97 gingerbread Stories

Simple Pleasures: The Art of Being Neighborly
"still warm gingerbread. She said, "we don't eat gingerbread". I was so surprised,... homemade gingerbread to take to next door elderly couple. We were new to the neighborhood... want the gingerbread." I gave it to her. My husband & I laugh about this little story..."
Gift Giving the Simple-ish Way
"decorate gingerbread cookies - one per person - that I wrap as their present in tins... about 1000 gingerbread cookies. (She used to watch but now she helps). They always get..."
The Not Naturally Organized Parent's Guide to the Holidays
"munching gingerbread men, I was secretly stressing over getting everything done so I... decorating gingerbread houses, making goodies for gifts and the like. Now that my sisters..."
True Confessions of a House Stalker
"house with gingerbread windows. He said he hadn't known when they closed the door and... hand-made gingerbread windows to modernize it. It was neat and tidy and nothing like..."
Simple Pleasures: The Joy of Baking
"Christmas with gingerbread and shortbread for the Scottish side. All sorts of Southern sweets... about 1000 gingerbread boys fully dressed (decorated) and donate them to charity. It..."
How to Research Your Home's History
"all that gingerbread wood trim, but would hate to have to take care of it. '-) I... lot of gingerbread and such that isn't quite right, and it is more true to the spirit..."
My Houzz: ‘Everything Has a Story’ in This Dallas Family’s Home
"adorable gingerbread cabinets go. Fantastic upgrades! Wondering if they replaced cabinets... 1970s gingerbread cabinet detailing and dingy wall color “had to go.” The living..."
The Busy Mom's Guide to Throwing a Kids' Holiday Tea Party
"candlelight, gingerbread decorating parties, cooking class parties, make your own pizza... DavidsTea’s gingerbread rooibos (if nothing else, I insist these kids grow up on good tea)It’ll..."
American Home Styles: The Queen Anne
"of the gingerbread left out but with all of the other qualities in tact. Our greatest... there's no "gingerbread" or "brick-a-brac," and it has an all-flat roof. But the asymmetrical..."
Designing a Home...Mary Engelbreit Style, Your Cure for a Dreary Day
"all the gingerbread and a big front porch like this one. Even the single gable in..."
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