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Great Design Plant: Pansy
"cooler-weather gardening. While pansies will grow in nearly any zone, they are a great choice... grandma's garden, but there is a reason for its long-standing appeal. Its sunny, cheerful... choice for gardeners in the South who want to provide a saturated spectacle in their fall... about growing and cooking with pomagrantes.I find them fasinating and havent seen... seen them growing in New Zealand. I absolutely adore pansies. Each spring, when living..."
Great Design Plant: Alphonse Karr Bamboo
"in the garden, but this clumping variety creates an exotic landscape look with less... amboo grows like a weed, is sustenance for pandas and deserves to be considered for... in your garden. It receives negative reviews because it can easily dominate a landscape... in the garden, serves as a living and textural alternative to a fence and will pretty... that will grow tall. I wonder if it is difficult to grow inside? As a designer at Habitat..."
Rocky Mountain Gardener: What to Do in June
"fit in an inspiring garden tour... edible-garden club, deadhead spring-blooming plants around the landscape and make... in the garden world. Even at higher elevations, winter has loosened its icy grip,... in the garden, with plenty of options to keep you active and involved before the heat... to your garden, then now is an ideal time to visit your local garden center for the... will make an aesthetic contribution to your garden. Is your garden lacking in bold foliage..."
Great Design Plant: Coreopsis 'Redshift'
"bland garden with its hot new color combo... 'Moonbeam'. A garden later, one that has seen drastic changes as I defined my gardening style... It's an exciting time for gardeners enamored with this all-American genus. As I... country garden over two decades ago was a coreopsis — Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam'... 'Moonbeam' growing along the borders. Fall and spring are prime planting times. Since... to my garden this morning — Coreopsis 'Cosmic Eye' and Coreopsis 'Creme Caramel'..."
Great Design Plant: Joe Pye Weed
"manicured garden, or because it has the word "weed" in its common name. Joe Pye Weed... beauty grows up to 7 feet tall, adds showy purplish blooms in late summer to early... easy to grow directly from seeds. Its colors and textures create dramatic clusters... to the garden, and Joe Pye Weed thrives in those tricky places where water stands... Becky! JPW grows wild and beautiful up in the mountains of NC so wierd...I went for a..."
Fall Is Calling: What to Do in Your October Garden
"beauty of an autumn garden is in all the choices you have... home. Gardening this month is no different. Whether you’re after garden chores or... It’s your garden, so enjoy it. Here’s what you can do in your garden this October. Find... October garden checklist:California | Central Plains | Great Lakes | Mid-Atlantic |... abandoned my garden for my pottery studio - where I create my garden pieces so they last..."
Easy Green: Modern Homesteaders Stake a Claim
"chickens, growing edibles and keeping bees than ever, suburban and city folk are red... itching to grow vegetables on your fire escape or are considering bringing a few chicks... area to grow almost any vegetable, fruit, herb, or small fruit tree grow including... in my garden, and the garden sometimes. I love them actively. It's hard to stay angry... ton of garden beds, 27 chickens in an old coop building that was already on the property..."
From Concrete Lot to Gracious Organic Garden in Seattle
"offers an edible bounty and a feast for the eyes... organic gardening just means not using chemicals, but true organic gardening means... organic gardens surrounding her colorful and eye-catching Seattle home. Tapping into... in a garden has a purpose. The plants are useful: They’re edible, fragrant or herbal;... birds. The garden ‘pests’ are food for the animals. Many weeds are excellent for the soil... said, as an organic gardener, I do embrace "all life" in the garden but I do everything..."
Great Design Plant: Sedum (Stonecrop)
"cover garden nooks or even just as an accent.... into the garden with sedum. Prolific blooms earn notice in summer months, but bold evergreen... in the garden. Choose from fluorescent fleshy ground covers or dusty upright shrubs... where I garden, they come back year after year. The classic tall variety S. spectabile... (actually not an agave or succulent, but a tuber/bulb) . All three of these have wonderful... solve garden dilemmas on multiple fronts. Sedums are also known for their flowers..."
Great Design Plant: Velvety Dwarf Bottlebrush Beckons a Touch
"a long garden which gets covered in a very heavy blanket of the fallen "needles".... fear is an important thing because they, like horses, for example, can sense "bad vibes"... it's an Aussie dwarf hybrid and it's as tough as old boots. no need for love with... in your garden. Big tip: Don't over fertilise, don't over water, and for the best... interest to herb gardens alongside the muted hues of lavender and rosemary, or as an edging..."
Experiments Aplenty Fill Vancouver Edible Garden
"Canadian garden appeals to the eye and the palate... lilac grows in Caitlin and Owen Black's backyard in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant n... a test garden for their company, and they love to experiment with exotic flowers and... love this garden beautiful... Gosh your garden is perfect. Beautiful garden in a beautiful... loving this garden especially the row of potted herbs The homeowners are so wise and their... veggie garden. I am a novice gardener, so it's been a lot of trial and error. The..."
Get More From Your Garden by Mixing Things Up
"sider an eclectic outdoor style with defined hardscapes softened by exuberant, informal... informal in garden design? Absolutely. You see it all the time in gardens, especially small... Irish gardener who championed more naturalistic gardening, proclaimed, "It is only... small gardens, where defined formal hardscape is softened by fluid, informal planting... Most gardens until the early part of the last century were planted in a very formal..."
Great Design Plant: Papyrus
"into your garden, gently swaying papyrus adds an exotic touch to water features and riverbeds... required for growing it? While it's true that papyrus naturally grows in tropical bogs and... residential garden as well. If you've decided to include a water garden in your landscape... suitable for growing outdoors everywhere. In some climates, papyrus is treated as an annual... even will grow in shallow water. It’s more of a marginal plant and doesn’t grow well..."
Great Design Plant: Cape Rush
"Your garden serves as an outdoor sanctuary — your personal refuge from the distractions... who can grow Chondropetalum in the ground. Growing it in containers just doesn't cut... I grow a big pot of Cape Rush every summer in fact it survives through our west... able to grow it to the side I'd want. It's like kinetic sculpture! If you are gardening... you are gardening in a space where you must have a more compact plant the cultivar..."
Great Design Plant: Cabbage Tree
"landscape an exotic view all summer long... Garden sculptures and ornaments are treasures in the landscape, but they can come... there's an architectural summer-flowering tree that fits the bill. Cabbage tree... on the garden as the sun beats its way across the sky.... They grow to well in our garden, including the self-seeding ones that are hard to... pretty much grow them anywhere. They survive in NZ from the Top of the North Island to..."
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