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Design It Like a Man: Tips for Single Guys Planning a Bedroom
"What guys should consider — aside from the Xbox — to design a bedroom that's comfortable... of what guys want — and that differ from women's tastes — when it comes to design.... single guys, because the style is unadulterated by another person.) One is the way... but a guy's choice vices or simple pleasures can say a lot about the guy. & so it... FOOTBOARD. Guys don't want 'em Good lord, that bed cost more than my car. this is lovely..."
12 Design Tips From Guy-Friendly Spaces
"catchall for guy style, but here are 12 tips gleaned from bachelor pads and other guy-friendly... with a guy in mind can be tricky. What exactly defines "masculine style"? The short... every guy, just like it is for every girl. Design is personal. It's a reaction to... of what guys all over are incorporating into their decor schemes. It's in no way... "Cable Guy" while throwing darts. The whole idea of men as good-natured neaderthals..."
Guest Picks: Sophisticated Bedroom Finds for a Single Guy
"Single Guy ideas please. Beautiful, peacefully, elegant picks for the subtlety that... single guy with one income, I can't see spending $2700 for a rug or $600 for a storage... single guy's apartment they wouldn't be maintained the way they need to be to look... single guy - maybe include a paint color suggestion in your next ideabook! I think... think guys tend to overdo it with the blue paint and plaid bedspreads haha. I like the..."
My Houzz: 2 Tools + 1 Resourceful Guy = Lots of Great ‘New’ Furniture
"young guys. I can see the design elements shaping up. Congrats! a little weird for... for any guy would be to keep it this neat! Freyafoust, Being able to see or be involved... that this guy is a rarity among the young. As I was reading this article, all I could... "young guys"? Kudos to Mr. Hoff and to Houzz for this article. Instead of going into... these guys used their brain good for them this is who they are that's what they want..."
Man Space: A Guy Likes a Nice Closet, Too
"Sure, we guys understand: You have more stuff than we do (despite hating 95 percent... But a guy still needs his own well-designed and organized space, too. Our fashion... or not, guys do have a lot of shoes," says Jessica Boudreaux, who designed this custom-made... where guys can get creative with style. "You might love the color green but don't... bane of a guy's existence. Fold and hang them wrong, and you'll get awkward, messy creases..."
One Guy Found a $175,000 Comic in His Wall. What Has Your Home Hidden?
"of the guy we bought the house from, so we kept it. It's not exactly my style and... from the guy who found it in his… http://victoriaelizabethbarnes.com/ornate-victo... a rich guy but with the crisis back in th 70s he decided to hide all his cars in this... if the guy was buried there, or crawled under the house, lay on his back and just..."
Design for Guys: 8 Great Accent Chairs
"great guy chair is rather easy; however, aside from Mademoiselle chairs, I can't... that most guys cherish. It’s a win for the design conscious, and a win for the average..."
No Fall Guys, Please: Ideas for Lighting Your Outdoor Steps
The garden at night can be magical. But we humans aren't the best at seeing in the dark, so it also can be dangerous, especially if you have stairways, steps or uneven surfaces. With the right lighting, though, you can turn these potential problem areas...
40 Stylish Gifts for Modern Men
"for the Guy Who Has (Almost) Everything... outdoorsy guy...you get the picture. We have a little something for every man. We'd... gifts for guys, too. Add a link to the perfect gift for men in the comments section below... stylish guy. a suggestion for the techy guy who loves his computer space...my husband... for the guys on my list. Just ordered 5 things! Outstanding list! It (almost) makes... techy guy :) These ideas were absolutely fabulous, thank you so much for posting..."
The Modern Bachelor Pad: Single, Sexy and Stylish
"Tips for Guys: Set the Stage for Individuality, Comfort and Visitor Appeal... for a guy is like introducing that man's style to the world, and making that first... allow a guy’s individuality to come through. The modern bachelor pad is all about... single guy, I can use all the help I can get! Keep this up!!! How about a Bachelorette..."
Motifs: A Month of Mustache Love
"Guys grow whiskers in November to raise awareness for men's health. Maybe your home... So guys, learn how to donate your mustache growing funds at Movember.com, and..."
8 Ways to Style Up the Man Cave
"inspiring guys' hangout spaces and see the essentials for one of your own... Every guy deserves a dedicated space at home to be himself, relax alone by practicing..."
9 Elements of the Perfect Man Chair
"ive a guy rugged good looks and a place to rest his arms, head and feet... legged guys still have it so much easier than us short gals -- 5'3" in my case :0)..."
Guest Picks: Valentine's Day Gifts for Men
"for any guy in this roundup of well-designed, quirky and sometimes silly accessories... for my guy. This upcycled mail sack has the perfect "grunge factor" for my eco-loving..."
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