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Grow Herbs for Fresh Flavor and Good Looks in the Garden
"much, growing them must be complicated. But most herbs are easy to grow. They’re... regular garden bed, set off as a garden feature on their own, incorporated into container... full-blown herb garden. Here's how to get started.... Herbs have been used throughout recorded history for a huge range of purposes: culinary... beginning gardeners. They’re also great landscape plants. They can be used as part of... container gardens, grown over walls or in window boxes, or used as a ground cover...."
Herb Garden Essentials: Grow Your Own Tarragon
"those herbs you’ve heard of but don’t really know. It’s not particularly showy or... easy to grow where it will do well, but doesn’t like climate extremes. For the best... need to grow it from nursery plants or cuttings. Unfortunately for shoppers, while... Learn to grow your own tasty herbs... regularPrime growing season: Spring through fall; spring and early summer is the best time... intervals. If growing in a container, choose one at least 10 to 12 inches deep. Let the plants..."
Grow a Kitchen Garden in 16 Square Feet
"kitchen garden. It won’t feed your family for the summer, but it can make your meals... interested in growing food or at least help them understand where it comes from. The trick... food garden. They look pretty though. Daffodils are an early spring flower, they... We've been growing coloured Swiss chard throughout our flower gardens for a few years... there for gardeners! Gardening Arugula (rocket) also the easiest veg. in the world for..."
10 Easy Edibles to Grow in Containers
"No garden ground doesn’t have to mean no home-grown food. These herbs, veggies and... Growing vegetables and herbs is so tempting, especially as the weather warms up.... in the garden and pick the freshest, ripest edibles for the next meal? But it can... for a garden or, even worse, if you have no soil at all. That’s where containers... Terrace garden simple My edible garden in pots. An eggplant has such pretty violet..."
Reinvent It: An Eclectic Texas Garden Grows From Creative Salvaging
"into a garden brimming with vegetables and originality... expand her garden to the east side of her Fort Worth home. "East-side gardens are very... other garden elements locally, using as many found objects or salvage-shop pieces... like this garden. I lost my marbles... ( maybe they are here ? ) Love it ! This story... where my garden will go at our new place-in the front yard, on the East side of the... will make an awesome wattle fence for part of it ! thanks ! The broken column is cool..."
Cool-Season Vegetables: How to Grow Fennel
"this herb loves a mild winter or a cool spring in the garden... foliage as an anise-like garnish. More: How to grow cool-season crops... to the garden. Though the appearance of flowers means the plant has stopped growing..."
Guest Picks: Herb Gardens for Small Kitchens and Gardens
"fresh herb garden in or near your small kitchen, even if you don't have a lot of... much of a gardener, and granted, I don't have much space in my tiny backyard to garden... fresh herbs at my beck and call. Thankfully, there are clever ways to easily accommodate... Container gardening, also known as planting in a pot, is my newest hobby and truly u... potted herbs. Five gallons is ideal for most things like tomatoes, peppers, etc. Start..."
Houzz Call: Where Are the Craziest Places You Grow Edibles?
"occupy an odd spot, we’d like to know... Are you growing green beans off the balcony? Does your basil grow up the wall? Do your... grown herbs and vegetables? How have you learned to garden in these surprising places... Gardeners, designers, collectors and fans of homegrown food have shown us how edible... edible gardens can do more than just produce — they can surprise us, make us smile... started growing nice big pumpkins Tomatoes, salad herbs happily growing on my balcony..."
Easy Herbs for Every Space
"forgiving, herbs like mint, thyme and rosemary are simple to grow and look great in both... Growing herbs is probably one of the easiest gardening tasks you can take on, because... Other herbs can fill in garden beds or fill out planters and pots. Many will even... traditional herb garden, whether a series of raised beds or a knot design, is always a... to fit herbs into your space.... I love growing herbs, but warning mint will take over your yard if you are not careful..."
How to Grow Your Own Sweet Summer Crops
"Got a garden patch and a hankering for the freshest veggies and berries? This guide... height of gardening season. Farmer's markets and roadside stands are filled with fresh... while home gardens are at the peak of production. It’s a time when eating fresh and healthy... How to grow the top summer crops, plant by plant... solution is an electric fence, or an 8' fence. I have a garden plot at a local community... thank you! An Old Man told me to never plant your garden before Good Friday. We know nothing..."
Extend Your Growing Season With a Cold Frame in the Garden
"Plexiglas and an automatic opener device that levers the top up when temperatures reach about... you're gardening in a warmer zone, you'll be able to sow seeds a little earlier as... allows. Gardening under glass is nothing new. From bio-domes to conservatories to... offer an affordable alternative to a greenhouse. They're easy to build as a DIY... many to grow the vegetable and herbs. The boxes have deep cavities that allow all..."
10 Expert Tips for Growing Edibles in Containers
"them. For gardeners with poor soil, or no soil at all, container gardening can be a way... Bay Area gardening consultant and edible-garden designer Steve Masley shares 10 great... edible garden your landscape wouldn’t otherwise allow you — all within steps of your... tips to growing the edibles in containers.... page on growing tomatoes in cool-summer gardens ( http://www.grow-it-organically.c... makes an ingenious grow box that you simply hook a hose up to and it self-regulates..."
Summer Crops: How to Grow Tomatoes
"vegetable garden is a no-brainer. The next question is, which one to grow? There are... guides to growing your own vegetables... I love growing tomatoes at home. Growing up in an Italian family, several of my relatives... sought an answer. This is after 16 years of growing 30 or more tomato plants each... terrace garden.. so is it possible to grow tomatos in pots ? I like it! Heerva, it... plant an indeterminate variety. The vines continue to grow and produce all summer..."
Summer Crops: How to Grow Sunflowers
"to your garden. However, if you’re going to grow them, why not grow ones that give... vegetable garden is a classic look that has the added advantage of attracting butterflies... I also grow them for the pollen for the rest of the garden. We grow tomatoes, garlic... humble gardeners. Here is a field of sunflowers growing in the beautiful Capay... enjoy! We grow giant sunflowers in our community garden and get beautiful flowers every..."
Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden
"world of gardening, consider this inspiration and motivation to get your indoor garden... I'll get an aloe plant too. Thanks for the great ideas! You forgot an important point:... roots. Herb garden Does it matter if the plant is getting sunlight through a closed... we need an Old Plants Home? turned an old sunroom into a greenhouse-no droopy plants-garden... plants growing roots in glass jars of water but I feel like once I slowly add soil..."
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