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Mansard Roof
"mansard roof is a variation of a hip roof, with four sloping sides and two slopes per... of the roof has dormers to make the attic space more livable. Mansard roofs are most... Mansard Roof is a sleek, elegant design - some great dormers in these pictures, too... Mansard roofs are closely related to gambrel or barn roofs, but gambrel roofs have... eaved roof and a mansard main roof. Gambrels are common on barn roofs, which has steep..."
Gable Roof
"Roofs get to the point with triangular ends and equally sloping sides... gable roof is one of the most common roof types, with two triangular gable ends... sloping roof panels. A gable roof allows water and snow to run off while providing... gabled roof with dormers. This gable roof has unique openings, allowing the outdoors... gable roof can increase the daylight inside the house. The attic of a gable roof... gabled roof is the perfect design for water runoff. For snow, the steeper the face..."
Extraordinary Roofs Have High Design Covered
"dramatic roof tops off a stunning home exterior in style... options for roof design aren't limited to the two most prevalent ones: pitched (gable,... creatively the roof can be the most striking aspect of a house's exterior. This ideabook collects... dramatic roofs, dissecting what drives them beyond creating strong images.... between, the roof is cut back to let light into the living space. Speaking of roof becoming..."
Extend the Roof for Shade and Shelter
"pitched roofs with gable ends can appear modern, even though they are rooted in vernacular... "brows" — roofs that extend well beyond the exterior wall. These dramatic extensions... butterfly roof offers a great opportunity for rainwater collection. One of my favorites... g the roof's wood structure. Another Seattle residence illustrates how roof overhangs... of the roof but also how it aligns with the patio below. The roof shades but it also..."
Clipped Gable Roofs Extend Traditional Exterior Style
"gable roofs, and to never leave home without a umbrella. A clipped gable roof,... jerkinhead roof, is a flattened version of a standard gable roof. Instead of rising to... Half-hip roof Half-hip roof A half-hip, clipped-gable or jerkin head roof has a gable... of the roof on one or both sides. Both the gablet roof and the half-hipped roof are... gablet roof has a gable above a hip, while a half-hipped roof has a hip above a gable..."
Gambrel Roofs Set Dutch Colonial Revivals Apart
"gambrel roof that makes them unique and sets them apart from the colonial revival pack... two-sided roof with two slopes on either side of the central ridge beam. The upper slope... Gambrel Roofs! I think that these types of roofs are very distinctive, and create... average roof, but well worth it! A roof named after me ;-) nice article. I used to... of the roof called that makes a little overhang. We have a Gambrel but the roof terminates..."
Tell Us: Do You Know How to Live With Your Parents?
"ional living under one roof, we'd love to hear the details... How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life). It made me wonder how I... members living together; it has become the new normal. So tell us: Are you sharing... ional living, please share a photo of it as well; your story or idea could be used... s all living together under one roof "a real life family living with your parents"... s One Roof where we share our insane living arrangement, daily lives, DIY home i..."
Now Approaching the Emerald City
"covering roofs in plants — and city regulators and designers are supporting the cause... Greening the city doesn’t appear to be waning anytime soon. San Francisco is continuing... to add green to spaces in an artistic and personalized way, regardless of location... good for green living. Gosh what a great idea... so creative.. I have to try this Love... this" green" and I'm sure called the emerald city.since long ago late 60s I did not..."
Houzz Tour: Under a Metal Canopy in Texas
"protective roof combine in this Hawkins home for irresistible modern rustic charm... metal roof canopy that more than doubles the amount of living space. Windows, doors... Glance Who lives here: A couple and their 2 dogs Location: A lakeside community in Hawkins... create more living space with the enormous overhangs on the roof line. If I had one beef... metal roof and interior roof? Love this house and repurposing. The "canopy" has..."
3-Season Rooms: Shade and Swimming for a Tudor-Style Patio
"A new roof, fireplace, pavilion and pool transform a backyard patio in Virginia... added a roof for shade during hot days, a pool for cooling off, great lighting for... outdoor living from February through November. While honoring the home’s classic T... practically live out there in the summer. We live so far north we can't entertain at night... lot of roof to look out on. really well harmonization of old and new. I don't usually..."
Porch Life: Modern Porches Step It Up
"separate roof, modern porch designs leave tradition behind... separate roof" from the definition, creating covered spaces underneath roof overhangs... how a roof extension make an outside spec so functional. How would this work at our... separate roof by definition, but modern rooflines often provide porch protection via... the main roof. This keeps the lines minimal and the porch's inclusion seamless and... metal roof and simple lines creates a perfect transition between the vernacular structure..."
Design With Weather: Introduce a Rain Chain
"of the roof, stream across the gutter, cascade through the downspout and finally puddle... small roof, and you don't live in super-rainy areas, however, the novelty and beauty... down the roof ? Oh, what a wonderful idea! I'm moving into a new house tomorrow and... through. We live in WA and it rains a lot. We were able to attach as you can see in the... .. we live in utah and have a beautiful rain chain right on the front corner of our..."
Houzz Tour: Modern, Ecofriendly Prefab in Seattle
"Green materials and a connection with nature help this prefab house, and the family... family who lives there, tread lightly on the earth... try to live lightly on the earth — albeit in small steps. "Monica and Sam Guckenheimer... can all live in smaller houses with more outside spaces preserved for tree growth,... Glance Who lives here: Monica and Sam Guckenheimer, their two kids and the family dog... represents living in a space that reflective of bringing the outdoors inside. Love the..."
Spring Party Primer: 20 Ideas for Fabulous Fetes
"out the green carpet. On a lawn or in your living room, your spring party will be a... into the living room because our dining space is tight for even just the two of us.... still live in a neighborhood with other people! Your neighbors don't need to hear... enriches our lives! Nothing like summer images to make me feel like wanting my family around... in the living room to give guests more space to congregate, push the dining table..."
Textured Walls: Inspiration Beyond Paint and Wallpaper
"clean. I live in the dusty desert known as New Mexico. aprilaries -- Those look very... love the living wall. So sweet :) Hello Denise, Thank you for the photos and information... textiles of living room furniture with the edginess of a metal wall covering. We create... indoor living wall? The lush, living texture is also an oxygen producer! 6. Wood blocks..."
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