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How to Clean Your Cookware So It Lasts
"a warm oven. And, instead of buying new cast iron, go find some of the old stuff... run your oven on self-clean, stick the cast iron in for the full cycle, and it'll come... a warm oven for an hour or so. Love the big old cream Aga in the secret mill! Add... in my oven on the "clean" cycle. OMG a brand spanking new skillet!! It did have... Easy-off oven cleaner works great on stainless and on really grungy cast iron before..."
6 Ways to Cool Off Without Air Conditioning
"by the Gas Co that came to put in a new modern gas LINE!!!). We live where it is... kitchen oven during summer months, but when something needs baking/broiling/toasting... toaster oven which does not heat up the house. And finally, I don't know what I'd do... off your GAS fireplace pilot light. Here in Australia I have a balcony outside the... for a gas STOVE that HAD a pilot light when our old one was destroyed (ironically..."
Give Your Outdoor Rooms a Cozy Winter Makeover
"all a Pizza oven such as a WOODSTONE firing out pizzas in less this five minutes... from the oven is a great source of heat. ITS THE TOPPINGS YOU PUT ON THE PIZZA OVEN... This oven stands tall, as an indoor kitchen refrigerator. The viewable fire alone..."
Easy Green: Country vs. City for Ecofriendly Lifestyles
"countertop oven and an extra oven shelf for the big oven and turn it into a pot and pan... and the GAS--OMG the GAS to get ANYWHERE. We no longer have a grocery store in our... burner, the oven, the microwave, and the slow cooker. So do I need a full size stove with... and an oven big enough to cook 2 turkeys at once? Probably not. Can I get rid of... Dutch oven, casserole dish, bain marie for double boiling, vegetable steaming with..."
Backyard Dreaming: 13 Ideas to Spark Your Imagination
"kitchen with pizza oven, a patio area, a small lawn area for our pug, place for flowers... for a gas grill, compost container or storage shed.8 New Uses for Your Side Yard..."
8 Questions to Help You See Through Green Hype
"(more gas and exhaust emission) and using the convection feature on my oven sounds... natural gas? It could have been implemented years ago. Do we have an oil company as... Natural Gas is a far better alternative to oil. Obama could by now freed us from energy... greenhouse gas emissions, exploitation of workers, destruction of eco-systems, etc. Some... oil or gas reserves, that you personally know no one who supports their family in..."
Kitchen of the Week: Good Looking and Accessible to All
"of the oven. I put items from the oven on the counter over the oven that is 40" from... double" wall oven shortens the open oven door, so I can reach inside safely. The drawer... client. The oven is too high to prevent server burns to the client, so someone else is... near the oven/stove. 3- Ding-proof cabinets 4- Upper cabinet accessibility. The prep... grills from oven etc. I found myself in a chair for an extended time and realized just..."
Kitchen of the Week: Updated French Country Style Centered on a Stove
"the dual gas and elec. ovens. However, the ovens are small! (had to toss my large... small oven would not work for me. I use the oven far too much. This makes me sad... about the oven but love the kitchen. Nice to see something different besides painted... however, the ovens are very small. I have an Aga and wouldn't swap it for anything. One... larger oven. It is a very large kitchen and for me and perhaps many others would..."
Show Us Your Kitchen!
"inexpensive ovens and a Viking gas range top, without having to spend the big bucks on... owave oven is in the highest level - the drawer below the oven is a warming drawer... second oven and microwave tucked into the island, hardwood floors in "Provincial"... counter ovens and a separate range top. This allowed us to purchase relatively inexpensive... range/oven combo. We also put deep drawers under the range top for all of our pots..."
Houzz Call: How Are You Handling the Record-Breaking Cold?
"natural gas forced air heating system and a gas fireplace with extra BTUs; it is classed... fireplace to gas a couple of years ago. Our house is 46 yr old - we replaced all our windows... let my gas tank get anywhere near empty. We've never had problems with frozen pipes... natural gas supply company) My home (finally) has lots of insulation, energy efficient... natural gas line down my rural road. We make sure our vehicles are always full of gas..."
Houzzers Say: Dream Kitchen Must-Haves
"Oh and gas, I love gas cooking. azsun: if you want to email me I have a wonderful... want wall ovens with pocket french doors. I am short and can't reach the oven racks... speed oven will be de rigeur as soon as we can try it! in a non-linear tangent,... put in gas! Some interesting ideas here. We distill our water--pot fillers wouldn't... single ovens with two warming drawers beneath. Boiling water tap to double main sink..."
Survey Results: Kitchen Trends That Seem Here to Stay
"double oven (microwave and wall oven) and the only finish choice on the bosch dishwasher... have a gas fireplace, we purchased a gas stovetop and bought and buried a propane... (single wall oven and side by side fridge). why did we go stainless? no other choice for... for the gas cooktop and downdraft vent, only stainless or black for the top rated double... for the gas cooktop, The pendant lights that we wanted for the island were beautiful..."
White Appliances Find the Limelight
"and wall oven/microwave-convection oven combo. I saw the comments on the Whirlpool... white gas range with convection and a griddle, and above it will be a wall-hung,... dishwasher, oven and OTR microwave. But I used a stainless fridge because it's large and... refrig and oven hood -- in a kitchen with white cabinets? All comments are welcome. @julie... and a gas range. Since the K feels dark (adding 2 solar "tunnels" for more light)..."
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Kitchen Remodel
"stove gas piping were rotted through and leaking gas (into the house!). My friends... double oven was refurbished to make a window bench/storage cabinet. New budget-friendly... the old oven cab to be my appliance garage. I hired a college student to help me reinstall... the new oven but the other appliances were reused from another house. I really, really... double ovens were so old that there wasn't even a viewing window. One of the ovens..."
Insulation Basics: Heat, R-Value and the Building Envelope
"the best gas filled windows are only .7 U factor. So while I agree frames can be an... will off gas to some extent so there really is no "green" insulation and it all depends... does off gas and is more prone to mildew, insect and mice problems. Like I said there... something off gas if it is sandwiched between to impermeable surfaces? See above - monolithic... tropical oven in summer and an ice box in winter but they had great insulation! A&E..."
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