garden the jewel of the neighborhood.... through a garden and not notice the color purple. Breathtaking ! Well said Judy - well... in the garden as well as the home. -Polly, artist..."
Lay of the Landscape: Mediterranean Garden Style
"Mediterranean garden can thrive in any warm-climate landscape with a few adaptations... enced garden can be great: It's lush, inviting and generally low maintenance, filled... These gardens invite you to live outdoors year-round. This style also allows you... Mediterranean Garden There are certain core characteristics that define Mediterranean style... Mediterranean garden is where you live, not just something you view. It should show some..."
8 Elements of Mediterranean Garden Style
"Mild-climate gardens everywhere can benefit from the features of their Mediterranean cousins... sources of garden design for hundreds of years has been the Mediterranean garden. Beautiful... gifted gardener. I was able to build on her already beautiful garden design, and I... Mediterranean garden is great as long as the garden and the house go together. The cube... whole garden. Thank you for your very interesting and helpful ideabook on Mediterranean..."
10 Easy Edibles for First-Time Gardeners
"edible garden can seem daunting, though, especially if you’re new to gardening. F... edible gardens promise you lush landscapes filled with a tantalizing mix of vegetables... kitchen garden -- the yield we get from each plant is so miserly, it makes more sense... vegetable gardening book out of your library and read up on what works in your region... had a garden in Boston, I needed mats to prevent vine borers and in England it was..."
Edible Flowers Offer a Sweet Taste from the Garden
"vegetable garden and made sure your fruit trees are doing well, it's time to turn to... flower garden to look for more edibles. Sure, you can use the flowers of many well-known... familiar garden flowers, from roses to pansies to geraniums, can do double duty in your... my old garden. We had so many beautiful edible flowers & my friends loved having my... & wine grapes reduction sauce. MMMmmm. I have never eaten any of these, but would..."
Southwest Gardener's July Checklist
"list of gardening tasks for the month of July.... with gardening in Arizona for a few years now and need help! The biggest struggle... successfully garden in the planter? Any feedback would be so helpful! Thanks! Megan I am... and been gardening here for 20+ years. Against a west facing cinder block wall the... suggest a grape vine. It's working well for me on a wall that's scorched in the sun here... vegetable garden for cool-season vegetables.More regional gardening guides..."
Xeriscape Gardens: How to Get a Beautiful Landscape With Less Water
"and make gardening much easier with the xeriscape approach’s 7 principles... location. Gardening there, the rich, dark soil and the great garden centers....amazing... home and garden. His gardens are mostly native to Texas and/or Northern Mexico. He... vegetable garden..so to a degree it is OK to look functional. This vegetable garden has... lawns and gardens can apply for exemptions. The water guzzling suburbs are named and..."
Australian Vertical Gardens Create an Artful Outdoor Retreat
"vertical gardening before, but in this residential renovated garden near Perth, Australia... envisioning a garden inspired by natural and low-impact elements that would fulfill the clients’... requires a garden space which acts as a kind of living meditative sanctuary to sustain... idea of a garden... Would the brick wall garden work if the wall gets the afternoon sun... pebble garden! I'm impressed with the use of the gutters. These are beautiful inventive..."
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