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Great Design Plant: Color Outside the Lines With Harebell
"Plant this Campanula on pathway and patio edges for shots of bright blue from May... choices of plants available in the Campanula genus, but few have the resiliency and native... where many plants do not — in rocky, tough sites. How do you find similar places in... natural plant communities where harebell thrives? Start with the areas around your... for this plant tucked away somewhere and am kicking myself for not planting some in..."
Great Design Plant: Slipper Plant
"looks great all year and offers an unexpected surprise in fall... Consider this plant as the gift that keeps on giving. “One of the plants we have a hard... Prideaux Design. “It is a fantastic looking succulent, looks great-year round, and is... slipper plant (Pedilanthus macrocarpus) is not only a sustainable gardening godsend... narrow planting areas or featuring in raised planters.” And with a beautiful fall-blooming..."
Great Design Plant: Paddle Plant
"addle plant offers high impact even for a succulent. There are more than 125 species... landscape design. It was sold for many years under the name Kalanchoe thrysiflora, and... paddle plant for its easy disposition or eccentric coloring and shape, you're sure... email! Great article I'm partial to most plants we can't grow (northern Europe),... unusual plants she has!! A favorite of snails and slugs.....at least in my garden...."
Great Design Plant: Wild Bergamot, Friend of Foragers
"native plants and is a delight for bumble bees and butterflies. It can be used in... prairie plantings. Its bushy, upright form means no staking or pruning is required... other tall plants around it. I will try the wild bergamot and plant correctly. :) This... @Holm Design & Consulting LLC Thanks. Those look a lot like some native plants that... similar plant that would work in total shade, zone 7b - sandy soil amended with store..."
Great Design Plant: Butterfly Milkweed, a Beacon in the Prairie
"worth planting for more reasons than one... important plant to consider for a fall planting for next year’s butterfly garden or if... want to plant something to help monarch butterflies or pollinators in general. Combine... Use this plant massed in perennial gardens, butterfly gardens, informal prairie plantings... July. Planted with geranium "Roxana" and Lady's Mantle. Great flowering perennial... wildflower.org/plants/result.php?id_plant=ASIN andreaintexas - send me an address to mc..."
Great Design Plant: Spotted Beebalm (Monarda punctata)
"native planting around a vegetable garden. This Eastern native requires little m... filler in planting compositions; it also provides lots of nourishment for beneficial... blooming plants to allow natural self-sowing.... certain plants. More suggestions for plants that are able to handle the clay soil would... clay-adapted plants from the Missouri Botanical Gardens entitled 'Best Plants for Problem... native plants but In my garden it is an annual or at best bi-annual plant that only..."
Great Design Plant: Try Penstemon Digitalis for Showy White Blooms
"native plants and are looking for a good introductory plant to try, smooth beardtongue... Beautiful plant. Where can I buy seeds? thank you. Hi Nancy, Here's a native plant... other plants and how it can be used in various garden designs. In other words, zoom... carries the plant: http://www.projectnative.org Husker red Penstemon is a selected variety... seeds planted. They came from a company in Pennsylvania (Northeast Pollinator Mix)..."
Great Design Plant: Prairie Phlox Draws Winged Beauties
"native plant that thrives in most soil types, except pure sand or pure clay. The... tough plant because the people who lived here before me didn't plant it and never... Heather~ great pictures, especially of the hummingbird moth! Thanks Pamela, glad you... grown plants from a local native plant nursery. Pollinator notes. The flowers have... zone)Typical plant communities: Prairies, rocky openings, savannas and woodland edgesWater..."
Great Design Plant: Golden Alexanders for Early Spring Color
"native plants. I’m a big fan of having my garden in bloom every day of the year. Early... perfect plant? Let’s learn more about it then.... native plants do that. I think we're going about native plants all wrong. I hope we're... type of plant When I design a garden for some clients I don't mention the fact that... native plant are attracted to certain qualities of that plant. When we genetically... Alexanders plants online last year. Here is a list of nurseries that sell this plant online..."
Great Design Plant: Boneset Helps Good Bugs Thrive
"when the plant has the most strength and intensity. However, there is another plant... never planted boneset, it seeded into my edge of the woods garden on it's own. As... states the plant contains Eupatorium bunifolium effective against herpes simplex viruses... transition plant between ground covers and taller architectural plants like Indian grass... zone); best planted if native to your areaWater requirement: Moist to medium soilLight..."
Great Design Plant: Wild Lupine Dresses Up Rocky Gardens
"make this plant ideal for tough sites... hello Holm Design, yes, I'd heard they were an 'invasive' up here, but I love them anyway... healthy plant could disappear overnight. I can't be the only one thinking of the book... on the plant. I loved Miss Rumphius! Love Lupine. Here is a picture of a field of... to have great fields of lupine but the deer have over grazed them? I am trying to... on. Try planting seeds in the fall at the far end of where you want them to grow and..."
Great Design Plant: Canadian Milkvetch Draws Bees and Birds
"those plants that will grow on you. Caution: All parts of plants in the Astragalus... looking for plants that seem to be thriving in various conditions. My hope is that if they... looking for plants I don’t have and that, in fact, I never see in other gardens. Canadian... non-native plants as food, so it's important to keep some native plants in our gardens... cornell.edu/plants/locoweed/astrag1.html So keep it out of pastures and away from anywhere..."
Great Design Plant: Aromatic Aster Keeps on Blooming
"should I plant a different variety? Meagan -- I'd have to see the plant and try to identify... brush-like plant. One of my faaaaavorite flowers! As a floral designer, I love using it... landscaping design or when you do your paving redesigning of your driveway or patio. This... order plant in a more formal design. Planting notes. Give it hot sun and dry soil... weeks; great nectar source for butterflies; very low maintenance and super drought..."
Great Design Plant: Sun-Loving Ninebark Puts on a Color Show
"by this plant. As a garden designer I've never quite understood why it is not more... exposes its great structure in winter with its dramatic exfoliating bark that gives this... native plant lovers appreciate its understated but charismatic presence. What's not... containing plants that want to spread. I plant mahonia but know that if I see unwanted... perfect plant...fabulous colr and great flowers. I'm always putting branches in ar..."
Great Design Plant: River Birch
"species is a great choice for a driveway entrance, backyard habitat or woodland edge. And... opinion. Great landscaping takes time... They are beautiful so we planted two. While... prefer to plant it in "groves" like it grows in the wild as opposed to the design cliche... Do not plant them close to your home; you will be plagued with sticks, branches, seed... Birch is a great choice for heavy clay soils with poor drainage (like mine), where top..."
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