5 gemini Stories

Here's Looking at You: A Mirror Personality Quiz
"fake. As Geminis are notorious for changing our minds I'd say you'd have to add them... I'm Gemini and the one with two mirrors reflected twins, I guess. Since that... the only Gemini one, I'm thinking that we are too busy doing too many other things... So Gemini only gets one option? Being the twins I suppose two mirrors are the... not a Gemini but my daughter is, I'd steer her towards a mirror from Marakesh in..."
A Cook’s 6 Tips for Buying Kitchen Appliances
"Maytag Gemini abt 10 yrs ago. Upper oven is broiler, bake, toast, keep warm (170)... Maytag Gemini and I do use the upper oven a lot, but lifting a 20 pound turkey from... Maytag Gemini. Had that in my first home and it was one of the worst appliances I've..."
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