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Is It Time to Consider Fake Grass?
"Fake grass, you say? Don't scoff. Synthetic turf is moving beyond football fields... hot faux grass so until we can better shade the area, I turn the garden hose on the... But fake grass needs to be washed in order to be kept clean, green and grass looking... using fake grass. You do need to wash it down. Fake grass isn't really a good idea. If... using fake grass? contentious, say: any living patch of real grass in an urban area is..."
5 Hot Cool-Season Grasses
"resilient grasses that will kick-start your garden and may just last all year... Grasses have been all the rage for a few years running, and I for one hope they never... is that grasses fall into two categories: cool season and warm season. It's important... cool-season grasses grow when the weather is cool. They're straight out of the gate in... Cool-season grasses may go dormant and even brown in high summer, but with careful siting..."
Walls Have a Field Day With Grass Cloth
"textured grass cloth provides a burst of natural freshness to your interior decorating... update. Grass cloth, I decided, was just the ticket: a subtle, textural cloak for the... yellow shade. When the paper hanger arrived, I showed him in and skipped off to work... beneath. Grass cloth can be a tricky material to deal with, as I learned the hard way... Grass cloth is definitely having a comeback! My husband recently did venetian plaster..."
5 Smokin' Warm-Season Grasses
"beautiful grasses that help your landscape shine from summer through fall... spoke of grasses, I shared a few of my cool-season favorites. Today let's talk about... about grasses that wake up in the second half of spring, when temperatures start to rise... warm-season grasses. They grow and bloom through summer's heat and often peak in fall.... nearly all shade or part shade. I tried the Japanese forest grass last year because I..."
8 Spectacular Grasses to Energize a Fall Garden
"ornamental grasses bring wonderful movement and color to the landscape... ornamental grasses have to offer: incredible texture, sublime colors and seed heads that... ornamental grass that is suited to your outdoor space.... there any grasses that do well in the shade? Doreen, the Sea Oats featured in the article... grow in shade. Two others we use often in shaded areas are Calamagrostis brachytricha... Fall Reed Grass) and Hakonechloa macra Aureola (Golden Variegated Hakone Grass) pictured..."
Great Design Plant: Indian Grass
"native grass that stands tall all winter... Indian grass is one of them. A native to tall-grass prairies, it's often found alongside... are few grasses that can hold up to the drought-deluge cycle of a plains summer, but... the tall grasses, this is the one I'd most recommend.... of this grass, seasonal or diurnal wind effect. Great cultural info, as well. It's... shame this grass is not used more often. We love the coppery seed heads in contrast with..."
Energize Your Landscape With Masses of Grasses
"tting grasses for all kinds of yards... love of grasses in the garden, but building, observing and managing gardens gave me... confidence in grasses' effectiveness. The way they dance in the wind, reflect and diffuse... natural, grasses eventually become a landscape's dominant species. Their simple planting... on the grass. Grasses like Mexican Feather grass and Gulf muhly look nice if you just... to cut grasses to the ground in spring. A bigger problem s grasses that fall over..."
Great Design Plant: Deer Grass
"food-source grass is easygoing in many climates and conditions... Deer grass (Muhlenbergia rigens) is a no-brainer: native, adaptable, wildlife food... deer grass reminds us of humans' good deeds. The western United States consists... favorite grasses. Love using it in my designs! Deer grass is east peasy to grow and... blue oat grass just above, both of which WILL work here! Thanks for the feedback lrb945... grew Deer Grass in my SoCal gardens and LOVED it. It is truly little or no care grass..."
Great Design Plant: Purple Fountain Grass
"nance grass pride of place in your garden... ornamental grasses, and one of my favorites is purple fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum)... fountain grass work its way into your outdoor living area. Just don't be surprised when... Nice grass. I also love using Oriental Fountain Grass - Pennisetum orientale 'Karley... Horray for grasses! While the purple is not my favorite, we love decorating with ornamental... ornamental grasses. I have several kinds in containers on my rooftop deck. Hubby loves..."
Great Design Plant: Lively Fountain Grass Thrives Just About Anywhere
"fountain grass for its exuberant form, long-lasting color and texture for borders and... e's a grass that I would describe as exuberant — animated, jaunty, vivacious, spirited... fountain grass goes with virtually any garden style. Easy to grow, you'll want to integrate... tufted hair grass is hardy to zone 4 and has similar structure to fountain grass, but not... fountain grass all the time and it's still pretty robust. thank you.lovely. Grasses..."
Great Design Plant: Black Mondo Grass
"perennial grasses, fall is a great time to plant black mondo grass. Opt for well-drained... mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens') has gained popularity as one of... Mondo grass is a beautiful accent in a garden! don't know why I didn't think of this... Unlike many grasses, black mondo can successfully grow in the shade. Whether planted under... perennial grass, it may take longer for beds to fill out than with other mondo grass..."
Great Design Plant: Feather Reed Grass
"ornamental grass for height, color, texture and motion in your landscape... feather reed grass (Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster') to your landscape, you'll... Feather reed grass thrives in many climates, even surviving the harsh winters of Scandinavia... perennial grass to your planting plan, this one's an easy choice.... This grass is doing well in zone 2b...cut back at first signs of new growth in the... as the grass in perpetual motion, feather reed grass brings together two great ar..."
Great Design Plant: Blue Oat Grass
"evergreen grass is the low-maintenance and hardy choice to know... blue oat grass, a must-know low-maintenance pick for calming color year-round.... Blue Oat Grass is a great choice...here it is with Lavender and Breath of Heaven providing... blue oat grass in our designs more often. Although bigger than blue fescue, we find... too much shade, the grass clump may flop over. Blue oat grass is considered evergreen... cool-season grass, blue oat grass thrives in mild temperatures but produces its strongest..."
Great Design Plant: Japanese Blood Grass
"ruby-tinged grass bridges the gap between red and green, short and tall plants... blood grass in action, I was sold. It is beautiful and waves gracefully in the wind... blood grass as a weed, because it propagates itself so well but here, in the mid-Atlantic... of this grass, but think it will be a nice compliment to other grasses around our pool... striking grass directly in beds. It interbreeds with any other grass and rapidly loses..."
Great Design Plant: Pink Muhly Grass
"ornamental grasses. Their movement, fine texture and minimal upkeep leave little to be... muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris) — produces some of the finest fall garden color... muhly grass in zone 5. I've always figured these lovely grasses' plumes aren't good... saw this grass in a landscape at our mall, I had to have it. It wasn't super easy to... clump-forming grass and nowhere have I read is it considered invasive. Here is a link to..."
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