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6 Ways to Help Your Dog and Landscape Play Nicely Together
"burns the grass! The tablets don't work! Help! ask your vet before using any natural... on the grass. But being a dog, he also likes to do that paw cleaning/scent marking... at the grass, sending it flying everywhere, and leaving large bare patches all over... really, the grass has been destroyed not by pee or poop, but by his doggy need to scratch... had fake grass put in. Lola knew what it was for the minute she saw it but Conan, a..."
Get on a Composting Kick (Hello, Free Fertilizer!)
"problem with grass is all of the chemicals people put on the grass. Never add lawn grass... bins with grass, leaves as well as the predictable kitchen straps and coffee grounds... spread grass & leave clippings on top when I can. Give this a try you might be surprised... leaves, and grass clippings, then top it off with soil. If you're planning to plant a... leaves, and grass clippings. Cover it with a trash can lid to keep critters--and kids--out..."
Want a More Colorful, Natural Garden? Try a Perennial Meadow
"other grasses. It is an annual grass and one tiny plant can set hundreds maybe even... the dead grass and reseeding with good grasses may work. The biggest problem is that... t for grasses. Since the grass is an annual, you really want to work at keeping down... other grasses too? I have some cool season grass that pops up in my yard every October... cutting the grasses back, OMG. Big payoff for all that work in late summer: intertwined..."
Modern Planting Ideas From a Historic English Garden
"with grasses, shrubs and perennials skillfully planted to create a kaleidoscope... low-water grasses and blooming perennials. Lawn is the highest maintenance ground cover... mostly grass and it was dullsville. Now I've mixed it up with native purple penstemon... (deer grass) and bouteloua. And a sprinkling of California poppy in the spring.... feather grass (Stipa tenuissima), bright purple woodland sage (Salvia nemorosa) and..."
5 Gardens to Inspire Your Outdoor Rooms
"see the grass blowing in the breeze.... friendly grass variety :-) It makes for an interesting question though, doesn't it?... just grow grass in a plant box! Thank you! We are thrilled to see our Gracie Modern... lots of grass are not in California. Here on the East Coast we had so much rain that... landscape Grasses, roses and boxwood fill the planting beds. The lawn mounds up toward... foliage and grasses. In the backyard, smaller “rooms,” like this space between the garage..."
6 Reasons I’m Not Looking Forward to Spring
"swoon over grasses and twiggy shrubs and run past anything fuchsia or orange. In any case... ornamental grasses and perennials. I know what you mean about the negative space. I love... dried grasses. "The flying things" - somebody PLEASE tell me how to get rid of carpenter... waving grasses are flattened from the snow. How's that for grouchy! Dear Benjamin... need some grasses, what’s empty and what’s died out. Designing a winter garden is way..."
How to Farm Your Parking Strip
"strips than grass. “All over Seattle, vegetable gardens in parking strips are popular,”... have ugly grass and painful stickers in our hell strips. My plan is to plant prairie... prairie grasses and wild flowers in raised beds. I can't wait to see the transformation... allow grass to be grown on those narrow strips. thanks so much for including costs..."
Small Garden? You Can Still Do Bamboo
"woody grass; it rarely flowers, and it expands by sending out underground stems called... Bamboo is a grass and just like grass, some varieties can be more weedy than others. There... the big grasses are much more invasive. More effort should be made to plant native..."
6 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Be Good Neighbors
"green grass clippings in the subdivision when the wind is blowing our way, etc.)... empty grass field right in the middle of the complex that was football field, picnic... bits of grass and vast quantities of dirt out of the (neighbor) client's yard and into... if the grass were lava...."
The Garden Edge: Rethink Your Garden Pathways
"keeping the grass out! We live in "the grass seed capital of the world" and it blows everywhere... surrounded by grass seed and hay farmers. Any advice on the grass issue? I'd love some more... ornamental grasses too but it gets choked out by the native grass. Tuffy1952...one other... a soft grass that plays with your bare leg in summer :) Two of my favorite border... Blue Oat Grass / Helictotrichon sempervirens and Zagreb Coreopsis / Coreopsis verticillata..."
5 Finishes Pets and Kids Can’t Destroy — and 5 to Avoid
"synthetic grass in our back yard. This grass has a soy backing & it drains very well... no fake grass... too expensive and too hot for paw pads during the summer. Do any cat... The Faux grass that is seen here is specifically designed for pets. It is in fact called... paticular grass there are massive amounts of drain holes provided allowing for fast draining... ornamental grasses, forget it. Many of them have tiny seeds which get in the dogs' eyes..."
Stars and Myths Inspire a Contemporary London Garden
"two on grasses: All grass does not need cutting. Some grasses only grow a few inches... mow the grass, I don't know. Love it! I am so overwhelmed.. What a dreamy garden.... cut the grass on those bumps. Points for trying, but... Beautifull Yes, they should... perennial grass. I find the jagged edged path too busy. My eye skirts back and forth... is that grass? :) Having had a few Brits for friends, I always admired their perception..."
3 Ways Native Plants Make Gardening So Much Better
"prairie grasses and the "lawn" is buffalo grass. The backyard is a shortgrass prairie... add more grasses, rudebeckias, etc. We now have lots of bees, butterflies, and a wonderful... native grass and wildflower seed, then see what survived and that would be our landscaping... the dead grass on their lawns in the spring but it's frowned upon now. It seems that... manicured grass as though we were all living on English estates with a cool, wet climate..."
Ditch the Ordinary Ditch: Create a Realistic Dry Creek Bed
"covers and grasses. I've also added a birdbath and pottery. Hi Rudy. Sounds as though... Pulpit's", grasses, and daffodils for color. Creek forms a loop with a couple of pools... patch of grass removed and a dry creek bed installed...to me it lacks some personality... blood grass, but my eco landscaper nixes it as invasive. We have been investigating... There is grass growing in the ditch now so it isn't washing away the dirt that is there..."
Patio Pavers Go Green in Between
"of the "grass" and lay it between the stones. Or does the "grass" go under the stones... before the grass takes off? We live in Wisconsin and have 4 very distinct seasons. Be... weather the grasses can die and the area fills with weeds unless you can sufficiently water... Also, the grasses can overtake the stones, so one must cut back the greenery around the... use fake grass between stones or paver which wouldn't need water or weeding. I'm going..."
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